Health, Fitness and Telehealth Services with Harvard Alum Jack Plotkin


Harvard graduate Jack Plotkin is no stranger to hard work and success. He has been at the bleeding edge of new technology and industry change. After 20 years in healthcare and seven dedicated to the advancement of healthcare technology, he is a well-respected thought leader in the space. As the CTO of Virtual Health, he helped usher in advances in telehealth that leveraged technology to edge remote service close to hospital-level diagnosis. 

While patients enjoy the convenience of telehealth consultations taken at work or home, the industry has yet to become an integral part of health care delivery. Jack Plotkin is finding to change that. For him, it was critical to be able to consult with his doctor on a video chat when he got sick while traveling. The doctor was able to phone in a prescription to a local drugstore so that Jack could finish his work and still take care of his health.

Jack views telehealth as a pillar of self-care that has yet to come into its own. As someone who felt the urge to get fit in his mid-30s, he has learned the importance of paying attention to his health.

“Six months later I had lost thirty pounds. I could fit in pants I hadn’t been able to zip up since my twenties. I felt full of vitality. Ironically, I had become a better manager and colleague. I was more patient, more empathetic, and more thoughtful. My business ventures were better than ever. My physical health directly translated to my mental health. I could breathe again,” he said. This renewed vigor followed months of self-discipline and healthy life choices.

Telehealth services offer the promise of consultations from your regular doctor no matter where you are in the world.  Jack Plotkin knows from firsthand experience how life-changing this can be.