Agera Energy has Become Synonymous with Energy Options

Agera Energy has had an ambitious and highly successful plan for expansion since the retail energy provider first started its operations in 2014. In only about half a decade’s time, Agera Energy has been able to expand its footprint across sixteen different U.S. energy markets. This has made Agera Energy the fastest growing private sector energy operation in the United States today. The company got off to a quick start right off the bat when it was able to acquire another energy retailer, one that already had a significant national footprint of distribution. After this initial boost, Agera Energy has gone on to utilize a sound business strategy that revolves around providing each customer with energy solutions that are unique to them and their own particular situation. The Agera business model relies on providing customers with options that are of a customizable nature. The company provides energy services in both the natural gas and electricity sectors and is also committed to providing great options in the way of renewable energy as well.

Agera Energy relies on the expertise of its highly trained and highly skilled sales and customer service teams. These employees are critical to making the Agera Energy service so efficient and effective. These team members help Agera Energy to sell and service its energy products that are built around a concept of customized options. The fact that Agera gives its customers plenty of options has led to the rapid success that the energy provider has achieved in a short amount of time.


Sussex Healthcare is a company with several homes that provide care to senior citizens and people living with certain diseases that require professional attention. The company’s facilities are based all over Sussex with a good reputation among the residents in the area. Sussex Healthcare was founded in the year 1985 with only a single home and location, but it has grown over the years to have over fifteen different facilities. The team at Sussex is dedicated to hard work and believe in giving their patients the best care that they can get. This is the primary reason behind the success of the residential facility. Sussex Healthcare is widely recognized for the care it provides to people living with dementia and other neurological diseases. Sussex has many homes nut there are those that are the main ones. This include:

  1. Clemsfold House- it is located in West Sussex and can house a total of 30 residents. The Sussex Healthcare house contains both single and shared rooms for couples. It consists of older citizens seeking general care and others living with dementia. The Clemsfold House is a magnificent country house with lovely scenery around it. There is a lake nearby that attracts all types of birds which make the place more beautiful. The home has nurses who are always on call in case of an emergency and doctors also swing by once in a while to check the progress of patients. The residents keep fit by taking part in activities provided by the home.
  2. Forest Lodge- It is also a country home surrounded by acres of lovely gardens. Alzheimer’s disease is included in the treatment care by the home in addition to dementia. The home consists of a single room and shared self-contained rooms. There are several lounges and a huge dining room that is open at all times. For extra-curricular activities, residents do gardening and other indoor activities.
  3. Horncastle house- the home is close to East Grinstead surrounded by fountains, grass, orchards and gardens. It accommodates a total of 28 people, and the rooms have a heating system. Apart from general care the home also caters for younger people suffering from neurological and learning disorders.

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Edwin Miranda On Fast-Changing Promotion Industry

The quick changing promoting industry is progressing daily, forcing the industry players to go past the standard to remain at the frontline. Among the marketing organizations that have had the capacity to incorporate the new advertising systems with their customary strategies is KOI IXS. The company is spearheaded by Edwin Miranda who is also the originator.

KOI IXS has had the capacity to vanquish and dominate the advertising sector in Puerto Rico. The man behind the success and growth of KOI is none other than Edwin Miranda. Miranda has established strong reputation as a great pioneer by redefining the metrics of the marketing sector in Puerto Rico. As Edwin Miranda would tell you, the achievement of the organization which he established in his twenties, is all behind the competent team of talented individuals.

According to Miranda, the flourishing of a company is mainly determined by its workforce; and it’s the main reason he surrounds himself with brilliant minds. In different categories of the organization are the best designers, strategists, thinkers, creators, and trend analysts. The CEO of KOI IXS has learned how to bestow unreserved trust on them. Therefore, KOI IXS is the marketing pioneer in Puerto Rico and is broadly viewed as the leading advertising firm in the Caribbean island. There is none other than the push and passion for achieving the set objectives that motivate Miranda and his team.

Since he was young, Edwin Miranda has dependably been enthusiastic about giving out the best services to his clients in addition to other people around his life. The founder of KOI IXS greatly supports self-help ventures with one goal; ensuring they increase productivity. Miranda pursued his Business Administration and Marketing degree at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. He has achieved his dreams by remaining focus with his management skills being witnessed in leading a big team of think tanks.

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Mr. Michael Nierenberg’s Business Profile and Roles at New Residential Investment Corporation

Mr . Michael Nierenberg aged 55 is currently the Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of Board of New Residential Investment Corporation alongside being the Managing Director of Fortress. He has also served in different positions including the Managing Director and head of Securitized Mortgage and Global Mortgage at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch responsible for Sale and Trading activities in November 2008, Head of Globalized Securitized Products at JP Morgan Investment Bank. Mr. Michael Nierenberg has also served for fourteen years with Bear Stearns as head of foreign exchange trade and interest rate operations and assistant in Mortgage base security trade including approximately three years as its members of Board of Directors. Prior to his tenure at Bear Stearns, Mr. Michael Nierenberg has served for about seven years with the Lehman Brothers with his remarkable contribution of building the company adjustable mortgage rate business. The knowledge, expertise and experience gained from working and contributions with various organization earned him to be voted as the Director.

New Residential Investment Corporation is a real estate investment trust based in New York, started in 2011 and is focusing on investment and management of residential mortgage related assets in the United States of America. It offers services such as Residential Securities and Consumer Loan segments. It has also invested in more Mortgage servicing Rights and servicer advances among other services that are profit making. It has eight Board members five aged and three young with the oldest, Douglas Jacob aged 70 years and serving as an Independent Director.

As of 26th of June 2018, Mr. Michael Nierenberg estimated worth was at least $43.8 million dollars and owned over 1.7 million units of New Residential Investment stock worth over $43.8 million which is considered the largest trade he ever made alongside his colleagues Alan L. Tyson and Andrew Sloves. On average he is considered to trade over 400,000 units every three months and still owns over 2.6 million units of New Residential Investment stock. Michael’s address is 1345 6th Avenue, New York.

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Hylands: A Reputable Company Manufacturing Safe and Non-Toxic Products for Children

Hyland’s has been around since 1903, and the company is well-known for their use of homeopathic medicines, which are a type of medication that is generally safe and non-toxic. People who are taking homeopathic medicines state that they feel better after taking the medication, and they are not afraid of taking too much because they knew that they could never be overdosed. In recent years, Hyland’s have also developed products that can be marketed to babies and children, and they used their century-old approach in making their products safe.

One of the most popular products that the company created for babies are the Hyland’s teething tablets. The company believes that the children should not be exposed prematurely to harmful chemicals used in the teeth, which is why they created a product that can be ingested safety to aid a baby in developing their teeth. Hyland’s Teething Tablets are safe and natural, and it would dissolve instantly while at the same time, providing relief to a child who has a growing teeth. Parents who are avoiding the use of synthetic ingredients have expressed their support towards the product, stating that it gives them peace of mind knowing that their children are using only the top-quality products that has no toxic chemicals.

Dentists who have seen the Hyland’s Teething Tablets are saying that these products are great as a teething aid, and they found no harmful chemicals in it. According to ground breaking research studies, fluoride, which is one of the most common chemicals found in dental products, can be toxic, especially to children who have not developed their immune system fully. Parents who are using the homeopathic teething tablets from Hyland’s are doing the best thing to protect their child from the harmful effects of chemicals found on other synthetic counterparts. They have trusted the company because it managed to build a reputation among those who wanted to avoid using synthetic and chemically-filled products.

Hyland’s assured their loyal customers that they will continue to create only the top-quality products for their children, and the company will be investing a lot in the researching about new natural materials that they can use for their homeopathic medicines.

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Madison Street Capital Is A Highly Reputable Investment Banking Firm

Madison Street Capital has been in the investment banking field for many years and is a top-rated firm. This leading investment banking firm is fully equipped to render high-quality financial services to clients from all walks of life.


The Madison Street Capital professionals were recognized for their outstanding performance as the exclusive investment advisor to Sachs Capital Group during the debt financing of RMG Networks. These experts were awarded “Distressed M&A Deal of the Year”. The deal went through because of the combined efforts of Virgo Capital, Merion Investment Partners, and Sachs Capital Group. These three firms provided debt financing. The Madison Street Capital team was led by Barry Petersen, Senior Managing Director.


Charles Botchway, the Founder and CEO of Madison Street Capital thanked all the team members involved for their hard work and dedication. He said that this award indicates their ability to help their clients and guide them successfully throughout the transactions. And it is also great for Madison Street Capital reputation.


Investment banking firms are financial institutions that provide mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory and underwriting services. These firms act as intermediaries between corporations who need capital to expand and operate their businesses and investors or affluent individuals who have money to invest.


It is important to have a good understanding of the investment banking process before getting involved. Although there are courses and other resources out there that guide you on investment matters, it is crucial to turn to a team that has an established history of meeting clients’ needs.


Madison Street Capital is an established firm and has a great team. The professionals at this renowned firm are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the investing industry. Each of these professionals has many years of experience providing investment banking services to a wide variety of clients.


These professionals have numerous clients around the world and have great expertise in investment banking and financial management and can help you succeed in your venture. Their clients include institutions, corporations, and large companies, as well as individual investors who are interested in taking their business to the next level.


When you get in touch with the financial advisors or investment experts at Madison Street Capital, they will evaluate your financial situation and resources and then work closely with you to develop a plan or strategy to address your issue.


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The Prominent Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment group underwent lots of modifications and enlargement in 2018; this was after gaining fame due to influence in the world of investment for two decades. Initially, the company had been incorporated in Softbank Group Corporation which is the most famous financial conglomerates. Having bought 3.3 billion dollars; the group was allowed continued participation in real estate and private equity funds.

Since 1988, which is the time when the Fortress Investment Group was established, it has been able to create a notable name due to its achievements. Initially, the Fortress group was a startup fund that later grew to a global financier and investor. Subsequently, the company became the first fund to become public due to the initial public offering in 2007 in the New York stock exchange.

The Softbank purchase

A decade later, the acquisition of Softbank took place; this was at the end of 2017. During this period, the company dominated in various operations overseeing billions of dollars in assets. However, its strategies consolidate significant projects that are helpful in the growth of infrastructure for high tech innovation. CEO Rajeev Misra attests to the fact that the funds main intent is to become the largest shareholder in various technology companies worldwide.

The purchase of the Fortress Investment Group became the first venture in the incorporation of asset management firm into its holdings. Nonetheless, the fortress company controls the daily undertaking which is part of the agreement approved by foreign investment in the US. Though Softbank has representation in the company, there are still some limitations on influencing its operations.

The Fortress Investment Group has been able to grow its portfolio in real estate as well as infrastructure investments due to the efforts of its associates. The company was also the first private company trading in equities to face delisting due to being the initial firm to go public. It, however, appears that the Fortress Investment Group and the Softbank vision fund will work mutually with the aim of solidifying their current strategies.

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U.S Money Reserve Celebrates Two Years of Internship Program at the Company

The U.S Reserve began internship programs two years ago since offering its first marketing intern in the company. Recently, the U.S Money Reserve celebrated two years on the success and the achievements experienced since the launch of the program while seeking more interns in the summer. The company is looking for interns with fast working skills and interpersonal communication techniques.

The first intern at the company was Mallory Burges, a Media Buyer, hired by Vice President of Marketing, Jim Warren. As a Marketing Coordinator at the time, Mallory supervised the company’s internship programs and coordinating interns which led to her earning various promotions to the current position as the Media Buyer of the company. Read more: US Money Reserve | Indeed

Mallory stated that she gained adequate skills and experience while working at the company leading to her career at U.S Money Reserve.

She recommends other interns to join the company as her time at the company significantly contributed to further success. Jim Warren commented that Mallory is among the best staff members equipped with talent, organizational, and motives that maintain her focus in the company.

Internship programs offered at U.S Reserve develops an intern’s dedication and hard work which eventually leads to a successful career. The company provides six social media, radio, television and films positions for interested interns in Austin supervised by the office’s first intern Sierra Taylor.

Taylor currently studies at the University of Texas pursuing Bachelor of Science in Marketing after working in the summer of 2018 at U.S Money Reserve as an intern.

About U.S Money Reserve

U.S Reserve is a private retail and wealth management company based in Austin, Texas, United States. It is among the leading U.S Government distributor of Gold, Silver, and Platinum authorized products. The company was established in 2001 and led by Chief Executive Officer Angela Koch and President Philip Diehl. On its services provided, US Money Reserve offers fast and insured delivery, a buyback guarantees and a AAA rate from the Business Consumer Alliance

The company has thousands of clients in the United States depending on the precious metals for diversification of their assets, primarily as gold and silver.

U.S Reserve consists of an experienced team of researchers and numismatics equipped with marketable skills for marketing these precious metal products.

The firm provides excellent customer experience as a strategy to develop a long-term partnership with each client. Also, it has profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to provide a platform for more customers in the country to reach them.

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Kevin Seawright: A Financial Management Expert

Kevin Seawright is a famous financial management expert with high success score of commanding new opportunities and achieving goals in business. He holds a Master in Business Administration from Mendoza College. Kelvin works at Newark Economic Development Corporation as the vice president and the head of finance.

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Business Model and His Role in the Community

Kelvin possesses skills in different models of finance control: accounting, business process management, and capital management. He helps people with these skills by guiding them on how to invest wisely. With over 14 years of experience, he has improved the livelihood of East Coast communities.

Major Accomplishments of Kevin Seawright

Kevin implemented a new accounting system to transform the Commission on Aging and Retirement. His role as a fiscal officer helped to reduce the expenses of the commission by nearly $100,000.

At Newark Economic Development Corporation, he started as a Payroll Director but elevated through the ranks to become the Chief Financial officer. He has influenced the economic growth of various businesses in his position by helping them diversify. He has also inspired many commercial startups.

Throughout his career, Kevin has transformed many departments by rendering goods and services and enhancing revenues. He is a competent professional who has positively affected the banking and finance industry.

The most appealing accomplishment

I think that Kelvin achieved a rare feat in business when he worked in a partnership with Tito Contractors. As a strategic partner, he helped the company to attain a revenue increase of 25%. It is a remarkable achievement in the business sector.

The Media Outlets That Featured Kevin Seawright

Kelvin has been in the face of media such as the Market Wired, the Market Watch,, and According to Market Wired, he has excellent reorganizational skills that have improved many businesses in New Jersey. As a result, Kelvin has built a long-lasting reputation. Visit:


Reasons Why Bhanu Choudhrie is a Versatile Investor and a Philanthropist

As one of the most versatile investment guru, Bhanu Choudhrie believes that England is home for alternative investments. First, Choudhrie is confidence that real estate is slowly becoming one of the best avenues to invest in Europe. In the period he has worked in London for example, he has seen a lot of potential in a market.

Second, Bhanu Choudhrie also believes that although healthcare is still under the state’s control, it is also a viable niche to invest. Thirdly, he views that hospitality is without a doubt the best alternative investment in this part of the world because of its potential and the fact that the industry is currently home to global trends. In just three years, he has experienced major hotel openings in this market. Follow Bhanu Choudrie on Twitter.

In all these investment opportunities in London, Bhanu Choudhrie believes that being resilience is unmatched. In the last two decades, for example, he points out that he has worked on many projects, which many ended up being unsuccessful. However, in each investment story, he believes they are learning experiences. In an interview last year, he pointed out that he was among the investors that invested in dotcom and although many investors did not make profits, he was one of the biggest gainers.

Years later, he was part of the investment team that invested in an airline. Although India is a growing economy, services such as airlines are rarely seen as investment opportunities. Through research, Bhanu Choudhrie was able to establish that airline was a necessity for most Indians since the country is vast. However, investing in airline was a risk, and more importantly, it took time, which he views it as an important resource.

Thanks to his resilience especially in making aviation a viable investment option, Choudhrie is currently one of the biggest investors in this niche. On Twitter, he shares different tips on investing on this lucrative investment. In addition to informing the public on different ways to invest in different markets, Bhanu Choudhrie is also passionate about different things especially philanthropy. It is through philanthropy that he is able to connect with different people and more importantly influence change. Visit: