Offering Transportation Solutions For Central Texas

Mike Heiligenstein currently runs the CTRMA, and he is searching for new ways to aid with transportation across the state. He is quite aware of the challenges that are ahead for many people in the state, and he has ideas that will help those who must traverse the state for work. This article explains how Mike will change lives given his new ideas on the topic.


#1: Central Texas Is Sprawling


The state of Texas is massive, and the central area is quite large. There are open gaps in the CTRMA that must be addressed, and Mike believes he has options that will make the state easy to cross. The central counties in the state may be quite rural, and the state may add train service that will help residents go from their homes to the cities where they work.


#2: The Forums On The Topic


Mike has been quite open about talking to the public, and he has attended many forums on the topic to ensure he is giving all the information that is needed. He is sharing his ideas with the community to learn their reaction, and he is willing to take their accounts under consideration as the CTRMA works. They have quite a lot to do to make the state easier to travel in, and his work will help the citizens feel heard.


#3: Mike Is An Expert In The Topic


Mike is one of the few experts on the subject who will have the capacity to build up the state of Texas properly. He is ensuring the state is outfitted with the finest transportation options, and he wants the state to travel well without the use of too many cars. Keeping cars off the road is good for the environment, and Mike knows he is serving everyone in the state by being good to the planet, and he is putting on a better face for state government. Texas will do better for itself when it looks to the citizens.


The citizens of the state looking for ways to travel without the use of cars and long drives, and there is a new train system that may come to the center of the state. Mike Heiligenstein is the expert who will make the new transportation system come to life, and he knows there is a way to serve everyone with just one change to the way the state travels.

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Securus Technologies Releases a Statement to amend GTL’s Inaccuracies.

Securus Technologies is one of the United States most reputable firms that offer technology solutions for correctional institutions. The services of the company are devoted to investigating, monitoring, correcting, and public security. Its headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, and it has been contracted by 3450 law enforcement facilities that hold more than 1.2 million prisoners in North America. Securus is devoted to connecting the inmates with their loved ones. The firm released a report to the press to correct the inaccurate statements that were issued by GTL. The information that GTL offered had comments that are considered as inaccurate and false. Securus, therefore, responded by informing the public the truth, which clarifies most of the company’s claims.


According to Securus Technolies’s’ CEO, Richard A. Smith, GTL is well informed on the high costs that involved in pursuing patent cases. The litigations take several years and millions of dollars. The company would like to know if the “scorched earth” case the GTL is pursuing can have a positive impact on the operations of the firm or its sound financial undertakings. He said that Securus would keep protecting itself while responding to GTL by declaring its patents. The company is devoted to reacting when it is required to address the current approach that is used by GTL. Mr. Smith believes that the tactic used by its rival is inconsiderate since Securus is prominent and has a broad patent portfolio.


The CEO responded to the most recent GTL press release. Richard said that he would be pleased to be involved in technology competition with GTL at any time. He has been offering the firm multiple chances that it should use to proof itself, but it has instead been releasing many press statements that are inaccurate. GTL has not responded to the corrections that were given by Securus Technologies.


Capitol Anesthesiology: Serving Patients and the Community

Capitol Anesthesiology offers a variety of anesthesia services, including general (completely unconscious), regional (specific region of the body), and local or MAC also known as “Monitored Anesthesia Care” anesthesia (small tissue area). Other services consist of pediatric (children related), obstetric (pregnancy and childbirth), and cardiovascular and thoracic anesthesia (heart and lungs related).

Trust and dependability in the staff members of Capitol Anesthesiology is certain. Physicians are either board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology or are currently achieving their board certification. Many of the physicians have also acquired advanced training in specialized areas of anesthesia. Along with these physicians Capitol Anesthesiology’s Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) have obtained board certification in anesthesia along with graduate level education. By working together with the physicians they ensure a stress-free anesthesia experience for their patients.

Not only does Capitol Anesthesiology serve at numerous hospitals across the Austin, Texas vicinity, but they also contribute greatly to charities such as Austin Smiles and other notable organizations such as Operation Smile and Family Eldercare.

Desiree Perez, The Master Negotiator, To Help Tidal

Desiree Perez also commonly known as just Dez, is an ambitious and smart business lady who has created a name in the music industry for her power negotiation skills and problem solving techniques. She has ran negotiations and major contracts for her company ROC Nation that is ran by her husband and proven her skills beyond any measurable doubts that she is the perfect candidate for Tidal, a music streaming app created by Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter.

Tidal has been in operation for a while and has changed its management team as the executives have been stepping down continuously leaving the company disorganized and affected. However, the founder and now the primary executive Jay Z is determined to bring back his business into prosperity. Jay Z sought the services of Desiree Perez, a close associate for close to twenty years to run the company’s negotiations and contracts.

Desiree Perez is determined to restore Tidal as well. Her plan involves bringing in more memberships and fans to sign in for the app. Through streaming old, new and exclusive music through the app, Perez believes that will get their target market interested in the app and go for it. Also, she has helped bring in artists to get their music played on Tidal so that they can save the company and get more people signing up.

Jay Z’s Tidal has been going through a hard time lately. Even with Beyonce, Kanye West and Rihanna’s hits have been given exclusive air, the company has been struggling. However, Jay Z knew exactly who would help give the company restoration that it needs. Desiree Perez, having made multi-million dollar contracts for Roc Nation she was the perfect person for the job. She has entered Tidal through various contracts over the last year which are seeing Tidal spring back. She is also running several offers for the company finding the best financier for Tidal as the company needs partnership for it to thrive.

Desiree Perez is a force to be reckoned with. Her communication and negotiation skills are some of the skills that define her. She is a sought out negotiator and continues in her pursuit to save Tidal.

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New Magnises Benefits For 2016

Magnises is an elite club that allows members to use a personal black card to get access to special events as well as special deals in some of the biggest cities on the East Coast. It was originally created in 2014 by Billy McFarland who was looking to give people a better way to network. 2 years later it is one of the biggest most elite clubs in the world. They are constantly adding new features and benefits. These are just some of the great new benefits Magnises has to offer.

Access To Exclusive Nightclubs In New York

For a small nominal fee every month members can have guaranteed access to the most exclusive nightclubs in New York. New York is one of the biggest party scenes in the world and offer some of the best and hottest nightclubs. Members will have guaranteed access.

Gorgeous Hotel Locations

Another new feature for Members is the hotel pass. The hotel pass allows Magnises members to stay at the gorgeous Dream Hotel in New York city for just a fraction of what the actual cost is. Not only is the hotel in a great location it offers tons of amenities and beautiful decor. It is a great place to meet up with other members to Network.

Desk At Co-Working Spaces

The cost of having an office or even a desk at a co working space in New York can often be very expensive. Some places can charge more than $500 a month to rent a desk space. Magnises allows members to access their facilities at Alley which is where they actually maintain their corporate offices. Members can rent a desk space for their own business or Ventures. It is just another way that Magnises is helping members take their businesses to the next level.

These are just a few of the great new benefits Magnises offers its members for 2016. Every day they are adding and changing to ensure that their members get the most out of their memberships with Magnises. It is the perfect elite club for networking as well as socializing.

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Educational Courses For Career Development

In order to stay current, one must continually upgrade their education. Often, this is the only way to stay up to date on the latest trends in one’s industry. There are several ways to go about receiving additional educational courses. For example, extended education through online courses or taking Wessex Courses at the Wessex Institute of Technology. The fact is that Wessex Institute of Technology is a well known educational institution of higher learning in the South of England that offers higher degrees.

Quality Courses

The courses that are taught at the Wessex Institute of Technology are short courses designed for the person that is already in the industry or the educational field. The courses are attended by people from across the globe. They recognize that Wessex is an excellent source for updating their education and learning the skills required to stay current. In addition, the courses are taught by highly talented individuals with expert knowledge in the fields taught.

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James Dondero Provided Guidance For Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas-based alternative credit management corporation with ties all over the world. Founded in 1990 by James Dondero and Mark Okada, Highland Capital holds over $32 billion in asset value. The company famously pioneered and expanded new strategies like Collateralized Loan Organization (CLO).

In its 25 years of existence, Highland Capital has made great strides. Its environmental, social and governance practice are renowned throughout the industry. Highland Capital’s strategies include healthcare, structured products, real estate, long/short equity and high-yield credit. Learn more about James Dandero:

All clients receive the same personalized assistance. The top down approach is beneficial in keeping clients happy and their assets safe. Highland Capital has offices in Dallas, Seoul, Singapore, New York, Tokyo and Sao Paulo.

Highland Capital Management founder James Dondero has been the driving force behind the company’s success for over 25 years. He has vast experience in credit markets and the first investor to use CLO’s.

Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in Marketing and accounting. Shortly after graduation, he worked for Protective Life and then American Express where he managed over $11 billion in funds. He is also a certified public accountant.

Dondero has won numerous awards throughout his career, including the Morningstar 5-Star designation and the Lipper Award. According to Crunchbase, James Dondero serves on numerous boards including AMC Theaters, MGM, Cornerstone Health and NexBank. Recently, Highland Capital Management introduced a division to help with philanthropic efforts in the city of Dallas. To date, the millions have been raise for a great cause.

Cotemar sees bright future for Mexican petro biz despite challenges

Over the last decade, the deep-seated problems in the Mexican oil industry have become ever more difficult to ignore. With traditional extraction methods quickly failing, oil sector job cuts have become an all-too-familiar refrain. Not spared from the carnage, petroleum services giant Cotemar was forced throughout 2016 to lay off over 2300 of its talented workers. As with all other petroleum services companies, they had no choice in the matter. Since 1938, the fate of subcontractors in the Mexican petroleum space has been tied inextricably to state-run oil monopoly Pemex.

In boom times, the price of such an incestuous bond is hidden and the enormous windfall from complete domestic retention of all revenues from massive petroleum exportation on clouds the minds of all who participate. Yet since at least 2004, the structural problem of artificially imposed self-sufficiency is becoming apparent. The era of Mexican easy oil is over and in order to exploit the significant crude remaining in the ground, foreign capital, expertise and equipment will need to be sought.

An ailing system’s demise nourishes new growth

For years, savvy observers on had been predicting dire consequences for Mexico’s petroleum industry once the easily extracted reserves were depleted. The veracity of those predictions first became apparent in the mid-90s when natural gas quantities began running perilously low across many of Mexico’s most productive fields. Years of wellheads blowing off pressure had depleted the natural gas component of high-yielding deposits such as the Cantarell field. This caused the wells to fail and was only solved through the then cutting-edge technology of nitrogen injection. The new nitro-injected wells quickly surpassed all records and things were looking up. But then the real crash came.

Once the nitro-injection stopped working Mexico experienced an historically precipitous decline in oil production on Soon, Pemex was facing insolvency. Something needed to be done fast.

In 2013 president Nieto oversaw sweeping reforms including a rewrite of entire sections of the Mexican constitution, allowing for private investment and foreign involvement. Today, Mexico is poised to open its petroleum market to the expertise and capital of foreign firms, firms with proven track records of extracting the kind of oil that could put Mexico back on the leader board of world oil powerhouses – hard oil.

As Mexico opens up to the dynamic world of global Big Oil, Cotemar is in the unique and fortuitous position of being the largest petroleum services contractor with the deepest project experience of perhaps any firm in Mexico. The challenges for the Mexican petroleum industry thus far have been tough. But Cotemar sees a bright future, not just for itself, but for the Mexican oil business’ greatest project – Mexico itself. Source:

Capital Anesthesiology Association Helps the Local Community

Capital Anesthesiology Association located in Austin, Texas, and established in 1973, provides the community with over 80 physicians and a variety of anesthesia practices in many healthcare facilities in the Austin region. These services include general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, monitored Anesthesia Care, and pediatric anesthesia. The highly skilled team tailors treatment plans for their patients. The physicians trained in the finest hospitals in the country.

Capital Anesthesiology Association physicians and CNRNA’s supports the local community with many charities and philanthropic involvement. One example is Austin Smiles, which helps children in Latin America who have cleft palates get the necessary surgery. A similar organization that they help is Operation Smile, which helps children with cleft palates. They also help local kids with Children’s Medical Center Foundation. This organization raises money for sick children in the Central Texas area. Another organization benefitted by CAA is Eels on Wheels. This charity teaches handicapped people how to scuba drive.

Doe Deere’s Challenges and Her Success Journey

Doe Deere is a true inspiration to both the young and also the old. Her journey can be traced back to when she saw thirteen years old and in school. At that time, Doe knew she wanted to be a musician. And yet, that did not deter her from discovering the temporary tattoos and selling them to the other students. She learned the art of market research and sales by convincing her fellow classmates that they deserved the tattoo. One can conclude with sheer confidence that from a young age, she was destined to be a great entrepreneur.

Every experience that Doe experienced on her journey has been a great lesson. After school, Doe moved from her home in Russia to New York City when she was 17 years old. In New York, she established a band together with her boyfriends, now her husband. Doe had a challenging time booking events and performing. Still, she carried that with honor and learned lessons from her experience, that is, to appreciate people and when they show up, to treat them right.

Doe’s love for colors has no bounds. The brighter the color the more passionate she has for them. Her love for color was established still in childhood. Together with her friends, Doe would host slumber parties and they would use color to paint their faces. Although her friends found it crazy, that was one of her motivation behind her success.

The challenge to get colorful makeup drove Deere to establish Lime Crime Makeup that gives their clients freedom to enjoy themselves. She decided to start the company because she was convinced if she wanted something done she had to do it herself. Lime Crime Company is one of the few companies that deal with colorful makeup, from blush to lipstick and others. It encourages being bold and through the colorful products, the company achieves their goal.

Doe Deere’s story is a true inspiration to everyone. Having a dream and going for it are two different yet most incredible things that one may decide to do. Doe has had a share of her challenges, yet she is now one of the most influential, creative and innovative business people in the makeup industry. She knows how to keep touch with her unicorns. She wears her products out with a pride which gives her clients the feeling that they belong to Lime Crime Makeup and also in her unicorn world.

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