Here Is Why You Should Chose Cleansing Conditioners

     Shampoo can be harsh on the hair. Its job is to clean the hair and scalp and that causes the hair to be stripped of natural oils. Cleansing conditioner is great for the hair because it doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils. Most shampoos contains harsh chemicals that end up causing your hair to become dull, lifeless, and full of frizz. But cleansing conditioners cleans the hair and conditions it without doing the damage that shampoo can do.

Cleansing conditioners replaces the multiple parts of your hair care regimen. If you want simplicity, then cleansing conditioners are the perfect replacement. They are easy to use and cuts out those extra steps that you find yourself taking daily. WEN is a popular cleansing conditioner that is free of sulfates and harmful ingredients that are found in most shampoos and conditioners on the market today. It restores the hair to a beautiful shine and breathes life back into each strand.

Chaz Dean, the creator of WEN hair care products, found his passion for hair while he was working as a photographer. From that point on, he went to cosmetology school and begin working for an upscale salon. It wasn’t long til he purchased that salon and changed the name to Chaz Dean’s Studio. But his passion for hair didn’t stop there. Chaz wanted to create a line of hair care products that is great for the hair. WEN is a 5 in 1 product that cleanses, conditions, deep conditions, detangles, and acts as a leave in conditioner.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Lawyers Agree with New LRIS Online Service

For residents of New York, finding the right lawyer just got easier. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) just launched a new online service. This comes after the LRIS trained its staff to handle over 10,000 phones calls from the public.

According to Claire Gutekunst, President of the New York State Bar Association, many people need lawyers during times of stress. The LRIS offers a lower pressure way for New York residents to find legal help. With the new online service, residents can feel confident about being matched with qualified attorneys who are in good standing with the State Bar Association.

The online portal is available 24 hours a day at The New York State Bar Association partnered with and created this service. is one of the largest providers of marketplace and referral management services in the legal industry.

CEO of, Tony Lai, commented on how excited and proud his company is to partner with one of the largest lawyer-focused associations in the world. It was a joy figuring out a way to redefine how lawyers reach a greater number of people at lower costs.

A lot of New York lawyers have praised the new service; especially lawyers with smaller firms. One lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein, sees the new service as a bonus. Jeremy Goldstein made a name for himself while working at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz. After leaving, he founded his own firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates.

Since then, Jeremy Goldstein became a leader lawyer in matters of executive compensation and corporate governance. Jeremy Goldstein is also a frequent writer and public speakers on both legal matters. He’s even listed as one of the country’s top executive compensation lawyers by several publications.

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How To Have Fun In Napa Valley Beyond The Wine

     When planning on touring Napa Valley, most travelers only think about going on wine tours. One wine vintner, The Traveling Vineyard, wants people to know that while some of the world’s best wines do come from this region of California there are actually other sights to see in order to really experience the valley. They let people in on some of these locations recently.

The ground of Napa Valley is perfect for growing grapes. As it turns out it’s also fantastic for growing olives. Round Pond Estate is a great spot to visit as it is the home to world-class olives that are created through the use of old-school methods of growing them as well as harvesting them. In addition to selling olives at this estate, they also sell olive oils, vinegars, and other accompaniments such as herbs and flower craft oils.

Another place that’s a great place to visit is the Auberge Spa at Calistoga Ranch. This area has natural hot springs that are rich in minerals. There are also other activities at the ranch including hot air balloon rides, hiking trails, yoga classes, and other entertainment options.

Traveling Vineyard produces several types of wines which includes some from grapes in Napa Valley. Their wines are sold through Wine Guides, independent home-based business owners who hold wine tasting parties in their client’s homes. After each informal and fun wine tasting the client and their guests get to order bottles of Traveling Vineyard wine which are then delivered straight to their door.

Being a Wine Guide comes with a number of perks. Each Wine Guide is free to set their own schedule, working as much as their schedules and desires allow. While some remain small businesses, there are Wine Guides who form larger companies by hiring other Wine Guides to work for them. A new Wine Guide receives a Success Kit which includes all of the glasses, accessories, and marketing material they need to get established. The Success Kit will also include enough wine for them to host their first two wine tasting events.

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Cotemar’s Premier Oil Service

Cotemar didn’t begin their journey as an oil company but that has not stopped them from being one of the busiest and most popular oil suppliers in Mexico. They have worked hard to make sure that they can get what they need out of the oil industry and they have been able to provide people with all of the options that they need. After coming from humble beginnings, Cotemar has been able to provide a successful oil company and help their employees to have the most enjoyable experience possible. They have grown a lot in the past 40 years and that has helped them to be successful.


Each year, Cotemar has seen profits increase. This has helped them to make the right decisions and to keep up with all of the technology that is available to them. They want to make sure that they are doing the most with their company and that they are going to get everything that they need from the oil fields that they are working in. As Cotemar has learned, it is better to make sure that they are doing things the right way instead of trying to cut corners and get burned on the things that they are doing.


While most companies are able to recognize that their employees are important, Cotemar is able to do even more for their employees. They have flotel-like accommodations for the people who work for them and that allows them the chance to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible in the situations. Along with flotel accommodations and the options that the employees have, Cotemar makes sure that their employees get fresh food that is prepared by chefs in a special ship where the food is made. They do what they can to help their employees with food because they know how important it is for them to stay healthy.


The oil industry can be hard for some companies but since Cotemar did not start out in the oil industry, they had a chance to build their business up before they even started drilling oil. Since they started out in the hotel and comfort industry, they knew that they would always have a great place for their employees. Their ability to make sure that ships are maintained and protected also helps them to be successful in the oil industry because they don’t have to outsource for maintenance.


Why Securus Technologies Has Become Known as Being a Wonderful Platform of Communications For Its Immediate Users and Communities That Encompass Correctional Facilities That Have Had It Implemented Into Their Communications Systems

Securus Technologies is a form of communications platform that’s offering plenty of benefits for individuals who are wanting to benefit from what it’s currently offering. If you’re not necessarily too sure about what exactly the Securus Platform is offering, it’s highly recommended for you to ask a help desk assistant about it ask they’ll be more than happy to provide you with details pertinent to it.


Securus Technologies is a communications platform that is having a tremendous impact on not only the very lives of its immediate users, which are visitors of inmates and the inmates themselves, but also entire communities of which surrounds the correctional facilities. Securus Technologies is well aware that there is a vast array of inmates who need to stay connected with people from back home; however, their visitors may find it to be very inconvenient to visit them, especially if the correctional facility the inmate is confined in is located somewhere that is a long ways away from their own place of residence, or if the correctional facility’s staff members are unable to provide a convenient appointment time to conduct the visitation.


Securus Technologies is well aware that there are many different people who are benefiting from this well designed program; however, that does not mean that they are going to stop maintaining an innovative approach in the department of research and development, as they’re consistently striving to find ways to better their program. It’s highly recommended for users of the Securus Technologies program to know what they may be expecting from it in the future. Please don’t hesitate to ask one of the help desk professionals about what types of details they may be able to provide for you in pertinence to the different types of future projects that they may be working on.


George Soros Contributions to a Better Life

George Soros had been silent since the 2004 election. He has shown his support to Hillary Clinton by boosting her campaign and that of other Democrats and different causes by giving more than twenty-five million dollars. Mr. Soros has had a close relationship with Mrs. Clinton and is said to be more involved in her campaigns than he has been in a long time. George’s concern about criminal justice reforms, religious tolerance, and immigration reforms are the main reasons he contributed to the Democratic causes. There are other donors, but George Soros is considered the one with the most potential.

Mr. Soros and his team believe that in a democratic world, people should be involved in its government. He has donated at least thirty-three million dollars to various groups that were making inputs in the hope of bringing on civil action. The different groups funded by George Soros helped in mobilizing the protestors and making coalition on the ground; Ferguson also received online support and social media campaign. Read this story about George at

History of George Soros

George Soros was born on August 1930 in Budapest and immigrated to England in 1947, after Nazis came to Hungary. He graduated with a bachelor’s at London school of Economics and later a Master degree in Philosophy. Before starting Double Eagle his first hedge fund, Mr. Soros had worked at merchant banks. He used the money made at Double Eagle to open his second hedge fund, the Soros Fund Management. George Soros is considered among the most successful investors in the world and with a net worth of over twenty billion dollars, he is in the top thirty richest in the world.

George Soros philanthropy

George Soros philanthropist nature has seen him be among the top worldwide. He has given more than $10 billion to causes he believes in. In 1970, he funded black students to help them attend the University of Cape Town. The top causes that Mr. Soros believe in are:

  • Freedom of expression
  • Accountable government
  • Justice and Equality
  • Transparency

His donations focus on people who are discriminated because of who they are. George Soros has a first-hand experience with this since his family survived the murder of over 500,000 Hungarian Jews during his early years in Budapest. They were also able to help other families survive the killings. George wants to see a fair world where everyone is treated the same regardless of their race, color or sex. He contributes towards these causes with a hope that it will make that world a reality. He once said that his success had given him independence in that he can make his path to the world that is more open, just and equitable. Read his profile at Washington Times.


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Norman Pattiz Hints A Media Marketing Revolution After Teaming Up With Edison Research To Study Podcast Advertising

Norman Pattiz is a guru in the podcast network platform and a pioneer for a couple of distinguishable products. He was the founder and chief executive officer of Westwood One when it gained recognition as the leading American podcast provider in entertainment, sports, news, talk and traffic updates.

According to PR Newswire, Norman Pattiz earned a spot on the May 2016 Forbes magazine section of global change for his efforts in generating revenue through media. He oversaw Westwood One’s contract to own, manage and distribute media material such as sports and talk shows to NCAA Basketball, The Super Bowl, NFL Football, CNN Radio, CBS News, Mutual Broadcasting System and March Madness.

In 2010, Norman set up Courtside Entertainment Group to create and distribute media content in the underserved industry. He later teamed up with a leading freelancing podcast pioneer to start Podcast One which began operating in 2012.

The network has garnered millions of fans who enjoy the shows of stimulating WWE stars like Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, and Nicole Polizzi. Other iconic podcast shows include Laura Ingraham, Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carolla, Dan Patrick, Heather Dubrow, Freakonomics, Radiolab, TheCHIVE and Dr. Drew. In total, Podcast One listeners enjoy more than 200 channels.

Norman Pattiz often speaks on the effect of using podcasts to market brands and create product awareness. He explained that the network’s podcasts limit a single show to only four ads, hence maintain the keenness of the listeners.

Additionally, podcast fans are more apt to trust a familiar voice and gain interest to purchase the marketed product or service. According to the network’s analysis, a big percentage of listeners download the shows immediately and listen through the entire span of time, adding to the potentiality of buying the advertised product.

In 2016, Norman teamed up with the research team Edison Research to come up with accurate statistics representing the effect of using podcasts to advertise instead of the traditional TV and radio channels. The team used five brands for five products in finance, lawn and gardening, hospitality, automobiles, and grocery to compare the results before and after the three-month airing of ads.

The number of listeners who gained interest in a particular restaurant rose by 76 percent, the financial product garnered a 47 percent rise, the grocery product ad attracted an increase of 53 percent of buyers, automobile’s prospective buyers rose by 37 percent, and the lawn item ad drew 24 percent. Edison’s VP revealed that his team was enthralled to work with Podcast One to study a revolutionary marketing strategy.

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