The Floret Medical Journey of Dr. Scott M. Rocklage

Dr. Scott M. Rocklage as a medical specialists wakes up to either manage 5AM Venture’s portfolio, study and research life science innovations and areas of interest or attend Scientific board meetings. He is one man surrounded by a pool of professionals ranging from scientists, business experts and medical practitioners. In fact he once said during an interview that this crowd is what has helped him bring his ideas into reality.


Mr. Rocklage has been in the industry long enough to understand innovations and radicalism in disease management especially cancer. He has seen cancer treatment evolve over time and is particularly fascinated by invasive treatment methods targeting the genotypes, tumors and mutations. This has helped save lives among cancer patients. He has vast experience in laboratory research, clinical trial, healthcare management and leadership of healthcare facilities.


Apparently, he is the Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures where his medical career keeps blossoming. He says his time management and prioritization habits have had an upper arm in his success. Scott Rocklage advises entrepreneurs to evaluate the market well, measure risk involved in each entrepreneurial venture they intend to dive in and finally select and continuously empower their personnel or workforce. Learn more:


About Dr. Scott M. Rocklage

He is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. Scott Rocklage also has a PHD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his alma mater. He is currently is a significant figure of 5AM Venture Partners having joined in a capacity of a partner in 2003. The following year he was appointed as the Managing Partner a role he has held to date.


Prior to 5AM Ventures, the FDA approved healthcare management company, Dr. Scott M. Rocklage worked with several reputable institutions in the industry. He has worked for Nycomed Salutar and Cubist Pharmaceuticals as the President and CEO. Mr. Rocklage has also chaired executive board committees of NASDAQ:RLYP – Relypsa, Novira, Pulmatrix, Rennovia, Kinestral, and other affiliate companies of Amgen, Teleflex,and EntreMed. His major highlight of his career is when his research at MIT, Richard R. Schrock laboratory won his the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2005.


Lawyers Like Bruno Fagali is What is Right About the Brazilian Legal System

     The Brazilian legal system has come a long way in the last few decades. Previously unheard of undertakings such as former presidents being prosecuted have come to pass in the last two decades. Consequently, the country’s legal system is considered among the most mature in the world, with many of its Supreme Court rulings being relied on as precedents in other countries’ courts. The growth and maturity of the Brazilian legal system are being driven by, among other things, a breed of younger and more ethical lawyers. One particular standout in this breed is Bruno Fagali. The founder and leader of Sao Paulo-based law firm, Fagali Advocacy has extensive experience in administrative law, anti-corruption law, ethics and compliance law.

Unsurprisingly, Bruno Fagali has an extensive and accomplished academic background. For his academic studies, he attended the Pontiace Catholic University of Sao Paulo where he graduated with a law degree. Later, for his post-graduate studies the University of Sao Paulo, graduating with a master’s degree in Law of the State, Administrative law, and Anti-Corruption Law. While these two degrees are enviable academic qualifications on their own, Bruno Fagali realized that improving as a lawyer went beyond the scope of these two programs. Consequently, he has over the years completed a few certificate courses on various aspects of law from institutions such as the Brazilian Society of Public Law.

In addition to running his law firm, Bruno Fagali also works as the corporate integrity manager at Nova/sb. He has over the last two years developed and helped maintain a corporate integrity plan for the large advertising firm. With most of Nova/sb’s work being government contracts, Fagali’s work is essential and highly appreciated.

Free time is a hard luxury to come by for a man of Bruno Fagali’s stature. However, when he does get any, he prefers to spend it with his family. Alternatively, he also enjoys traveling and is often eager to interact with new cultures and languages. Fortunately, his job also allows him to travel often. The fruits of his numerous travels are seen in his high cultural competency level – he currently speaks Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish.

Fox News Medical Correspondent Dr. David Samadi Takes Your Health Questions on New Show

     American surgeon Dr. David B. Samadi, a medical correspondent for the Fox News Channel, will host a call-in medical show, named Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi, on Sunday afternoons. Listeners in New York City might know Dr. Samadi from his program on am970 radio. Sunday Housecall airs at 12:30 p.m. Eastern time on Sundays beginning in September 2017.

Dr. Samadi is a board-certified urologist who specializes in the detection and treatment of prostate, bladder, and kidney cancers. He serves as Chief of Robotic Surgery and Chairman of the department of urology at New York City’s Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. Samadi belongs to both the American Medical Association and the American Urological Association. Since 2015, he has served as a urology professor at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine.

Those with medical questions are invited to call in to the show to have their questions answered by either the guest health care provider on the program or by Dr. Samadi. Some callers will have their questions answered live on the air.

In addition to the show, people with questions for Dr. Samadi can also visit his blog, Those who’ve recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer can call Dr. Samadi’s office at (212) 365-5000 for a consultation.

Although Dr. Samadi’s specializations are in urology, oncology, and minimally-invasive surgery, the show will cover a wide variety of health, wellness, and medical topics. These will include women’s health, men’s health, prostate health in particular, men’s and women’s sexual health, and common diseases as well food and exercise.

David B. Samadi was born in 1964 in Iran’s Persian Jewish community. With his brother, he fled Iran’s volatile religious and political climate in 1979. After a long journey that took him to Belgium and the United Kingdom, Dr. Samadi arrived in the United States, where he completed his high school education. He went on to study biochemistry at Stony Brook University, earn his medical degree from the Stony Brook School of Medicine, and then complete his post-graduate medical education at Montefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

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The Oxford Club and Its Inconceivable Benefits

The Oxford Club is a well-established financial organization that operates independently and is concerned with investment research. The Club was founded back in 1989, and to date, it has managed to help thousands of people make smart investments as well as safeguard their fortune.

With members stretching to over 100 countries and counting, the Oxford club also has affiliated clubhouses around the world which in turn results in a tremendous cash flow thanks to its loyal members.

Being a bona fide member of The Oxford Club comes with a fair share of benefits including investment opportunities. They also have an incredibly trained staff that will advise you on what investments will result in the most income. They will also help with coming up with related strategies that will most certainly give you the highest returns.

They also can help you and your family preserve wealth whether you made it on your own or has been passed down as an inheritance. They also organize several platforms to share all of the information that they have on all the essential tips they need to make smart investments.

The Oxford Club personnel do the latter through regular online and regional seminars, world financial tours as well as online exchanges where the members can benefit. The Oxford Club has its headquarters in Baltimore, MD. So, if you would like to be a member and you happen to be around that area code, you can always make a point of dropping by and meeting the personnel.

Apart from being an outstanding organization as far as offering the above-stated services are concerned, The Oxford Club has also opened up entirely some jobs for people. Some of the posts include the senior media buyer, the marketing traffic coordinator as well as the top web specialist.

And irrespective of which position these employees hold within the organization, their number one goal is making sure that they are team players which, in the end, results in them being on top of their game at all times as far as service provision is concerned. Other jobs found within The Oxford Club include the managing director, the digital marketing manager, etc.

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Siteline Cabinetry Explained

Siteline Cabinetry has a variety of cabinets, doors and other furnishings for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry area and other areas of the home. Siteline has a large inventory of special colors, styles as well as finishes for you to choose from. Therefore, remodeling a kitchen or laundry area can be an exciting and detailed process.

Siteline also has samples of their various kitchen and bathroom decor which may make choosing a certain style, color and texture a great deal easier. In addition, the Siteline has also designed an 8 step process to create the kitchen of your dreams. The 8 step process is given in detail on the Siteline web site.

When creating a new kitchen to fulfill your dream of what a kitchen should look like, you first must assess your long term needs. Therefore, you must take an objective position and decide on a certain style, budget, time frame and long term goals. Basically, if you are planning on staying in the home for a period of time then you may wish to create a kitchen that will fulfill every need and desire that you have in mind.

Keep in mind, every one has a budget when it comes to remodeling. Make certain you set a realistic budget. Therefore, it is best not to overspend and at the same time you should not settle for something you do not really like just to save a few dollars.

After you figure out a realistic budget for your remodeling needs, then it is best to contact a professional for additional advice and insight. Speak with one of Siteline Cabinetry’s reputable contractors who will work with you and give you honest answers concerning cost and the time it will take to complete your remodeling job.

If you are pleased with how the contractor has answered your questions as well as made appropriate suggestions to begin the remodeling work, then it may be time to make a commitment to the contractor.

Next, you want to pick a certain style decor that will meet your taste as well as standards. You may consider viewing photos of remodeled kitchens and bathrooms to get an idea of how it will look in your home.

Once you decide on exactly what you want as far as decor is concerned, it is time for the contractor to do his or her shopping. Licensed contractors are many times able to receive discounted prices on certain merchandise which is definite plus to the homeowner.

Finally, after materials are purchased and you sign at the dotted line, the internal remodeling can begin. Keep in mind, the inside of your home may be in some disarray for several weeks before the remodeling is completed. You may have to eat your family meals in the family room or den until the kitchen remodeling is done.

Siteline Cabinetry can be a great deal of help when deciding to do some interior remodeling. Siteline has an informational website. In addition, Siteline has a cabinetry blog that is updated on a regular basis. Don’t forget to also follow them on Pinterest for more cabinet ideas.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Leading Bradesco’s Next Phase

When the ten-year term of Marcio Cypriano came to an end, the boardroom and media discussions speculated about his successors. During Cypriano’s time as president, the market value of Bradesco increased six folds to $30 billion. The incoming Bradesco president would have to keep up with the growth as well as take the bank to the next level. The two-people hinted to succeed Marcio Cypriano were Jose Luiz Acar Pedro, then President of Bradesco’s investment banking unit and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, then head of Bradesco Seguros.

Over the last seventy-four years, Bradesco bank has had only four presidents. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the current and fourth president of the bank. In 2009, when he took over the helm, the bank had lost its position as the leading private bank to rival Itau Unibanco. Also, the prevailing economic conditions in Brazil at the period impacted negatively on the returns and profitability of companies in the financial sector. In fact, Credit Suisse predicted that the average return on equity of Bradesco would decrease by 2.1% to 21.3% in the close of 2009.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has known no other employer in the course of his over forty-year career life. At a tender age, he started as a clerk in the Marilia agency of the bank before being transferred to the headquarters at Sao Paulo. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s first executive role was in 1984 when he became the director of marketing at the bank. As head of marketing made significant transformations on the publicity and image of the bank. He also served in other capacities including President of the bank’s private pension business between 1992 to 1998 and executive vice president of Bradesco Seguros from 1999 to 2003. He served on the board between 1999 to 2005.

In 2003, he rose to President of Bradesco Seguros. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s stellar performance as the head of the insurance business influenced his appointment as President. He led Bradesco Seguros to become the top insurer in Latin America and have a market share of 25%. Also, Bradesco Seguros revenue contribution to the total incomes increased by 10% to 35% since 2003. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi role at Bradesco Seguros also earned recognition from other stakeholders making him receive two Insurance Personality of the Year Awards. He often shared his optimism on the future of the insurance field in Brazil stating its importance in maintaining social welfare.

As Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi began his term in 2009, the general expectation was that he would pursue strategies for growth and competitiveness. Analysts opined that his efforts would be towards reclaiming the number one spot in the banking rankings in the country. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi stated in an interview that his primary goal was to ensure that the bank offered excellent products and services in all locations. As such, his strategies focused on improving internal efficiencies, pursuing organic growth, increasing as well as enhancing product and service offerings.

Within the first year in office, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi introduced a corporate university that would basis for handling appointments and promotions for employees and executive. He regularly gathers executives to share knowledge, to exchange ideas and collect feedback that would help the company move to the next level.

One of his significant contributions to the companies that also earned him the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance award was the acquisition of HBSC Brazilian subsidiary. The $5.2 billion transactions done in 2015, increased the Bradesco’s branch network, the number of account holders, investment portfolio, and the overall net worth. Also, the deal strengthened the market influence of Bradesco and narrowed the differences between the bank and Itau Unibanco.

In the coming years, more is expected from Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi even as Bradesco continues to grow.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:“prata-da-casa”-em-escolha-de-presidente.htm

The Osteo Relief Institute Provides Pain Relief Without Surgery

Arthritis is a debilitating ailment that affects more than fifty million man and women in the United States alone. There are one hundred different types of arthritis, and they are all characterized by minor to severe joint pain. The joint pain is caused by the degeneration of cartilage, the soft tissue between the joints. Arthritis is a degenerative disease for which there is no cure. Treatments vary depending on the individual. Usually, a pain reliever, such as Tylenol or ibuprofen, will give some relief depending on the level of pain. Doctors will prescribe a stronger pain medication is the pain too severe (Manta).


Osteoarthritis has certain risk factors which include family history, weight, age, or a prior injury. There are some suggested recommendations for managing arthritis pain ( They include avoiding movements that are repetitive. losing weight, exercising, and to stop smoking which causes connective tissue danger. Do some low impact aerobics and walk. Pace yourself, do not exceed your ability level. If your pain management routine does not give much relief, other options are available which include joint infusion, invasive joint repair and joint replacement. If you live in the New Jersey area, there is another option. It is nonsurgical relief offered by the Osteo Relief Institute.


The Osteo Relief Institute offers a cutting-edge solution to pain relief from arthritis and spinal disc pain. Their methods for treating pain works to restore the patient back to normal mobility. With all of the advances in technology, surgery will not even be an option in the near future. Scientists have developed a natural pain reliever that has been FDA approved and cleared. It is administered by a doctor and has been proven to work.


The Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey will work with patients at their modern state of the art facility. They treat all of their patients as though they were family. Relieving your arthritis pain and restoring your quality of life is their goal and mission. The Osteo Relief Institute is the arthritis treatment center with new and advanced methods of relieving arthritis pain. At this treatment center, surgery is not an option.


Meet Eli Gershkovitch: The Personality behind Steamworks Breweries

Canadians have affection for their beer. It is no wonder there is a lot of stereotypical fusses surrounding the subject. Beer remains the most popular favorite alcoholic drink among Canadians, and as the per-capita consumption drops, the sales and consumption of craft beers keep gaining ground.


The rate of beer sales has stagnated since 1995, but the sales of craft beer have experienced growth to a double digit. This gain is owed to the excellence in brewing by various Canadian Breweries, producing dozens of beers – both traditional and inventive, to meet the ever-rising demand (WeeklyOpinion).


Coast to Coastless Collaboration (7.6% Alc. by Vol.)


Coast to Coastless is brewed simultaneously by Garrison Brewing, Phillips Brewing, and Trou du Diable. It is an Imperial ESB, brewed from partially fermented Ale, Kiln Amber, and Crystalline malts, and UK hops.


Acadian Grove Canadian Maple Porter (10% Alc. by Vol.)


Acadian Groove evokes a tempo of spring in rural Ontario. Embodying the tantalizing anticipation of spring with a mix of dark syrup from the blossoming Breedon’s Maple Farms, Acadian Grove offers a tasty creaminess with its aromatic fizz.


Laker Lager (5.0% Alc. by Vol.)


When you’re thirsty, grab a cold, refreshing bottle of Laker Lager, brewed in Ontario. The lager is a potent blend of the finest and high-quality ingredients, to provide a crispy, easy-drink finish with no aftertaste.

Eli Gershkovitch pic2

About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO of Steamworks Breweries, a long-standing craft beer in the Canadian Beverage Industry. He is a renowned brewmaster and innovator whose objective is to cause positive disruption in the Canadian beer scene.


In the Open Beer Championship that was recently held in July 2017, Eli Gershkovitch emerged as a formidable contender in the competition, putting Canada in the spotlight with his array of originally brewed craft beer.


Following a reconnaissance trip to Europe, Eli Gershkovitch learned of the market opportunity with regards to drinking habits in the new millennium; a discovery that compelled him to open his first microbrewery to test some concoctions that were entirely different from the cliché flavors. Eli Gershkovitch’s experience would later empower him to become one of Canada’s most influential brewmasters. Additionally, Eli Gershkovitch doubles up as a professional attorney and pilot.

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DR. Mark Holterman: To Combat Type 2 Diabetes

During September in 2017, the American diabetes association announced that the organization was partnering with the Children Hospital in Los Angeles. That joint initiative was aimed at countering the increase in type 2 diabetes in teenagers and children.


That joint effort by these two organizations is only but a necessary precaution to combat the increasing rate of type 2 diabetes. Dr. Mark Holterman, who is on the board of the ADA, also reiterated that in addition to the joint initiative, the organizations, had also formed a program; camp power up. Camp power-up is a program that will entail a myriad of fun engaging activities for children and teenagers. These activities will be based on a given certified curriculum that has proved useful in reducing the contraction of type 2 diabetes.


Camp power-up will be focusing mainly on children from the ages of 8 years to 16 years. In addition to the physical activities, the camp will also include an education program that will provide teenagers and children a guide to choosing healthier foods. Besides, the two organizations have also scheduled an intense camp that will entail the teenagers participating in after-school programs, and day camps.


About Dr. Mark Holterman


Dr. Mark Holterman is a full-time professor at the college of medicine at the University of Illinois. Apart from this, he is also a part-time pediatric surgeon at St. Francis Medical Center. Additionally, he is a member on several boards that include; American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Diabetes Association, and American College of Surgeons. He is a well-known due to his vast knowledge and experience in the pediatric surgery and regenerative medicine (OSFHealthcare).


Before his success, Dr. Mark Holterman served as a resident surgeon in various hospitals. These hospitals are; Rush University Medical Center, Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and the University of Washington. In all these hospitals, Dr. Mark Holterman was highly regarded for his expertise in pediatric surgery is unrivaled. He studied at Yale University, where he majored in biology. Later on, he went to the University of Virginia, where he graduated with an MD and a Ph.D. Besides, Dr. Mark Holterman has extensively researched on the cure of chronic illnesses such as diabetes.

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Pointers on How to Turn a Simple Idea into a Plan by Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a revolutionary pioneer and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The company was established following his passion for nursing small businesses into million-dollar organizations. LaunchPad is a platform for aspiring businesspeople to get tips concerning the methods to apply to grow businesses, where to get capital and how an employer can motivate the employees to become more productive. Glen Wakeman mainly implements his five method policy, which is meant to help cooperation grow.


Experiences as a Starter and Lessons Learnt


Apart from being the founding member of LaunchPad, Glen is also the founder and the president of Nova Four. Nova Four provides grounds for him to mentor and reaches out to CEOs and company boards on matters of economic growth. Wakeman worked at GE Capital for over 20 years.

GE was perhaps a stepping stone for greater achievements for Glen Wakeman. GE had immense growth in regard to assets with contribution from Wakeman as he guided them toward expansion of their market. He oversaw multimillion-dollar contacts at GE Holdings and innovations that set their boat sailing toward the end of the financial rainbow.

In a recent interview, Wakeman mentioned that his personal experiences at start-ups inspired the development of LaunchPad. He felt that it was necessary to provide tools for people to turn their ideas into solid facts. He suggested that it is crucial for one to have a team that is eager to learn and create a plan and ready to take a risk. Wakeman‘s idea is to involve one’s business partners in formulating new ideas (

He stated that he always wants to learn new things. According to him, curious people are the best to work with because they motivate one to see things broadly. That way, one is driven to solve problems that may arise. Glen is an informed reader and author as well. He has had the opportunity to live in six countries and is a certified holder of Six Sigma Black Belt. Wakeman attended the University of Chicago and earned his MBA (TheNewsVersion). He also went to the University of Scranton for his BS in economics and finance.