Securus Technologies Commenting In An Effort To Solve Inmate Communication Crimes

Securus Technologies is one of the only inmate providers who started out as a trusted communication provider with the capability to monitor and use surveillance on calls. They have been committed to the safety of the general public and their CEO, Richard A. Smith, has implemented a crime prevention forum on their website that has received comments from their customers and have been able to eliminate many crimes before they start. Most inmate crimes start over the telephone and the general public plays a major role in reporting fraud, abuse, or suspected criminal activity. You’re invited to visit the unique Securus Technologies to read what their customers are saying or leave your own comments for others to read.


Securus Crime Prevention Plan


– stop telecomunications fraud

– stop inmate gambling

– stop illegal inmate cellphone use

– protect the safety of the general public

– add additional monitoring support for the facility


Their customers are rewarded for their diligence with competitive rates which stay stabilized unlike other networks who customers are paying increased fees because of telecommunications crimes. Visit the Securus Technologies website and join a trusted family who puts the needs of their customers first with an effective crime prevention model.