Stream Energy helps out for multiple causes

Stream Energy has helped out the community by assisting victims ravaged by Hurricane Harvey. It became one of the first to fund the recovery by shelling out money earned from sales. The company enjoys taking part in Philanthropy by launching its charity foundation called “Stream Cares.” It continues to do charitable acts all across Texas, something it has done for over 12 years now. Stream Energy has been the blueprint for other companies to help out for great causes. The team is very proud of the launch of their separate philanthropy. There are some advantages to it like the company earning the respect and loyalty of various clients and the public. The article speaks on America’s generosity to charities in general. Businesses have given a whopping $19 billion to many charities in America and abroad according to the article by Patch. That does not equate to the time and effort people have sacrificed though. Corporate scholarships and cause marketing are also not included in the total sum. Stream Energy has built up lasting relationships with other great organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and The Red Cross. The company’s business model is quite simple with paying associates to build a network of loyal clients and deliver products and services. The brand supplies discounted energy towards telemedicine and virtual doctors in residential and corporate areas. Stream associates support generous causes with passion as they work as entrepreneurs or business owners. One big thing that Stream cares about is homelessness, the brand routinely checks statistics on how many people are homeless and who are struggling. That is why Stream has partnered up with Hope Supply Co. to battle the issue and help the homeless. The partnership was able to cover meals for 1,000 homeless children in Texas. Stream Energy and Hope Supply Co. have also brought the children to a local water park, with Hope providing diapers, clothing, and school supplies to the children. They have worked together for four years. Stream also provided transportation for veterans and families to go eat at a Texas restaurant. Stream Energy enjoys changing the lives of people forever.

Talkspace Helps People get Therapy without Burning a Hole in their Pockets

The problem with the mental health issues like depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health disorders is that their symptoms are very confusing. Many people mistake the symptoms of these mental health illnesses as a passing phase and do not take it seriously. However, if you feel that any of these symptoms are staying for a long period of time then consulting with the therapist is a must. If your loved one is silently suffering from mental health issues like depression, anxiety or something else, then suggest them to go to a therapist. However, if they are not comfortable going to a therapist, ask them to download Talkspace.

Talkspace is one of the most intelligently designed online therapy apps that have helped many people to overcome their mental health issues. The treatment that would be provided to you on Talkspace by the therapist would be the same as the in-office counseling sessions. The only difference between online therapy and offline therapy is that at Talkspace you would be paying far lesser than what you would pay for the in-office consultation. Whether it is the relationship issues or post-traumatic stress disorder or anything else, rest assured that the therapists at Talkspace would help you revive your mental health entirely and holistically. If it is needed, the therapists at Talkspace would also provide you with the prescribed medicines that would help you get out of the terrible mental state that you might be in.

Talkspace has been popular, but people are still questioning if text therapy is effective enough. The company recently collaborated with the Olympic winner Michael Phelps for a TV campaign. The entire campaign was to make people realize that depression is not something that happens to some people. It can happen to anyone, even Michael Phelps. He has never hidden away from sharing his experience and advice people to seek therapy as soon as they realize they are depressed. People can utilize online therapy if they are worried about social stigma, but want to create awareness so that people do not have to hide the fact that they are seeking therapy for depression.

Adam Milstein and Milstein Family Foundation

Social media has developed to become a potent tool. People can use social media to spread peace or hate message. However, the right individuals can control its power to share positive ideas and thoughts as well as changing the minds of others. Adam Milstein and Gila Milstein are pro-Israel philanthropists. The two founded the Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation just announced that they would be using social media to pass across a good massage. The foundation came up with a competition where people were asked to submit memes to Milstein Meme Competition. One of the conditions in the competition was that the text or image must endorse the cause of Israel as a country.

It is said that a picture communicates a thousand words and memes are also not left out either. When one comes up with the right combination of short imagery and text, the users of social media will spread it wide and far. A good meme will get an instant response from the viewer, varying from sorrow to happiness, anger to amusement according to Adam Milstein. The Milstein Family Foundation employed these reactions to allow the competition meme viewers interact in a new way with Israel. The happiness and amusement reactions were used to display Israel positively while the sad and anger responses displayed hypocrisy of anti-Israel sentiments and the cruelty of anti-Semitism.

The foundation had to find ways of generating interest in the completion. It came up with a modest graphic which had a text,”Where Zionism meets memesterism.” This was meant to motivate the creators to shove their talents to a higher level. The foundation also came up with another way to encourage the creators by awarding the best submissions with cash prizes. The first position in the competition would receive $500 while the second position would receive $250. Moreover, the following 15 positions would also receive rewards and recognition for their efforts.

Adam Milstein initially comes from Israel but currently stays in America with his family. He joined the commercial real estate business after earning his MBA from UCLA. Adam Milstein started as a sales agent and rose to become Hager Pacific’s managing partner.


Stephen Hicks Of Southridge Capital Reveals New And Upcoming Industries To Consider Investing In

Southridge Capital is an investment group that is located in Connecticut where it functions as a private equity firm that offers securities brokerage and investment banking services. The chief executive officer of the company is Stephen Hicks, and he has his hands full every day as he works to lead the company in a profitable direction. Hicks founded the Southridge Capital in 1996 and oversees its execution and business development. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from King’s College in Briarcliff Manor, New York and also earned his MBA degree while attending Fordham University in New York City.


The idea for Southridge Capital came to Stephen Hicks while he was working with a small New York hedge fund. During this time, the principal of the fund had made a decision to move back to Australia, and Hicks used the next year while the company wound down to build his own company. Today, the company has grown into something much larger than Hicks could have ever imagined in the beginning, and he now brings his ideas to life by drawing from his personal experience.


Stephen Hicks has commented that his typical day usually begins with him looking over the portfolio of his company and setting goals for himself and his staff. He spends the rest of his day searching for more opportunities to take advantage of and also checks in on the investments that the company already holds. In a recent interview, Stephen Hicks was asked to reveal a trend that excites him. He opened up and commented that the cryptocurrency industry and the cannabis industry have caught his eye. You can visit their facebook page for more details.



Stephen Hicks has talked about the fact that he disagrees with people who don’t think that the government would lie or cheat. He knows that it doesn’t always play fair. When it comes to investing, he believes that taking part in less deals and focusing on cash instead of return is the way to go. He believes that younger entrepreneurs might want to focus on building a channel that deals with cryptocurrency as he believes it will be the next greatest thing.





Shafik Sachedina Serves Sussex Healthcare And The Ismaili Community

Shafik Sachedina is one of the joint chairmen of Sussex Healthcare, and he has been working in the medical field for many years as a dental surgeon. He was born in Dar Esalaam Tanzania but emigrated to the U.K. when he was younger. There, he studied at Guy Medical Hospital in London, which is a medical college in the city and eventually trained as a dental surgeon at London Dental School. Since then, he has practiced as a dental surgeon in many different hospitals all over the United Kingdom and is known as one of the best in his line of work. Sachedina has been able to draw on his entrepreneurial skills and combine them with his interests in the health care field.

Shafik Sachedina serves as the Head of the Department at the Jamati Institutions at the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan at Aiglemont in France. His work with the institution involves planning and organizing the activities of the Ismaili community institutions wherever they may be found. He also serves a go-between for the institutions of the Ismaili communities in Central Asia and the Aga Khan Development Network. All of his work with the Jamati Institutions and Aga Khan is done on a voluntary basis, which he does to fulfill his community’s tradition of philanthropy and service.

Shafik Sachedina also holds a variety of other positions within the Ismaili community and the Ismaili Imamat. He is the Chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee, a member of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Committee, and a Member of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum. In the past, he has also served as the president of the Ismaili Council in the United Kingdom where he stayed on for two terms consecutively. Looking into the future, Shafik Sachedina plans on continuing to serve, both, the health care community, that he has so carefully helped to build, as well as the Ismaili community, which has come to rely on his skills and ability to interface with the Imam as well as to take care of the majority of the needs of the organization.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s Partial Knee Resurfacing Procedure

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum who is the Chairman of Orthopedics at Bronxcare Health System is having a great deal of success with a procedure called partial knee resurfacing. This procedure is useful for those patients who have only one portion of the knee that has been damaged by osteoarthritis.


Traditionally, a patient has had to undergo a total knee replacement when the knee is degenerated and the pain in the knee is no longer manageable by non-invasive treatment measures. Down the road, if the knee replacement failed, the patient would have to undergo a complete knee replacement again with all that that entails.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s procedure does away with the all or nothing approach. If a patient presents with a knee that is only damaged in one portion of the knee, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is able to resurface only the damaged portion of the joint allowing the patient to once again be pain free. The knee’s ligaments are sparred in the surgery, and the patient is able to retain natural feeling in the knee.


Dr. Kirschenbaum’s procedure is useful for about 70 percent of those who suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee. Those with damage throughout the knee are not candidates for the surgery. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis are also not candidates for the procedure.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has a distinguished track record as an orthopedic surgeon. He is board certified in his surgical discipline. The doctor has served as Chief of Reconstructive Surgery at Kaiser Permanente in the Northeast, and the doctor is the recipient of the James A. Vohs Award for Quality.





Bronxcare Health System



A Marketer’s Edge with Krishen Iyer

In the world of online marketing, no one has been more impressive than Krishen Iyer. He has been a renowned expert in the world of online marketing, client relations and technical development for quite some time now. His vast professional career was the deciding factor in Krishen Iyer’s decision to become an online partner with Quicklink Marketing, also known as Managed Benefits. Of course, Mr. Iyer acknowledged that the idea of Quicklink Marketing came from an idea that quality, widespread, online marketing services should be readily available in the marketplace. A typical day in Krishen Iyer’s very busy life includes hands-on interaction with clients on a daily basis which he insists is a cornerstone of his success. His specific knowledge on marketing analytics has also excited him immensely and has helped him achieve obtaining optimum results for his clients.


Mr. Iyer also attributes much of his success in his growing business to modern techniques such as data analysis and data collection. Krishen Iyer also advises that any successful entrepreneur needs to be inquisitive and pose as many questions as possible about their niche in order to understand it fully. This longtime Californian is proud of his accomplishments and readily states that his primary role is providing effective, marketing solutions by providing his clients with lead generation companies that directly suit his client’s needs. He also stated that communication is essential in order to provide the best services in the marketing realm. He believes that you should obtain ideas from various sources in order to achieve robust success in any area or niche.

In the future, he wants to maintain his pursuit of cutting-edge technology which has allowed him to network and connects with the most successful tech companies available. What’s even more admirable is Krishen Iyer feels he has no regrets.


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Jason Hope’s Insights on the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is a serial entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropist with a passion for giving back to society and technology. As a native of Arizona, Jason Hope went to Tempe School before enrolling for a degree in Finance at the Arizona State University. Later on, he joined ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business where he pursued his MBA. Along with his business and philanthropic initiatives, Mr. Hope also has interest in the Arizona politics. Find out more about Jason Hope on Arizona Capitol Times.

The mobile communication technology inspired Mr. Hope to enter the business world, as it would reach a large segment of people and was a catalyst for change. While mobile technology is no longer in its infancy, it still holds a lot of potential for improvement and growth. Mr. Hope began selling premium text messages and eventually laid the foundation for his future medical research and tech companies. Jason Hope makes money through his portfolio of tech firms. He began his entrepreneurial journey when he established Jawa, a mobile communication firm that later became the parent company for all his partnerships in the tech industry. Mr. Hope’s portfolio comprises companies that provide interactive software, search engine optimization services, business and computer information systems, and digital media solutions.

Mr. Hope believes that the future of society is pegged on tech advances and feels convinced that people can use mobile technology to connect with things and places across the globe. Interestingly, Mr. Hope didn’t take long before he became profitable and that encouraged him to invest in other companies. As an entrepreneur, Jason Hope always held a healthy sense of doubt, and that’s what kept him on toes and encouraged him to think ahead. He would capitalize on any new concept, idea, or product to provide a solution to any challenge plaguing the tech industry. In fact, the way an entrepreneur handles failure and manages problems that come their way is what determines their success or failure. Even if doubt would cripple Jason Hope, he capitalized on it to fuel his passion for change. Mr. Hope developed an interest in technology at a tender age, and he always knew that he would make a career out of it.


High-Yielding “Freedom Checks”

Many believe the road to becoming rich involves shortcuts or hidden secrets that on certain privileged individuals can take advantage of. However, many of the individuals who have been highly successful in the investing world built their wealth with the somewhat forgotten method of dividend investing. Investment advisor Matt Badiali has been aggressively trying to educate the masses on collecting “Freedom Checks” as an investment opportunity like dividend investing. Many in the investment world questioned the legitimacy of Freedom Checks without doing any due diligence involving this investment secret.

“Freedom Checks” are a real investment opportunity that anyone can take advantage of because they are just payments made to shareholders by “Master Limited Partnerships”. There are several reasons many investors have not heard of them. There are many stockbrokers who have never even heard of MLP’s and don’t understand how it is that they are able to distribute such high payouts to investors. These companies can distribute such high payouts because of the tax code involving MLP’s. They are required to pay out ninety percent of their profits and they avoid paying federal income taxes by paying their shareholders instead.

A majority of MLP’s are companies involved in producing, processing storing and transporting oil and gas. The amount of fracking that has taken place in the United States, as well as less reliance on foreign oil, are two drivers that should enable MLP’s to enjoy greater profits in the years to come. Investors in these MLPs are likely to benefit in the form of higher distrbutions. Higher profits should translate into much higher share prices as well, meaning an investor will enjoy a fantastic income stream and an increase in their initial investment. Another phenomenon that had been heavily advertised was “Patriot Checks” and many investors initially were saying “Patriot Checks” were exactly the same thing. Investors should take note the “Freedom Checks” are not fake and they are just investments in real companies. Investors should learn how MLP’s operate and determine if a high yield investment strategy such as “Freedom Checks” have a place in their investment portfolio.

Betsy DeVos and Educational Care

Betsy DeVos doesn’t ever squirm when pressures mount. Tension is actually something that’s a big part of her daily existence. She doesn’t ever trigger the tension, though. That’s because she’s a person who is celebrated due to her even and incredibly relaxed demeanor. It doesn’t matter how tough or long her work day has been. She never lets stress get the best of her even for a second. Her husband doesn’t let his emotions get in the way of his efforts at work, either. Dick DeVos likes to get things done the right way. He doesn’t like to squander time by acting out. When Betsy DeVos disagrees with another human being in her life, she works things out on her own. She doesn’t cause a fuss or scene. People who have had the privilege to work alongside DeVos know that she’s always cool as can be. She never behaves in a hotheaded or indignant manner. People gravitate to her largely due to her cool attitude.


Although DeVos is undoubtedly unruffled as can be, that’s in no way the only adjective to describe her correctly. She has an ardent attitude about children and education. That may be the tough mama aspect of her. She gave all of her children the opportunity to grow into amazing and capable adults who can take on the world. All she wants is for other parents who are in her situation to be able to do the same exact thing. Sadly, that’s not yet the reality for many of them. There are so many parents in the United States who are at a loss regarding education and their sweet and bright-eyed kids. DeVos battles it out for educational choice as a mission each day of the week. She jumps out of her bed in the morning with the knowledge that she’s going to do whatever it takes to make choice a possibility for people in the country. She wants to make choice more than just a mere possibility as well. She wants to make it something they can easily get at all times.


The Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation is a manifestation of all of the things that DeVos holds dearly. It’s a manifestation of everything from artwork to international cultures. The donations that go through the reputable charitable group are hefty. DeVos frequently handles donations that are set aside for categories that make sense in her mind. She likes doing her best to promote efforts that relate to schooling systems, cultural endeavors and much more. Dick is just like her in this way. He created the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010 as a means of showcasing his massive penchant for the aviation world.


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