Genucel – The New Solution For Facial Problems

Genucel is a new facial product that has people spinning in a frenzy. This company has created a nice selection of different products that will help remove wrinkles, puffiness, and bags that may surround your eyelids. Genucel is beginning to become a common trend due to a high percentage of its users are greatly satisfied with the results of using Genucel’s products. Below is a list of two of their products:


1) Genucel Plant Stem Therapy

This product contains an ingredient called PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica plant stem cells, which increases the appearance of your skin by providing it with a more youthful appeal. 95% of people who participated in clinical trials testing Eyeseryl testified that they received a reduction in the visibility of bags and puffiness that sits under their eyes. Genucel’s products contain two times more clinical concentration than the ingredient Eyeseryl does.


2) Genucel Eyelid Treatment

This product is used for the treatment of eyelids. It makes your skin look more tight and firm. Genucel’s eyelid treatment also removes the droopy look that may surround your eyelids. This product contains Peptide proteins that help in aiding your skin to look and feel smoother, softer, and younger.


Genucel also provides their own anti-wrinkle cream, Genucel Immediate Effects, and Genucel Cristalles. All of these products help treat the roughness of the skin, discoloration, age spots, wrinkles, and facial lines that may have occurred. This company’s biggest goal is to help you maintain a healthy and youthful looking facial skin. If you feel like your facial skin needs improvements, Genucel will save you from spending thousands of dollars from seeing dermatologists.

Sightsavers: Tackling an International Epidemic

Blindness is often thought of as a condition that someone is born with, and while that is true there are other causes. Trachoma, an infection caused by bacteria, is the leading cause of blindness outside of genetic reasons. This bacterial infection is common in third world countries where the living conditions are not sanitary. Trachoma is contagious and very painful.


There is a simple cure for trachoma when it is treated in the early stages, but too often the afflicted have no way of getting the much-needed medication that could save their sight. Sightsavers, an international sight charity based out of the UK, is taking aim to treat trachoma with preventative action and treatment. The non-profit’s CEO Caroline Harper is leading the fight against this preventable disease. Through her organization’s efforts blindness and that staggering statistics about how common it is becoming has led to the British government to donate to this very worthy cause.


Sightsavers has already played a significant role in the battle against preventable blindness. In 2018 alone they entered the war-torn country of Yemen where they trained 4,000 volunteers to administer Zithromax® door-to-door, dispensed 440,000 doses of this sight-saving antibiotic, and were able to visit 273 isolated villages despite roadblocks and other obstacles. More than one billion treatments for NTDs(neglected tropical diseases) have been administrated through this organization and their many supporters, donors, and volunteers.


The non-profit organization Sightsavers was founded in 1951 by Sir John Wilson who had suddenly become blind following an accident in chemistry class. Their goals are to prevent blindness when possible, advocate for those without sight, and support the blind community. Their goals align with those of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals because both organizations believe that collaborating together brings about more awareness to issues, unity working towards common goals, and aids in joint ventures that benefit many people.


CEO Zeco Auriemo Turns JHSF Into A Luxury Real Estate Developer

JHSF is a Sao Paulo, Brazil-based real estate firm. It builds shopping malls, residential towers, hotels, and airports. It was started in 1972 and is now led by its Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Zeco Auriemo. Since taking over as the top executive he has focused this company on building luxury properties. In addition to building luxury properties in Brazil, he has also built them in Uruguay and the United States.

The largest property that Zeco Auriemo has built is the Cidade Jardim complex, check ( property development was established in 2006 and it includes three office towers collectively called the Cidade Jardim Corporate Center. It also has Parque Cidade Jardim which includes nine condominium towers. The center of this complex is where Shopping Cidade Jardim is located.

Shopping Cidade Jardim has many luxury retailers as tenants. Among these retailers are Brookfield Donna, Canal Concept, Cartier, Valentino, Jou Jou, and Kika Simonsen. It also features high-end dining from restaurants such as Anusha, Braz Trattoria, L’entrecote De Paris, and Le Pain Quotidien. One of its latest tenants is Rene Caovilla which is a luxury Italian shoe brand founded by Edoardo Caovilla. When this store first opened, Mariana and Zeco Auriemo held a dinner to celebrate it which included this founder as well as other important guests like the Prince of Monaco, Anna Claudio, Flavio Rocha, and Gilberto Miranda.

Zeco Auriemo has an engineering degree he earned at the Faculty of Engineering, Sao Paulo. He started working for JHSF when he was just 17 years old. At that time he led their parking administration business. He was still under 30 years of age when he became the top executive of this company. Since that time he has built other shopping malls, like Shopping Metro Santa Cruz, and has also built one of New York City’s most celebrated condominium towers in addition to other properties.

Get A More Youthful Appearance with Genucel

Getting and maintaining a more youthful appearance is one of the most important goals for people who are over the age of 30. This notion rings true for both women and men as both genders tend to spend millions of dollars on an annual basis. There is one brand that’s revolutionizing the game in more ways than one, and that brand is known as Genucel. This particular brand uses plant stem cell technology to meet its goal. There have been very promising results with stem cell-based technology, especially in clinical trials. In as little as 15 days, up to 70 percent of individuals saw a reduction in under-eye puffiness.


Many of these extraordinary results have come from Eyeseryl concentration. This natural peptide has a proven track record of reducing undereye puffiness. During the clinical trials, there was only 1 percent of Eyeseryl concentration that was used. Could you imagine the results if there were a higher percentage of this concentration being used? Well, that’s now the case with Genucel’s new formula. This new improvement will use 2 percent of this natural peptide, but it will be combined with other natural ingredients to enhance the results even further. The idea is rather brilliant, and it definitely works. So, what other natural ingredients will be used with this advanced formula? Well, Genucel will be adding other healthy compounds into the mix, including goji berry, green tea leaf extract, marine collagen and algae extract.


Plant stem cell technology is definitely the way to go for the 21st century. This technologically advanced product will certainly set new trends, but only time will tell. Genucel has a four-star rating as well as an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. It’s now time to turn back the hands of time, and Genucel’s plant cell-based technologies are one of the best routes to take.

Creating Quality and Affordable Health Care Services

Quality health care services are expensive. Patients shy off because the services are not affordable. Everyone wish that they can access quality and affordable health care services. This is because health is a major determinant in the life of a person. Innova Care Health is founded to meet this need in the society. Innova Care provides quality medical services at a pocket-friendly cost. This enables equality in the society and the ability for everyone to access health care services as opposed to people dying because of lack of money. Innova Care provides patients with some of the advanced services because of its experience in the industry. Innova Care has more than ten years of experience in the industry. It has served more than 700,000 patients. Their services are outstanding. You can visit



Innova Care is growing fast because of its peculiar nature of providing health care services at a low price. The company has invested heavily in its leadership and customer care services. The company is led by the award-winning leaders in the industry. Richard Shinto is the chief executive officer of the firm. Richard is known for his ability to lead and produce exceptional results. This enables the enterprise to achieve its goals. Innova Care Health has expanded under the leadership of Shinto. It has managed to attract new clients. Richard Shinto has the ability to use the strength of each member of the team to benefit the entire team. This encourages everybody to take part in improving Innova Care Health. Richard Shinto has enabled the partnership with different key partners. This has enabled the development of the company into other states in the United States. This increases the accessibility between Innova Care Health and their patients. For more details visit Bloomberg.


The team that enables Rick Shinto to make the right choices is the leadership team. Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer. Her administrative skills enable her to facilitate the implementation of the company’s decisions. She is also in charge of enabling the team to achieve their goals. This facilitates teamwork in the enterprise and enables the company to be in a position to achieve its mission and vision. Mike Sortino is the chief accounting officer. He makes sure that every initiative taken by Innova Care Health is implemented and supported financially. This enables the company to achieve its key goals and develop into the next level.



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Freedom Checks from MLPs

Freedom checks is an investment idea that many people have not experienced before. It is an idea which has been introduced this year by Matt Badiali, a geologist and financial expert. He has been one of the people who have made a strong impression in the investment sector recently due to his generosity in giving out ideas about investments. Since he joined the industry, he has been very passionate about the opportunities available in the mining industry. The natural resources we see are very good investment options if only there were sufficient information on how to go about investments in the industry. Read this article at Money Morning.

Freedom checks come from investment s made with businesses known as master limited partnerships (MLPs). The difference between these businesses and the stock market companies is that MLPs are given exemptions when it comes to tax payments. The Internal Revenue Code title 26 subtitle 26 states that the businesses should be given tax advantages because they operate as limited partnerships and not publicly traded companies. MLPS are not common among many people because the clause has been a well-guarded secret by cartels in the financial market. Many people do not know about them because even brokers do not list them in their portfolios.

MLPs businesses are in the energy sector, and they deal with natural resources. According to Matt Badiali, the man who introduced the freedom checks idea, companies which deal with the transportation, storage and processing of natural resources have advantages that are not available with other businesses. They are likely to remain profitable despite the changes in the mining industry. Another thing about this industry is that the American oil and gas is gaining in value due to lack of enough resources from other regions. The process will keep rising leading to more profits for companies in the energy sector.

The idea of freedom checks according to Matt Badiali is a great investment decision which should be profitable for almost every investor. There are about 575 MLPs in the country, and any of these could offer good returns. MLPs are supposed to give out 90 percent of their profits to investors meaning that investors enjoy a very high return on investment.




Buying Jeunesse Health Products

Jeunesse is a leading health company with multiple product lines for customers to choose from. The company specializes in producing products with natural ingredients. Numerous people want to lose weight and feel more energetic. In the past few years, Jeunesse has expanded in various countries. The products are now sold in Europe and Asia.

Monthly Orders

Most customers only purchase Jeunesse products a few times each year. With the high cost of health products, Jeunesse offers a way for consumers to save money. By signing up for a subscription service, clients can save hundreds of dollars each month.

The most popular products are health drinks. Not only are the drinks tasty, but the products provide an energy boost throughout the day. Many people complain of fatigue in the afternoon while working. By drinking these products, most customers will notice a substantial difference in their overall health.

Direct Sales

Direct selling is an excellent way for people to make extra money. Jeunesse has a direct sales program that anyone can join for a small investment. In the program, consumers are allowed to purchase products at a wholesale price. These products can then be sold to other people in the local area.

Many sellers are making hundreds of dollars each month. Anyone can be successful with direct sales by working hard each day. Some of the most prolific sellers invest in an online platform to sell the products.

Future Products

With the success of Jeunesse’s current products, the company plans to expand the product line in the future. New products are an excellent way for the company to boost sales. There is a significant need for beauty products made with organic ingredients. Jeunesse plans to offer these organic options in the coming months.

Anyone who wants to purchase quality products at an affordable price should consider looking at Jeunesse’s items.

The Chainsmokers: Live or in the Studio, Always Trying Something New

Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart formed the Chainsmokers together in 2012. The DJ/Producer duo began rehearsing in New York after they formed up, playing their debut show in September of 2014 at Terminal 5 as the opening act for Timeflies. Since then they have released a steady stream of songs and albums, often releasing free singles through their band’s website. These singles keep them in the spotlight and allow the duo to explore their various musical interests, while also giving them a lot of open space for collaborating with other musicians.

The Chainsmokers’ newest single, “Side Effects”, was released at the end of July. It features vocals from frequent collaborator and good friend of the duo, Emily Warren. The song is a more upbeat track than most of their recent releases. The duo write music based on what they are experiencing and feeling at the moment, and when it is winter or fall they tend to more subdued and melancholy, something reflected in the music they wrote during the winter. With “Side Effects“, they wanted to shed that trend and get into the bright, upbeat mentality of summer. “Side Effects” is a much more up-tempo songs, influenced heavily by funk and disco music.

In their live performances, the Chainsmokers have been experimenting as well. They began with the two of them behind turntables, spinning records and beats for the crowd. They have grown as performers, often using elements of a more traditional live band for their shows; a drummer is particularly useful for them.

Taggart has also been singing for the crowds. He provided vocals for a few of their songs, but had to transition from singing in a studio to singing live. Taggart embraced the challenge, and spent a year practicing his singing and now not only has confidence in his performance, but enjoys singing for crowds.

The Chainsmokers tour regularly, performing shows as often as they can. They play for huge arena crowds as well as smaller, club-sized venues. They enjoy playing for people who came to have fun and listen to their music.

Introducing Randal Nardone

Prior to his start at Fortress, Randal Nardone received his undergraduate degreeYour text to link… in science from the University of Connecticut. In addition to this, he received a J.D. at the Boston University of Law. He held a position as a managing director for UBS, principal of BlackRock Financial Management as well as being a partner and member of the executive committee at the law firm of Thatcher Proffitt & Wood. In 1998, he was named the co-founder and principal of Fortress. Randal Nardone is the principal and director of Fortress Credit Corporation on top of being the president and chairman of Springleaf Financial Holdings LLC. In 2006, Randal Nardone was named the co-founder, principal and director of Fortress Investment Group LLC as well as the director of Eurocastle Investment Limited. In 2007, he was named the non-executive director of Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Limited and he was also on the Forbes World’s Billionaires List being worth $1.8 billion. In 2008, he was named the director of Florida East Coast Holdings Corp. In 2010, Randal Nardone was named the director of Springleaf Finance Incorporated. In 2011, he was named the director of Springleaf REIT Incorporated. He was named the interim Chief Executive Officer from 2011 all the way to 2013. In 2013, he was named the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group LLC. He holds a position as the president of NCS 1 LLC and he also holds a position as Vice President and Secretary of Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC. He held a position as director of Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC until 2015. Softbank attained Fortress for $3.3 billion in order to have a better hold on the private-equity aspect of the business world. Mr. Nardone was glad to do business with Softbank as he saw it as an opportunity to expand the company’s brand and reach more potential clients.

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