OSI Group: A Century Of Economics

During the turn of the twentieth century, a America was a popular place for new immigrants. America stood as a place where people could come and start their lives over. People from European countries were facing hardships. Large ships sailed from Europe on a regular basis with loads of people hoping for a better future. Although America had big promises for these people, America was no easy land to be settled. Immigrants faced hard discrimination once they arrived. They settled into small communities with people from their homeland. There was a particular German immigrant who settled into Chicago. He found a German neighborhood where he lived and worked for two years to get his life settled in America. After that two years, he launched a small meat market. Then it was a place where community members could gather and discuss their new life in America. Little did he know then that he was creating OSI Group.

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OSI Group had made it through a century of various time periods. From the influx of Immigrants who arrived from Europe to America to both World Wars to today, OSI Group has accomplished something most brands do not accomplish. The company has been able to exist for so long for a few core reasons. Customer service, great products and logistics. This company is not the baby business it once was. Nowadays, dozens of facilities operate around the world producing foods for their long list of international customers. They serve these customers with great customer service by creating a strategy to go from conceptual idea of a food to the end product. Logistics is key to being able to get food from one place to the next. In fact, it was their ability to move a consistent hamburger from point A to point B that got the company started on an international level.

OSI Group has operates in several countries. They employ twenty thousand people. They run an operation around the clock making sure customers get shipments on time. It is no surprise they lead the industry. This billion dollar business will have another century of economics and success.

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Brazil’s Agribusiness Maintains a Balance of Trade With Flavio Maluf

Brazil is known for its upcoming and ever growing economy. Its growth is mainly centered on its export dispensation. The agricultural sector is among the country’s source of export. However, for a long time there has never been a balance in the agribusiness sector. But according to a report by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock read by Flavio Maluf for the month of June 2018, the country depicted a balance in its agribusiness sector.

The report read on 13th July indicates that the country’s exports for the month of June 2018 hit USD 9.21 billion. Of this, 45.6% was for the agricultural sector. On the contrary, agricultural imports for the same period was at US $1.4b indicating a 10.1% as compared to the same period in 2017.

Mr. Maluf also pointed out that such figures indicated a balance of trade in the agribusiness sector totaling USD 8.17 Billion, translating to an increase of 0.7%. Read this article of Flavio Maluf at Business and Economics.

On individual products exported during the period, the report indicates that soy represented more than half of the exports for the period at 53.5%. Other products which took the lead in the sector were: forest products, meat, sugar-alcohol complex and coffee respectively.

According to Flavio Maluf, who is also the president of Eucatex, the Asian market forms the bulk of the country’s agro exports. In this regard, China has been the main destination for Brazilian exports for the past one year starting July 2017 to June 2018. Their main products were soybeans and cellulose.

The second largest destination for Brazilian agricultural exports was the European Union. Currently comprised of 28 countries, the region experienced an increased demand for soybeans, pul and orange juice.

According to a research done by Brazilian Supply Company (Conab) regarding the 2017/2018 harvest, it was discovered that there was a favorable balance of agribusiness. The good sales of soybean complex are also matched with a favorable soybean production which is expected to reach 119 million metric tons, an increase of 4.2% from last year. Conab also predicts that Brazil’s soybean exports will reach 7 million tonnes for 2018.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex, a company mainly dealing in the production of slabs for the civil construction and furniture industries. He comes from a wealthy political family of Lebanese origin. Flavio is one of the most respected and successful businessmen in Brazil. He attended the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation where he graduated with Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.

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Peter Briger Has Been Instrumental To The Globalization Of Fortress Investment Group

Managing to operate an alternative asset management company is not a simple accomplishment. The process is complicated by the fact that some of the asset management organizations operate at an international stage. This is a complex situation that requires critical analysis and guidance from experts with the aim of minimizing losses while at the same time helping the company to mitigate some challenges. Peter Briger has been able to help Fortress Investment Group to work at international stage without challenges.

One of the main strategies that Peter Briger implemented at the company to help it manage the risks of operating at international stage is ensuring that the company is able to understand rules and regulations of the company operating at such levels. Countries have different rules and regulations that manage the operations of asset management companies. Fortress Investment Group has been able to operate at any country without challenges.

Secondly, a large number of companies find it hard to sell financial products in a different country due to cultural barriers. Peter Briger is aware that culture of other countries is different from the culture in other countries around the world. This means that the company had to understand the culture of a particular country before deciding on investment strategy that should be incorporated in such countries. This helped the company to formulate products that are tailor-made to meet the investment culture of a country.

Additionally, the economic capacity of members of a different countries varies from one country to another. There are some countries that have individuals with huge amounts of disposable income. This means that such individuals are able to buy high-end financial products from the company. However, individuals from developing countries don’t have enough funds to buy expensive financial products. The company has been able to come up with some strategies that address the financial needs of members from each country.

Lastly, Peter Briger is able to understand that the buying behavior of individuals is very different. The role of the company is to ensure that it can continue to make products that control the needs of the consumers. This explains why Briger has been able to stand out as an important member of Fortress Group.

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How James River Capital Feels Leading Should Be Performed (It’s Not What You Think!)

Leadership roles necessitate the ability to treat it as an art and a science. It requires a large amount of skill and maturity to have the capacity to lead and manage your team effectively. While it can take time and concentrated efforts to become a skilled leader, simple alterations are possible for you to apply to your approach that can produce a vast difference. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/james-river-capital-corp


Extensive research has been carried out around the topic of the most effective leadership strategies. The findings indicate that just three changes can have the most impact.


Don’t Lead Your Team, Support Them

A fascinating approach that Facebook leaders used started with performing a crucial mentality shift. This means Facebook managers don’t “lead” groups, they “support” them. 


This sing shift from leading to supporting can alter how you approach your interactions with your organization and the way you see your role as a leader completely. Oftentimes the biggest differences happen with the smallest changes.


Welcome and Encourage Escalation


Studies have recently proven that about 85% of workers keep crucial feedback from their managers. A lot of the time if an employee feels like they’ll receive criticism from bringing an issue up, they will divulge it.


Without direct and open communication, there’s little room for collaboration, engagement and innovation with your workers. Google found through their examination that the idea of “psychological security” is vital for leaders to concentrate on producing.


This is how you can ensure that employees won’t withhold any challenges, improvements or issues. Different ways to develop this psychological safety is through welcoming and encouraging concerns and escalation by displaying your gratitude when it occurs.


The other point is to make sure all voices get heard from during group discussions.


Everyone’s Perspective Matters

As mentioned earlier, your task is not to lead your group, but to support them. You need to eliminate any barriers. The biggest obstacle you can remove is members who are holding back.


Being pushy isn’t the goal, but making sure each person feels comfortable about sharing an opinion can help everyone feel more wanted and valued. Although it takes some time and focused efforts to grow into a skilled leader, applying these easy alterations to your strategy can provide enormous advancements.


With founder Paul Saunders leading the way, James River Capital offers services like investment advising. The also provides investment management, commodity trading, other similar services.


Is OSI Solutions The Better Solution In Food Services

There are a ton of food providers that are based all around the globe. These companies provide food products for many of today’s most popular restaurants, and their products fill the shelves of many grocery stores. If the foodservice industry came to a complete halt, the world would literally go into chaos.

Here is where OSI Food Solutions enter the picture as it’s one of the most committed food suppliers in the world. This particular company is based out of Aurora, Illinois, but it was initially based in Oak Park, Illinois. One of OSI’s mottos is “from concept to marketplace.” This actually means that the company can develop a product and put into rotation in a number foodservice venues. This is no fly-by-night kind of company as OSI Food Solutions has been in existence since 1909.

Processing, distribution and management are other services that this company specializes in. Custom-food production is another specialty of OSI. This company has some of the best food specialists on the planet because they’re highly trained and are well-educated. These specialists will work directly with the client to develop a custom-food product. This team of food specialists has global-food knowledge in various international cuisines. All of the client’s specifications will be implemented into the design if possible, and OSI has capabilities in:

* Product Ideation
* Sensory Analysis
* Ingredient Procurement
* Cost Reduction
* Shelf Life Studies
* Product & Process Improvements
* And more

Who invented OSI Food Solutions? The answer to this question would Otto Kolschowski. Kolschowski relocated to the US via Germany. This relocation took place back in the early 1900s. OSI Food Solutions was actually known as Otto & Sons in its early stages. This name fully represented Otto, and his two sons.

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Felipe Montoro Jens on Study of Stalled Projects in Brazil

The National Confederation of Industry (CNI), an institution that represents the highest body of the Brazilian industry’s trade union system, has published a study titled “Great Works Stopped: How to Face the Problem”. It is part of a series of forty-three documents given to candidates that will be running for President of the Republic. This study reports that there are 2,796 stalled construction projects in Brazil. According to the infrastructure projects expert, Felipe Montoro Jens, 517 of these projects are related to the infrastructure of the country, with basic sanitation being the most affected at 447 projects halted during implementation. This is followed by interrupted highways, airports, and other avenues of transportation, which include ports, railways and waterways. Jens also indicates that similar interruptions can be observed in the cheaper, and less complex projects, such as day-cares and preschools. These halted projects are costing the public approximately R$ 10.7 billion. Read this article at odiario.com about Felipe Montoro Jens

Ilana Ferreira, a CNI infrastructure specialist, says that the main issues causing interruptions in construction are technical problems that are indicative of poor planning. Other factors include abandonment of projects, budgeting and financial difficulties, and problems related to ownership of land. In the case of the schools, the main culprit seems to be that the current economic crisis in Brazil has led to government spending cuts and small companies that could no longer afford to continue their projects. The study also indicates that difficult interactions between the public managers of the projects and the control bodies are also an obstacle on which the project interruptions can be blamed. CNI has released a list of recommendations that they believe will help solve the problems. These recommendations include improving macro-planning, increasing the efficiency of micro-planning, more balanced contract designs, evaluating the best modes of execution, better equipped teams, and strengthening internal controls.

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The Body Boosting Benefits Of Organo Gold

Whether you are reaching for a mug of coffee to get your day started or merely chugging down your afternoon caffeine, coffee plays a huge role in our daily lives. In fact, the coffee industry is huge and that has led to an influx of lower quality products flooding the market. While upscale coffee is expensive and thus makes people opt for lower quality options, there appears to be a new competitor emerging for the crown on both ends of the spectrum: Organo Gold. Organo Gold is a gourmet black coffee that is being produced by the team at Organo and their work is definitely worth looking into.

Organo has been a global coffee distributor since 2008. Over the past ten years, Organo has worked hard to craft a product that appeals to gourmet coffee lovers just as much as it does to the casual consumer of the beverage. Their research and hard work ended with the creation of Organo Gold, a gourmet black coffee that is crafted on two foundational ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee Beans sourced from Brazil and a fungus powder consisting of Ganoderma Lucidum. If you recoiled at the mention of ‘fungus’, don’t you worry. As it turns out, the Ganoderma Lucidum powder is the driving force between the coffee’s rise in popularity.

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Ganoderma Lucidum, otherwise known as the red Reishi Mushroom, has been used for thousands of years throughout ancient China as a booster for your general health. Studies show that this particular fungus can boost your immune system while addressing your digestive system and still improving your energy. In fact, this organic fungus powder is what makes Organo Gold so special to consumers all around the planet. Organo Gold isn’t the first coffee to take these ingredient steps, but the team at Organo definitely seem to be doing well with their work.

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Why Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Was Named Person of The Year

In this 21st century where virtually everything is done online, it is easy to find an old friend, a mate, or even a person who later will be your perfect match. That is what Whitney Wolfe; the founder of Bumble, a dating app is trying to do. Whitney is an expert in this. Over the years, Whitney Wolfe has managed to match one person to another, complementing friendships as if the two parties had met face to face. Because there are several such apps and sites, it is easy to fall trap to scammers, people who masquerade to be interested in you but with a bad intention. This scenario jeopardizes the security and privacy of the parties involved. For latest update connect with Whitney Wolfe on Twitter.

When Whitney Wolfe Herd started her dating app a few years ago, she was aware of the challenges parties go through. She, however, sort to solve the issues using very elaborate strategies. To show contrast, Bumble, gives women, who in most cases are the culprits, the authority to initiate a conversation. Unlike other apps, Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble gives the female gender more power than that of the male gender.

Whitney ensured that her app stands out from the rest of the dating sites or apps. She had to ensure that she beats the rest, making it one of the high-end dating apps in the world today with over $1 billion of net worth. What is more is that most of the subscribers of this app are the female gender. Thanks to her efforts to ensure the security, safety, and privacy of the women, Time Magazine has named Whitney Wolfe Herd as the 2018 Person of The Year.

Why Time Magazine Honored Whitney

Before naming Bumble and its founder Whitney Wolfe to be the Person of the Year For 2018, Time Magazine looked at several things. Among the things Time Magazine looked at include, Bumble’s deliberate efforts to ban gun adverts and photos, efforts to break up with Facebook, which Bumble says does not handle customers’ data with care, the stern decision to go solo even after being approached by Match Group, and Bumble’s efforts to empower women.

More about of Whitney Wolfe: https://www.fastcompany.com/person/whitney-wolfe


Rodrigo Terpins: A Race Car Driver with a Passion for Entrepreneurship

Within Brazilian rally racing circles, Rodrigo Terpins is known for his rally exploits especially Sertões Rally where he has participated on several occasions and won numerous races. However, Rodrigo Terpins wears many hats. He is a rally racer who has turned his passion for the sport into a business venture. He co-founded Brazilian Textile Retail Association (ABVTEX); a network that brings together local and international retailers specializing in clothing and accessories. When he is not behind the wheel competing with other race car drivers, Mr. Terpins is busy championing and supporting environmentally sustainable timber products through Floresvale; a company he co-founded. The company is focused on environmental restoration initiatives, especially in Brazil. He also has interests in Brazilian apparel retail industry through his membership to Lojas Marisa S.A.



Being an Entrepreneur



An entrepreneur who is enthusiastic about environmental conscience, Rodrigo Terpins believes in teamwork as an essential platform for bringing ideas to life. He believes that working as a team ensures that businesses come up with inexpensive and innovative ideas of realizing a high return on investment. As an entrepreneur, Rodrigo Terpins keeps in touch with the latest consumer trends and current global events to aid in his decision making. Additionally, he also keeps abreast with best practices in the industry by critically analyzing both local and international markets and competitors. Floresvale’s initial success was achieved through strategic decision making which saw the company acquire already planted forests. This move gave the company an operational foothold as it hit the ground running.



Racing Career: A Sertoes Rally Specialist



Rodrigo Terpins comes from a family of sports fanatics within his brother, Michael Teprins frequently sharing with him the same race car since both are members of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. While he has participated in various race rallies and competitions across Brazil, Terpins is especially fond of the Sertoes Rally which is famous for its grueling and steep terrain. He is especially fond of the T1 Prototypes car category where, together with his co-driver, he has finished in respectable positions. During his last participation in the rally, he finished 8th overall; a respectable feat which was boosted by finishing third in one of the legs of the races.

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