OSI Group: A Century Of Economics

During the turn of the twentieth century, a America was a popular place for new immigrants. America stood as a place where people could come and start their lives over. People from European countries were facing hardships. Large ships sailed from Europe on a regular basis with loads of people hoping for a better future. Although America had big promises for these people, America was no easy land to be settled. Immigrants faced hard discrimination once they arrived. They settled into small communities with people from their homeland. There was a particular German immigrant who settled into Chicago. He found a German neighborhood where he lived and worked for two years to get his life settled in America. After that two years, he launched a small meat market. Then it was a place where community members could gather and discuss their new life in America. Little did he know then that he was creating OSI Group.

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OSI Group had made it through a century of various time periods. From the influx of Immigrants who arrived from Europe to America to both World Wars to today, OSI Group has accomplished something most brands do not accomplish. The company has been able to exist for so long for a few core reasons. Customer service, great products and logistics. This company is not the baby business it once was. Nowadays, dozens of facilities operate around the world producing foods for their long list of international customers. They serve these customers with great customer service by creating a strategy to go from conceptual idea of a food to the end product. Logistics is key to being able to get food from one place to the next. In fact, it was their ability to move a consistent hamburger from point A to point B that got the company started on an international level.

OSI Group has operates in several countries. They employ twenty thousand people. They run an operation around the clock making sure customers get shipments on time. It is no surprise they lead the industry. This billion dollar business will have another century of economics and success.

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