How Students Achieve More At The Success Academy

Success Academy is a company that has charter schools in New York City. It has elementary schools, middle schools, and a high school. Success Academy was founded by its Chief Executive Officer, Eva Moskowitz, in 2006. Students at a Success Academy school achieve much better educational results than what a student in a New York City public school typically has gained.

In Common Core exams, only 29% of public school children were proficient in English and only 35% in math. At Success Academy, the results were 64% showing proficiency in English and 94% in math. Making these results even more amazing, many of the students at their schools come from some of the poorest communities in the city.

There are a number of reasons why Success Academy is so successful at teaching children in their network of 32 schools. Among these are that students wear school uniforms which elimanates some of the differences between students and other distractions from learning. Their schools also have a longer school day that feature about 33% more instruction time than what the areas public schools do. They also hold both the teachers and students to a high standards of conduct. Additionally, they expect a lot out of students with high expectation levels for each and every student. The biggest difference, though, is that they concentrate very heavily on what is being taught instead of how, with each child learning in the best way that suits them.

The motto of Success Academy is that “content is king”. Everything that children do serves a purpose which Eva Moskowitz calls “joyful rigor”. This carries through to how children learn about reading. At each grade level, each student reads and writes about one subject for six weeks like the American Revolution. In middle school, the students have more independent reading time that also includes a literature class. By high school, students at the Success Academy are highly independent readers and learners who have developed a passion for reading and learning as well.


May 26, 2017

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Laughter is the Best Color


My two favorite black women comedians are Sommore and Sheryl Underwood. Sommore talks about life experiences. Sheryl topics are mostly human sexuality, race relations, African-American culture and politics.


Sommore ( Lori Ann Rambough) was born May 15, 1966 in Trenton, New Jersey. She became a comedian in 1992 to present. I did not realize to recently that she was the big sister of Nia Long. I love to listen to Sommore, she is one of my favorite comedians. She has frequented on HBO and BET. She has also appeared on several television sitcoms and the Oprah Winfrey show. Sommore has also appeared on several films. Not to forget she was one of the Queens of Comedy and listed as number 9 on the funniest Black American female comedians.


Sheryl Underwood is a Black American comedian and ranked number 13 on the same list. She is currently one of the hosts on the daytime show The Talk on CBS since 2011. She keeps me laughing; I just love her since of humor. Sheryl was born October 28, 1963 in Little Rock, Arkansas. She has been a comedian since 1988 to the present. She have several awards including the first female finalist in the Miller Lite Comedy Search in 1989.

May 22, 2017

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How EOS Started Their Brand

EOS is known for being the Evolution of Smooth, and they have given people what they have always wanted in lip balm. Their products are easy on the lips, simple to use, and great to have to help your lips stay hydrated throughout every single day. EOS lip balm is so well respected and definitely one of the best out there. The brand wasn’t always an instant success and there was a lot of work involved for them to achieve the success that they have now. Here’s a small look at what it took them to achieve all of this successfully.

According to, first of all, the three product creators did not know which market to go into except the fact that beauty was what they wanted to jump into. It was a good jump knowing that there is millions of dollar spent on beauty products, but every single market was closing in with big brands. Chapstick was the only one where there were brands making good money and actual sales providing subpar products. Brands were getting lazy, and so all these people needed to do were come up with a unique angle to help the product fly off the shelves. They ended up making a formula with sunscreen and SPF to help people stay clear of the sun and protect lips from sun damage. With the help of organic ingredients and its overall sphere like shape, the brand gained notoriety and grew up with so much success over the years.

They utilized efficient influencer marketing strategies that helped gained the fame it did now throughout different social media platforms. There are all kinds of people who helped talk about the eBay sold brand and what they are capable of, and through influential marketing they accomplished so much over the years and now they are at the top successfully.


May 18, 2017

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Kim Dao Travels To Tokyo With Sunnydahye

The YouTubers Kim Dao and Sunnydahye have great fun together in both Japan and South Korea. Luckily for the world, Kim Dao often vlogs her experiences with Sunnydahye and posts them online. In one video, which Kim entitled “Osaka to Tokyo | Karaoke | Vlogmas #13 | KimDao ft. Sunnydahye,” both Kim Dao and Sunnydahye take us on a Japanese journey from Osaka to Tokyo.


At the start of the video, Kim Dao says she just woke up and it’s almost 12:00pm. Both Kim Dao and Sunny went to Universal Studios Japan yesterday, so they’re very tired from their adventures around the park. Kim says she and Sunny are going to take the bullet train from Osaka back to Tokyo today.


Before she leaves Osaka, Kim Dao’s host family gives her a cooling patch for her butt. Kim Dao says she fell down the stairs yesterday and bruised her buttocks.


A few minutes later, Kim Dao heads off to Osaka Station to take the bullet train to Shinjuku Station. When Kim arrives back at her Tokyo apartment, she says she feels completely exhausted from the trip.


After freshening up a bit, Kim Dao and Sunny go out to eat in Tokyo. Both Sunny and Kim share a yummy cheese pizza and order a few pasta dishes.


The video closes with Kim Dao and Sunny singing a bunch of songs at a local karaoke bar. A few songs they both sing include “Anaconda,” “Let It Go,” and a Japanese Christmas song. Both girls are incredibly tired by the end of their karaoke session and decide to call it a night.


Follow Kim Dao on Twitter.


May 9, 2017

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A Smart Investment Plan

When it comes to investment, Warren Buffett puts his money where his mouth is, quite literally. The guy invested $1 million dollars in an S&P passive index fund – a charity fund, for a better return. He is set to know the outcome this year and the way things are going, he’ll likely reap large profits.

Buffett’s secret to success is minimizing cost. Mutual funds offer mediocre, poor returns due to the high management costs of running them. However, Buffett agrees that there is an exception to this. For example, if two people invested $10,000 each, 40 years ago, one in the S&P fund and the other in the five best active funds, the latter would get more money today.

Ultimately, it is not about passive or active funds. What’s important is the ability to receive long-term returns from an investment option, and Tim Armour agrees with Buffett on this.

Soon after graduating from Middlebury College, Tim began his career at the Capital Group Companies in the associate program. After rising through the ranks, he has assumed the chairmanship of the company, after the death of its chairman – Jim Rothenberg.

If you look at the strategic partnership between his company and the Samsung asset man agent that he helped form, Tim comes out as very strategic. He wants to achieve a better solution to Korean investors by supervising the resources through all market cycles and see them get a better savings and retirements plan.

In short, Tim’s leadership of America’s oldest asset management company is a success story. The company is growing and flourishing more than ever before. Tim is clearly the real deal.


May 5, 2017

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Securus Technologies – Innovative Technology And Exceptional Customer Service, Always

Securus Technologies is a company that believes in innovation and technology, and it is this combination that has helped the firm to grow from strength to strength over the years. The products and services of Securus Technologies help the inmates to keep in touch with their loved ones back home. The company works towards building services that assist in alleviating the stress of the prisoners and provide them with the technology that keeps them updated with what is going on back at their home and the lives of their loved ones.



It is a necessity for most of the prisoners, and Securus Technologies through its phone services, video services, jail voicemail and a range of other services makes it possible. The inmates can also transfer and receive money with ease through the secure money transfer options provided by the Securus Technologies.



Securus Technologies understand that the inmates are going through a tough phase of their lives, and thus, keep the cost of their services minimal and affordable. The services of the company reach out to more than 1,200,000 inmates across the country, and over 3,450 public safety and law enforcement agencies use the products and services of Securus Technologies.



The company recently published an online press release where it posted some excerpts from the letters it receives on a regular basis from the law enforcement and public safety officials. The company aims to keep its business mechanism transparent, and it is for this reason it also invited existing as well as prospective clients and investors to its technology center based in Dallas.



I can say that the company is making rapid progress in the field and improving the incarceration experience of millions of inmates across the country through its services. In the past three years that I am using the phone and video services of Securus Technologies, I have never faced any issue, and it speaks for itself about how seamless their products and services are.


April 20, 2017

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The New Look of U.S. Money Reserves

U.S. Money Reserve announced their new online store, which features some pretty amazing additions and improvements. Their new look and features help to identify them as the leader in the industry and their core values of honesty and outstanding services to their clients. The online store features photographs of their President and the Director of U.S. Mint, Philip N. Diehl.

Ryan Buchanan, who serves as the Vice President of Brand and Creative commended the new site and said he expects the site to act as a platform where clients get informed and educated regarding the precious metals as well as offer a more secure purchasing portal.

The online shop will act as a source where buyers can check the real-time price of gold and silver. Customers also get a chance to learn more about the precious metal especially with the complex process such as grading, coin minting, as well as purchasing these precious metals. This information can be obtained in the “Knowledge Center,” when a client signs up for their “Free Gold Information Kit” In addition to this, U.S. Money Reserve provides Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS) coins to sophisticated buyers.

Among their new features, the Client-Connect Advantage enables the company to contact their clients and schedule a one-on-one consultation. They can also use this channel to conduct secure offline transactions and give information regarding special offline releases.

Their 30 days-buy-back guarantee is among the best in the industry. They promise to buy back any certified coin using the current market price. They have also included in their features an insured and fastest shipping package. These new features and services have contributed to increasing customer confidence in the company. The management said they changes were mainly meant to help serve buyers well and educate them in the process.

U.S. Money Reserves is among the largest distributors of government-issued platinum, silver and gold products in the industry. With over 15 years of operation in the industry, U.S. Money Reserves have grown to become one of the most trusted tenders in gold and silver. A majority of people looking to diversify their assets rely on U.S. Money Reserves to supply them with physical precious metals. Among their precious metal assets, many buyers prefer the gold and silver from U.S.

U.S. Money Reserves have managed to train coin researchers and equip them with knowledge of identifying products that can yield the highest profit to the buyer. They strive to develop a long-term relationship with their clients by providing outstanding services.

April 19, 2017

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The Leadership of Sam Boraie in Bringing Back New Brunswick

Sam Boraie serves as the vice president of Boraie Development, a multifaceted company involved in all aspects of the urban real estate market. Boraie Development is involved in real estate development, property management, and sales and marketing.

Sam Boraie and the City of New Brunswick

According to PRNewsWire, Sam Boraie and the company that bears his family name have been particularly active in revitalizing the New Brunswick, New Jersey, real estate market. The company has been involved in both commercial and residential development, and redevelopment in the community.

The efforts of Boraie in New Brunswick have included projects that include the rehabilitation of majestic historic properties. Sam Boraie and Boraie Development continue to garner acclaim for their tenacious efforts to breathe life into historic properties in New Brunswick.

The firm, under the leadership of Sam Boraie, has also lead the way to the creation of amazing new developments in the community. The Aspire is a prime example of the work done by Boraie and his team in New Brunswick. The Aspire is slated to open for occupancy in the summer of 2017.

The Aspire is a recently completed luxury rental property located in the heart of the city. The Aspire comes complete 238 studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartment residences. The property comes complete with all the latest amenities, including private parking and around-the-clock staff in the lobby of the complex.

The real estate development projects undertaken by Boraie Development, under the guidance of Sam Boraie, are said to be significant in revitalizing the core of New Brunswick. Indeed, many in the New Brunswick community maintain that progress would not have been made in the city’s center without the leadership and concerted efforts of Boraie Development and Sam Boraie, read more about the company on

The Philanthropy of Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is dedicated to a great deal more than real estate development and associated business matters. Boraie has developed the reputation as being one of the most committed philanthropists in New Brunswick.

A prime example of Boraie’s community work is his service on the advisory board of Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise is a nonprofit organization that utilizes food to not only alleviate hunger but to also empower lives. The organization strives to invite justice for the most vulnerable members of the New Brunswick community.

Boraie is also on the board of trustees for the State Theater in New Brunswick. Boraie Development is an active sponsor of some of the programming presented at the State Theatre. This includes touring productions of major Broadway shows as well as musical artisans.

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Boraie Development and Other New Jersey Communities

A number of New Jersey communities have been hard hit for an extended period of time. Indeed, the economies in some New Jersey areas, including Atlantic City, were in trouble well before the Great Recession of 2008.

Sam Boraie and Boraie Development have made commitments to development projects in Atlantic City. The firms, and its vice president, have visions for projects that will enhance life in Atlantic City, much in the same way that Boraie Development projects have boosted the economy and livability of New Brunswick.

You can visit Sam Boraie’s Crunchbase profile.

April 10, 2017

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George Soros – A Smart Businessman With Great Concern For The Society He Lives In

George Soros is one of the most noted philanthropists, opinion leaders and political contributors in the United States today. He has been an active supporter of Democratic Party for years and in the recent elections, did everything he could in his power, including raising funds for Hillary Clinton and directly and indirectly supported Clinton’s Campaign more than $24 million personally. George Soros is of the opinion that Trump’s policies would ruin the growth momentum that the United States is witnessing today, and in fact, would paddle the country’s growth backward. Read his profile at Forbes.

Moreover, he feels that the policies and attitude of Donald Trump would make America insecure and unsafe, especially when talking about the social fabric of the country. George Soros completely disagrees with the Trump’s take on immigrants and refugees, because he started in the United States as an immigrant decades ago and feels actually for the refugees and immigrants.

In a recent announcement, George Soros committed to provide $500 million to support the business ventures started by the members of refugees and immigrants’ society. He believes it would help them take their business to another level and give many of the entrepreneurs with the funds they need to start their business. George Soros has been influencing the political sphere of the country for long, especially through his donations and views. Visit to know more about George.

He has contributed generously towards many of the Democrat Super PACs for many years, including during the recent U.S. Presidential Election Campaign. He feels that Trump’s victory would put many of the Democratic causes in the backburner. However, to ensure that it doesn’t happen, he and other Democrats met as soon as the election got over to decide what to do with the remaining funds in the Super PACs and how to take ahead the causes they feel for under Trumps’ Presidency.

George Soros is the 19th richest person on the planet today with the wealth of over $25.2 Billion. His company, Soros Fund Management, is one of the most profitable hedge funding companies on the globe and has been consistently delivering returns over thirty to forty percent annually, which is huge. He fled his home country Hungary when he was small to avoid Nazi’s Holocaust and went to London, where he studied business at London School of Economics. After completing his studies in London, he eyed his growth in the United States and thus, went to New York and started working at one of the many financial and investment companies on Wall Street. It is what marked the beginning of his career.

Today, he is the tenth highest earning hedge fund managers. As an active philanthropist as well, he is known to have given over a billion dollars in aid towards charity and social causes through his foundation named “Open Society Foundation.”

April 7, 2017

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Betsy Devos Proud & Worthwhile Legacy

Betsy DeVos is inspiration for us all for many reasons. She is the United States Secretary of Education, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and is happily married to her husband, Dick DeVos, of over 30 years. But what makes her stand out even more is that through her personal and professional achievements, her family and her still make time to give back to others. And because of this, she has been widely honored and recognized through a recent interview with Philanthropy Roundtable about her family’s philanthropy especially in regards to the education reform movement. Read more about their foundation at

Interview Recap

First, she expressed her how pleased she was that 250,000 students were in 33 private choice programs within 17 states and in DC that were publicly funded. She has been concerned in how the public schools have been failing, and thus, she has been involved in the radical movement for children’s education reform. Even when her and her husband’s children were school-age children decades ago, she saw the struggle of many parents trying to make sure their children are safe, are loved, and are learning. It touched their hearts so much that the DeVoses started to assist financially with that one school. Afterwards, they broaden their giving a lot further: She served on the board of the American Education Reform Council and the Children First America in the 1990s, her and her husband were involved in passing the first charter school bill for Michigan in 1993, she has been serving as the Michigan Republican party’s chairperson for 1996 to 2005, she started the Great Lakes Education Project after the proposed constitutional amendment was defeated, and then she began getting involved with the American Federation for Children (AFC) in which she is now the chairman. She is also the chair for the Alliance for School Choice. Other than that, she has been doing more lobbying and other political involvement for educational reform for all children regardless of their zip codes. Betsy DeVos spoke highly of charter schools in that interview, and she said that homeschooling is another great education option. However, digital learning is still in its infancy stage, according to her. And she expressed how bipartisanship is needed in education.

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Other Work History

As stated above, DeVos has been involved in political and philanthropic activities for over 35 years. Her political involvement started when she volunteered in 1976 for President Gerald R. Ford. In addition to the work experience mentioned above, she is the chairman for the Windquest Group, a privately held company that she and her husband found in 1989. This company invests in clean energy, manufacturing, and technology. She also serves as the chairman for the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. This foundation focuses on the arts, community, education, justice, and leadership categories. In 1992 to 1998, she was on the Republican National Committee. Additionally, she is a member of numerous local and national boards, including the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church, and the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center.

April 6, 2017

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