Christopher Linkas started his vocation journey soon after completing his studies from Bowdoin College in the year 1991. Even though he discovered post-school openings constrained by a retreat caused by the funds and loan emergency, he was yet ready to begin in a way that would lead him to investment competence. Christopher Linkas indeed acknowledges the recession for sharpening his investment ability. Amid that time, credits were being offered at low rates to help empower the economy. There was adequate ample experience to be picked up for enterprising youthful experts intrigued by taking in the knowledge of the speculation world.


Christopher Linkas is the European head of credit for a twenty-individual group situated in London. His organization in charge of entrepreneurial investment in the UK regions has concentrated on an assortment of investment classifications all through the zone. A portion of these claims to fame incorporates auxiliary LP interests, non-performing credits, delivery, leases, and renewables. Christopher Linkas and his group hold various interests in the realm of real estate and his previous encouragement originates from his direct encounters in the field.


Christopher Linkas encounter in the field has demonstrated that real estate offers some captivating benefits over different types of investment on the off chance that an event arises out at investors world markets, venture capitalist can expect to ride that wave alongside every other person. Conversely, the venture proficient that broadens their property into commercial real estate will get them better insured from market fluctuations.


However, it is difficult to wipe out value fluctuations completely, despite elevating into real estate. Keeping in mind the end goal to move in the direction of this end, Christopher Linkas suggests understanding the components that can likewise influence how extremely qualities can vary. A case of these elements incorporates the kind of property one is acquiring, for example, features that experience request occasionally versus those that have the year-round offer. Furthermore, properties that are found in densely populated regions, for example, urban focuses, tend to sway less with showcase powers. Christopher Linkas idea is to develop with the present open door market cycles. Without being available to change, any investor will fall behind rapidly.

IC System commitment to ethical practices and philanthropy

IC System is a prominent receivable accounts company that offers collection services. The company has been offering these services for the last 80 years. It was started in 1930 by Jack and Ruth Erickson who intended to create a firm that will offer quality services depending on the collection needs of the client. The company is known for implementing innovative methods of offering services which place it among the best collection agencies in the country. Beyond the high-quality services they offer plus offering a cutting-edge solution for collection needs, the company has even a deeper commitment to the delivery of services.


IC System is based on strong ethical business practices which ensures that it abides by the regulations that guide the industry. The firm outlines its core values as pride, people, and integrity. These are the values that guide the daily operations of the company. It is even made better by the commitment it has demonstrated in supporting community initiatives through charity work. The offices of the company are located in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company has put emphasis not just on delivering good services but also applying the best methods of providing the services. The founders aim to help clients get their financial accounts back while at the same time maintaining a good relationship between client and the consumer.


IC System has a mission of being the best not only in the delivery of collection services but also in community-related matters. The firm believes that every business has a role to play in the growth of the community. A business does not operate in isolation where all it needs id to make profits. It must as well show commitment to contributing positively to issues that affect society. On top of being a top employer in its neighborhoods, it strives to establish a strong charitable presence at both state and national levels. The initiatives which this company has taken regarding charitable activities are in line with the ethical practices which it has vowed to maintain. The firm has an in-house philanthropic team which coordinates all the philanthropic activities which are run by this company.


Meet the Real Force Behind The Success of Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards

One of the major thing that can define the success and achievements of Graham Edwards is just a look at Telereal Trillium which began from a very humble background to heights that it is for now. This icon of inspiration has spent most of his time and career at this company in making it better with time. Through various acquisitions and positive shifts, the company has grown to become a major property management and consequently a general investment company across the United Kingdom.

The renowned Graham Edwards has always been aspiring to push harder in his professional career. And these ambitions seemed to take ground when he joined Merrill Lynch. His experience here formed a very solid ground in enabling him to execute his duties as the CEO at Telereal Trillium. Previously he had served as the head of finance at the British Telecomholdings Group PLC. He was at the center of the acquisition that led to Telereal which made him be the CEO where he was overseeing more than 6700 properties.

Since the acquisition, the company grew steadily until it hit another jackpot in 2009 where Graham Edwards gained interest and purchased Trillium from Land Securities Group PLC. This was a perfect match for his company and eventually, it was rebranded Telereal Trillium. It is amazing that the company currently watches over 8,000 properties with over 320 staffs and 7000 employees via service partners. This has made it be one of the best private companies across the UK.

In order to keep his staffs motivated, Graham Edwards launched a program in 2003 called Donation Matching Scheme where they raise some money and donate to the poor whilst creating a great bond amongst the employees. The company partnered with St. Mungo’s, LandAir and Tomorrow’s People which are officially recognized charities in the UK. The participation of the employees in the program has grown greatly from 10% to over 40%.

Their starting matching amount was $500 and currently has grown to $2500. The CEO looks forward to seeing half of his employees participating in the Scheme in the coming years which will be a great achievement. It is amazing that some of the employees are donating much more than the set matching amount. There is still great future for Telereal Trillium.

The Intersection of Science and Personal Healthcare: Jeff Aronin Moving Biotech Forward

Jeff Aronin began his career in the healthcare industry by founding and becoming the CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. He used his past life experiences to develop the strategy that this new company would take to transform the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry. He was successful with his strategy of understanding need, identifying science, and working to get a drug that would fulfill that need to market as efficiently as possible. In 2009, Ovation’s success was noticed by Lundbeck who purchased Ovation and appointed Aronin as president and CEO during the transition. He has also served as the chairman of Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals as well as Harmony Biosciences.

Aronin has spent the past decade as chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. Paragon works to build biotech companies who work to develop life changing medicines for those with diseases with few or no current treatments. He has helped develop Paragon through the recruitment of top leadership, biotech talent, and investors. Paragon has a proven method of creating solutions that they use to come up with treatments. The team first identifies a disease with a need and studies its cause for a possible solution that is untried or may create a better result. They then identify and scientific information out there that could yield results and begin to build a company that is focused on the clinical development of a drug that could take advantage of that particular scientific information. The company also works to get around any legal and regulatory hurdles and develops a commercialization strategy. Paragon also takes their focus on diseases with unmet needs one step further by looking into medicines that other companies have done work on but have decided were not in their best interest pursue. Jeff Aronin’s focus on medicines with the greatest chance to make it to market has made Paragon a company that helps many patients and has continual growth over time.

The Prolific Contribution of Dr. Jorge Moll

Head of the cognitive and behavioral neuroscience unit Dr. Jorge Moll is founder and president-director of D’or Institute of research and education in Rio de Janeiro. He graduated from the medical school of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1994 and in 1997 completed his medical residency in neurology in the same college.


Moll did his Ph. D in experimental Pathophysiology at the University of Sao Paolo with a thesis in moral judgment and sensitivity. With expertise in the prefrontal cortex, morality, and behavioral neuroscience, Dr. Moll is a distinguished member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, the society of neuroscience and International Neuroethics society among others. He is a recipient of the visiting scholar award by Stanford neuroscience institute, Stanford University, and Research Fellow NIH awards.


About Jorge’s Study

Jorge Moll together with fellow neuroscientist Jordan Grafman in a 2006 study raised some fascinating question on how our sense of morality and altruism is affected by the physiology of the brain. The study was based on scanning the brain of participants as they were presented with cases of either keeping the money to themselves or donating it to charity.


Interestingly, the research showed that the portion of the brain associated with responses to sex and food is activated when participants make decisions that benefit others. Moll’s findings besides suggesting that we give because it stimulates our pleasure centers making us feel good it lends credence to generations of philosophers and spiritual leaders who have been advocating that generosity makes us feel more fulfilled.


Moll’s work on morality is just, but a growing pool of research that supports the idea that morality is an evolutionary process that has spanned millennia. Scientists feel that being able to identify another the internal state of creatures was an essential leap in evolution with most of the studies pointing to empathy as the foundation of morality. However, there are those who fear the findings raise some troubling questions like, since morality is viewed as a unique trait that separates us from animals making us unique, it will be tarnished when understood that it is an evolutionary product designed to help species survive. Some are worried that it comes to making ethical choices it may reduce our notion of personal responsibility. With so much information uncovered by the likes of Dr. Jorge Moll, our understanding of these topics will surely keep evolving as years progress.


Lee May continues his work with the Youth of Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club to Raise 20,000 Euros

Lee May of Beamridge Ltd. has decided that he would take on the endeavor to sponsor the 10K run in aid to the purchase of a new minibus for the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. Upon them purchasing the new mini bus the donation to the club will help them in achieving greater levels of success and impact within the club.


Beamridge has been a proud sponsor of Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. Beamridge has division to provide the tools and resources to help the young boxers receive the best training and opportunities available to them as they seek to compete and both European and domestic tournaments. The work at Nemesis Amateur Boxing Cub is much more then teaching young boxers how to fight and how to compete in tournaments. They also teach and instill in the young people of Nemesis ABC the importance of having an atmosphere that thinks highly of family and also values embedded in each and every principle and lesson to make the young people more well rounded.


Lee has always been a sponsor because of the massive love for boxing he has and has always been a fan. But not just for boxing purposes is he also donates because of the reasons listed above the values instilled in the young people and the opportunities that it has to provide a better life for them. We hopes to achieve his goal of raising €20,000 is hoping that many people would join in support in raising the funds however small the donation to make a life changing move for the young people of nemesis amateur boxing club. Many are already donating but so much more is needed to reach this goal.


Beamridge Ltd. is a group that was established in 2013 that revolutionized how construction work is done, Lee May bring one of the management professionals.


Perry Mandera: The Responsibility of Being In The Top 1%

The wise would say that if you find yourself belonging in the Top 1%, it’s your obligation to help the rest of the 99%. It is your duty to generate livelihood for them or at least help in creating jobs. In fact, when you want to succeed, helping people should be the priority. Fortunately, we still have people like Perry Mandera who understand the value of putting the time and effort to help marginalized groups.


Mandera is the entrepreneur and founder of The Custom Cares Company, Inc., which since 1986 has helped thousands of clients with their transportation and logistics needs. Whether the business is small in scale or it’s already as big as a Fortune 500 firm, The Custom Cares has the optimum solutions that can increase the company’s assets to its target goals. In fact, Mandera’s business model has so far been very successful that it has seen an outstanding profit record of about $200 million.


Having a headquarters that is based in Northlake Illinois also means that Mandera has all the powerful access and resources to do great in business operations. The “Full-service Transportation Provider” services that Mandera’s firm is known for even gets more efficient and more premium because of such advantageous office location. The services under Mandera’s company include local cartage, domestic and international air freight forwarding service and dedicated contract cartage.


People can also read from Daily Forex Report that Mandera is a known community leader who does his best to help causes that are not just promotional. He helps charitable causes and organizations get the access needed to continue their advocacy. It should also be stated that because of Mandera’s powerful support for marginalized groups, there’s now a recorded of 6,500 impoverished children that had been taken out of the dire situation that they were once in.


The involvement of Mandera in the world of sports is also unmatched. More than 100 youth teams in Chicago have gotten the support they needed to make sure that kids can enjoy, appreciate and benefit from the values that are brought on by playing sports in groups and with professional training.

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva Lauded by Pontifical Catholic University

In April of this year the Pontifical Catholic University bestowed an honor upon Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva. The University’s Perdizes campus named one of its new auditoriums after the Judge. Dirceu de Mello the University President conducted the opening ceremony and in the introductory speech he lauded Marco Antonio Marques da Silva for his dynamic leadership in helping to ensure that the new building was completed. He further praised the PUC alumnus stating that he was “always ready to help with everything.”

Tenured PUC professor of law Ricardo Sayeg spoke at the ceremony on behalf of the Faculty of Law, outlining Marco Antonio’s distinguished career. Born in 1958 in the city of Itapetininga he had decided on the study of law by age 15. He attended law school at PUC and graduated in 1981. In addition he obtained masters and doctorate degrees. He became a professor of Law at PUC in 1982 and obtained tenure in 2003. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Faculty of Law of Coimbra in 2005.

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva joined the judiciary in 1983 in the counties of Palmeira D’Oeste, Monte Alto, Diadema and San Paulo. In 2002 he became a substitute judge and was named to the Court of Appeals in 2007.

Professor Sayeg outlined the magistrate’s publications including 40 articles, and 13 books, including the “Luso-Brazillian Treaty on Human Dignity.” He lauded the Judge for his contributions to PUC.

Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva’s acceptance speech was emotional and sincere. He expressed gratitude to family and friends. Especially his wife, his daughters and his mother. He stated that “I am aware that nothing in Life is accomplished alone and therefore I am a man who values family, friends, education, justice and especially God.” The Judge also expressed appreciation to the Bradesco Bank for its corporate construction sponsorship and to the late professor Hermino Alberto Marques Porto. The Magistrate ended his speech stating that the same enthusiasm for the altruistic spirit that he had as a young student remains today.


Stansberry Research Has Ominous Words For Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway is a brand America loves. It’s a success story the common man can rally around, with Warren Buffett cast as the star of this feel good drama. But not everything is as peachy as Berkshire Hathaway’s PR would suggest. Stansberry Research, a notable publisher of financial research feels all is not well for the investment firm.


Berkshire Hathaway is Losing its Mojo


Berkshire Hathaway’s success stems from the huge amount of capital it has access to, mostly derived from its successful insurance businesses. They invested in high-quality companies, such as Coca-Cola, American Express, and Gillette. These businesses were too big to fail, virtually guaranteed to grow. They needed little capital to succeed, allowing Berkshire Hathaway’s money to grow with little help.

Warren Buffett changed that strategy a few years back, investing in companies requiring infusions of capital to be profitable. In the short term this was feasible, but in the long term it could spell trouble for the firm. They also invested in energy companies and utilities that are struggling. This may prove costly in the long term for Berkshire Hathaway.


Research That Matters


Stansberry Research stays on top of what’s happening in the investment world, and they have scores of customers who rely on the invaluable research and information they perform and provide. They do this by providing multiple points of view, and by taking different opinions into account, they’ve become well-known for staying on top of what’s happening in the global markets.

Different strategies are recommended for different markets, and investors rely heavily on their opinions. They don’t settle on tried-and-true assets exclusively, often investigating unloved or ignored markets and brands. It’s all about making wise and informed choices, and Stansberry Research is a market leader in investment publishing.


Dr. Johanan Rand On Fighting Aging

Dr. Johanan Rand serves his patients with the utmost compassion and care. The physician has over fifteen extensive years of working on fighting the signs of aging for his patients. He frequently treats erectile dysfunction and menopause. In addition, to fighting aging, he also offers patients to participate in his weight loss program.


Dr. Johanan Rand’s set of therapies involves a lot of different things to promote the utmost wellness in his patients. He monitors body fat in each individual patient. He tracks hormone levels. Certified to perform acupuncture, he administers acupuncture to patients dealing with and discomfort. He offers patients the option of steroid injections, nerve blocks and cortisol injections to help relieve pain in a timely manner.


Dr. Johanan Rand is most notable for his innovative ways in which he helps patients fight the signs and effects of aging. He places a huge emphasis on treating the body from the inside to the outside. He helps patients understand their dietary needs to help with aging. His healthcare team assist him in analyzing physical symptoms and the diagnosis of what could be causing these issues. He offers a physical therapy session as a part of his program to better wellness and help patients combat aging. Patients often think the physical therapy will only help their cardiovascular system. Truthfully, the therapy does help them cardiovascular wise. But additionally, this therapy also helps the root causes of why some people suffer from joint pain as they age. Also, the therapies offered by the physician can make an overall better difference in a patient’s sleepy cycle.


Dr. Johanan Rand has forever changed the lives of so many people. He has patients improve their health. He has been a symbol of hope and inspiration for medical professionals everywhere. As the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, he has made it his mission to treat patients of whatever aging concerns they are facing. His clinic treats all of these causes that are due to aging: anxiety, menopause, libido, insomnia, depression, mood disorders and weight gain. His approach to aging has helped many patients.