Betsy DeVos and Educational Care

Betsy DeVos doesn’t ever squirm when pressures mount. Tension is actually something that’s a big part of her daily existence. She doesn’t ever trigger the tension, though. That’s because she’s a person who is celebrated due to her even and incredibly relaxed demeanor. It doesn’t matter how tough or long her work day has been. She never lets stress get the best of her even for a second. Her husband doesn’t let his emotions get in the way of his efforts at work, either. Dick DeVos likes to get things done the right way. He doesn’t like to squander time by acting out. When Betsy DeVos disagrees with another human being in her life, she works things out on her own. She doesn’t cause a fuss or scene. People who have had the privilege to work alongside DeVos know that she’s always cool as can be. She never behaves in a hotheaded or indignant manner. People gravitate to her largely due to her cool attitude.


Although DeVos is undoubtedly unruffled as can be, that’s in no way the only adjective to describe her correctly. She has an ardent attitude about children and education. That may be the tough mama aspect of her. She gave all of her children the opportunity to grow into amazing and capable adults who can take on the world. All she wants is for other parents who are in her situation to be able to do the same exact thing. Sadly, that’s not yet the reality for many of them. There are so many parents in the United States who are at a loss regarding education and their sweet and bright-eyed kids. DeVos battles it out for educational choice as a mission each day of the week. She jumps out of her bed in the morning with the knowledge that she’s going to do whatever it takes to make choice a possibility for people in the country. She wants to make choice more than just a mere possibility as well. She wants to make it something they can easily get at all times.


The Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation is a manifestation of all of the things that DeVos holds dearly. It’s a manifestation of everything from artwork to international cultures. The donations that go through the reputable charitable group are hefty. DeVos frequently handles donations that are set aside for categories that make sense in her mind. She likes doing her best to promote efforts that relate to schooling systems, cultural endeavors and much more. Dick is just like her in this way. He created the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010 as a means of showcasing his massive penchant for the aviation world.


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Robert Ivy The Architect Guru.

Robert ivy is the EVP and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. He has been the CEO since 2011. Being an architecture, editor, and author, he represents his profession well which led to him receiving the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement honor. His selection was acclaimed by Carl Ele Fante who is the America Institute of Architecture president. He is the 1st architect to be bestowed with the Polk award. Previously the receivers of the prizes include Morgan Freeman an actor who won in 2007, Shelby Foote a writer who won it in 2004, Eudora Welty a writer won it 2001, Leontine Price singer in 2000 and Walter Anderson an artist who won it in 1989. See Related Articles at

Before joining the AIA in 2011, Robert Ivy worked in Architectural Records as editor-in-chief. Here, he was awarded several honors such as the National Magazine award. Through his leadership, AIA has tremendously fully-fledged the universal footmark of the organization. The company’s considerable membership standard in the entire life. Robert Ivy was named the master Architect of 2010 by the Alpha Rho Chi which is the fraternity of national architects. This title is awarded to prominent architects such as Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe.

Robert Ivy is a graduate of the University of Tulane with a master degree in Architecture. He worked at Architectural Records as its Editor in chief. At McGraw-Hill Construction Media he served as the deputy president as well as its director. Through his convincing biography now at its 33rd edition ‘Fay Jones Architect’ which he published in 2001 surpassed the work of Frank Lloyd Wright an American architect.

Robert Ivy has offered exceptional management in the association which has led to proper coordination of amenities between different departments. According to the previous signal of the objectives of the institution, the process of the corporation was to fall within the Washington city, but presently branches have been opened in different parts of United States.

He has been able to generate a perpetual unity among numerous building and construction diligences. The determinations have allowed idea distribution among the expert running different levels. Related:



For several years, Aloha Construction has been listed as a top company when it comes to construction and roofing needs. If you are looking for a company that will deliver the best services, then do not look any further. Some of the reasons why you should consider the Aloha Construction company include:

  1. They are supportive of the community:

Aloha Construction is not like other companies that focus only on making money. They have been known to sponsor local sports team such the football team at Lake Zurich high school, among other sports teams. They also partnered with Illinois State University to donate money that supports children battling cancer. Essentially, when you use their services, you become a part of the community service that helps for the greater good of society.

  1. They are a team of professionals:

In their mission statement, professionalism is one of the key elements. If you contract Aloha Construction company, you can be sure that your house will go through a rigorous process to establish your unique needs before they embark on work. Their workers are often very willing to provide you with certification that will prove their professionalism.

  1. They can give both external and internal makeovers:

The company recently partnered with Aloha Restoration Company. This means that you can hire both companies to work on your house, to avoid the hustles of seeking different contractors to work on your house. What makes it even better is that their services complement each other, so you will experience the benefits of both.

  1. They have a reasonable payment system:

If you ask most people why they have not initiated roofing process in their homes, the most likely answer would be costs. This is understandable, considering the fact the roofing can be very expensive. Aloha Construction gives you a good deal where you can work out a financing plan that you can repay after the work has been done.

  1. They are ethical in their dealings:

Last year, Aloha Construction won the Better Business Bureau (BBB)Torch award for marketplace ethics. They were recognized for giving high quality services. Their reviews also show that their customer care level is high.

The Top-notch and High-Caliber Expertise of Wes Edens for Brightline and Other Projects

It may be said that those leaders who always put their companies and their clients first would probably survive in the business for the longest time. This may perhaps be what can be said about the way Wes Edens has run his career, his work and his untethered vision to help other people’s assets grow. Wes Edens is right now the Chairman and the Founder of the ever-growing, ever-competent investment banking firm, Fortress Investment Group. It is also safe to say that Wes Edens has been considered as one of the world’s largest alternative asset management companies that build other people’s portfolio. Right now, what takes up most of the time of Wes Edens is pushing the Brightline project in Miami.

Following the article from Wings Journal, it can be said that Wes Edens is now also the private equity investor of NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. He’s also been the man responsible for building the transportation system that would bring benefit to the people in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. With the Brightline Smart Service, people can travel forth between the two towns in just less 40 mins, for about $10. It would also be safe to say that the Brightline program would be one of the most fantastic solutions for the commuters in the Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, among others.

It’s fair also to add here that Fortress Investment Group is the leading firm that handles such project. With Edens co-managing the project, there would be shops and food halls to be installed in the train terminal, for better convenience to the commuters. It is also the dream of Edens to even extend the train system to as far as Florida.

About Fortress Investment Group

It’s also fair and true to add here that Fortress Investment Group is a leading global investment firm in asset-based investing as well as in operations management. The expertise also of Fortress in sector-specific knowledge has also helped many individuals with their real estate capital and financial vehicles. The reputation right now of Fortress in alternative-investment field has also been regarded by many investors to be top-notch and high-caliber. Bucks Wes Edens’ ‘take-home pay’ is $54M: New York Times


The Amazing Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a skilled pediatric surgeon who has worked for more than 47 years in the field. He graduated from the Cairo University in Egypt with a medical degree and top honors. Dr. Saad completed his internship in England before he immigrated to the United States where he finished his medical residency and received a Board Certification in pediatric surgery.


Dr. Saad is an inventor of medical devices that have helped surgeons around the world in the operating room. Saad says that for most of his medical career he has removed many foreign objects from six-month-old babies and tweens at the age of fourteen. Dr. Saad displays many swallowed objects in his office showing the amazing things that children get stuck in their mouths.


Some of the objects that he has performed surgery to removed have included coins, hot dogs, peanuts, small circular batteries, lockets and the largest was a toothbrush. With years of experience, Dr. Saad can recognize how long certain object like coins has remained inside a child.


For example, coins remains polished inside the human body if they have been ingested up to eight hours prior. The longer a coin is inside the body, the darker in color it turns, especially if the coin has rusted which indicates that it was in the body for a whole month.


Dr. Saad says that large objects often become lodged in the trachea. Small sized objects get stuck in the windpipe. If a six-year-old child or younger gets an object stuck in their throat, you can normally turn them upside down and tap them on the back to dislodge it. For children older than six years of age, then you should try the Heimlich method.


As an inventor, Dr. Saad has improved the internal camera devices that doctors use in their endoscopic and bronchoscopic surgeries. These medical devices are used to look inside the body’s windpipe, trachea, gut, neck, and chest. However, placing a device inside a child or a person’s body produces lots of body liquids that fog up the attached camera.


In previous years, the doctor would remove the endoscopic camera and by using a suction vacuum, remove the liquids and then return the endoscopic device back into the patient. Dr. Saad’s invention places both an automatic suction and irrigation attachment onto the endoscopic and bronchoscopic devices.


This allows a doctor to remain uninterrupted in their surgical procedure without any unnecessary discomfort to the patient. Dr. Saad’s invention saves time and money in the operating room for all the medical staff and it has proven to be more efficient.

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Sahm Adrangi; Companies Should Embrace the Whistle Blowing Policy

It is factual that employees need a plan for their voices to be heard. A whistleblower steps in to report fraudulent activities. He or she also introduces safety precautions to help secure the lives of employees. A whistleblower has to be courageous to and take a stand in a grievous situation. Such are the characteristics of Sahm Adrangi.

Background Information

Adrangi is prominent for selling as well as publishing research. His research highlights views on stocks and corporate markets. He is the CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Having started the firm in 2009, he has been participating in a myriad of developmental projects. Today, the firm that was established through a capital of $1 million is worth $150 million. Other objectives Sahm Adrangi has include researching stocks to help businesses make the right investment decision.

Adrangi’s Report on QueenStreet Inc

When a situation in an organization escalates to whistleblowing, it means that the insiders are not engaged in an internal dialogue. It can also mean that the employees or clients are not being heard. For that reason, it becomes fundamentally critical for workers to rely on a whistleblower. Recently, Sahm Adrangi blew the whistle on QueenStreet Inc. QueenStreet Inc has made hefty profits of late. However, these profits come from one client. That raises questions because even though the company can perform well, it is rather strange that the money comes from one client.

Protecting Clients against Fraudulent Firms

It is also unsafe for clients to flock to the company and ask for contracts just because they have seen that Queen Street Inc is making huge profits. As such, Sahm Adrangi has questioned the root of these profits by stating that QueenStreet Inc is not established enough to make that kind of money. And even if it is, isn’t it rather strange that the money comes from one person?

The Outline

Adrangi has worked for many companies before founding Kerrisdale Capital Management. Some of them include Chanin Capital Partners and Longacre Management. In both companies, he worked as an analyst and was in charge of overseeing the commercial dockets. Adrangi has helped many clients evade companies that could turn out to be harmful.

The RealReal Offers Quality Consignment Fashion

The RealReal is an online consignment store that offers a variety of stylish clothing and accessories that appeal to the trendy consumer. The latest styles are featured on the company’s Instagram account, including a photo of the new Balenciaga tennis shoes, which are some of the most popular casual shoes on the luxury market. Fashions from decades past, such as a visor from Dior and a Gucci purse designed to look like a fanny pack. When you visit the RealReal’s Instagram page, you’ll find photos of fashion items showcased by themselves, as well as images of people with a great sense of style wearing the items they’ve purchased from The RealReal in their own creative ways.

The consignment store got its start online and now has a brick and mortar location in SoHo. Some customers have reported that after purchasing a piece from The RealReal, another shopper who follows the company’s Instagram account of has visited the store may recognize the piece and “congratulate” the owner for being able to score it. After all, the items at The RealReal are one of a kind, so each item can serve as an original method of fashion expression. When shoppers go to the physical location, they even have the option of the item they’re interested being removed from both the actual and online sales floor while they are considering their purchase. So, even at the live store, customers know that if they see something they want, it’s probably best to purchase it right away.

Julie Wainwright founded TheRealReal in 2011. She has been working in tech since the 1990s and served as’s chief executive before starting this popular consignment store.

Victoria Doramus: Change is Possible

Victoria Doramus is a Recovery Expert who has been very open about her personal journey to sobriety. Bouncing in and out of rehabs and destroying relationships with people she cared about (including her mother who was dying of cancer), Doramus had taken a long road to sobriety. She spent the better part of 15 years controlled by her addiction. It wasn’t until she ended up at a rehab facility in Austin, Texas called Burning Tree that she finally began to see clarity.

At this facility, in Austin, it took a strict, tough love, regime and long-term treatment for Doramus to finally make lasting progress. Doramus’ time at Burning Tree was filled with chores, group sessions, AA meetings and working through a Twelve Step process. After nearly a year at Burning Tree, Doramus transitioned to a half-way house where she worked waiting tables and saving up money to move and restart her life. You should also check this article from to know more about Doramus.

Looking back on her progress, Doramus, a consumer trends expert and creative marketer turned philanthropist, is eager to give back and help people overcome the struggle that she feels she has finally gotten the upper hand on. She dreams of starting her own halfway house in New York City inspired by the Twelve Steps used at Burning Tree but with the additions of her own variations. Doramus notes that sobriety cannot be achieved alone. She believes it takes a community of support, accountability from peers, and a strong sense of personal responsibility. Doramus says her best advice to anyone who is struggling with addiction is that “you are the only one who can change your life, and that change is possible”. Doramus’ journey was long and painful but she is proof that change is possible. Contact Doramus on Pinterest.

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Victoria Doramus Outlines Her Steps To Sobriety

Victoria Doramus started struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in her early 20s. She ended up in rehab in 2011 and then again in 2016. She says she succumbed to cocaine and Adderall. While she learned from things from these stays in rehab she says that she hadn’t yet hit rock bottom. That would occur in late 2016.

According to, she was living in New York and was alone without any friends or family. It was Thanksgiving Day and she says she became desperate and as a result she was arrested. Victoria Doramus says she was at that point willing to do whatever it took to get off the drugs and become sober. She felt she didn’t have anything else to lose and if she didn’t really get help she was going to die. She decided to check into a facility in Austin called the Burning Tree. This rehabilitation facility takes a No-BS approach and forced her to confront her behaviors and addictions.

After seven months Victoria Doramus was released to a halfway house where she had a sponsor working with her on her recovery. She was required to do five AA meetings a week and work 30 to 40 hours. She is now in London and works with a number of addiction non-profits such as the Amy Winehouse Foundation. She also volunteers for other types of charities as well such as Best Friends Animal Society and Room to Read.

Victoria Doramus says that her dream is to open a halfway house in New York which helps people who want to attain sobriety and get their lives back together. She says she wants this halfway house to be based on the concept of the twelve steps program while not being that exact type of program itself. She is already getting the business model together and getting the funding lined up for this nonprofit. View Doramus’ career history on LinkedIn.

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Why you must make Waiakea Water your Choice

The best way to be successful is not to find a great business idea and find a place to get a market and move there. Well, it is good advice, but there is better advice on how to make money. That is to produce a great product. Initially, people thought that starting a bottled water company was the worst idea ever. Why would people spend on something that they could acquire freely? Years later, the industry is worth $100 billion around the world.

Walking to the grocery store, you see a variety of water bottles, such that it is hard to decide on the best to take home. What adds to the confusion, is the many adverts that come with the flooded market. Some floss of their excellent purification process, while others flaunt about the refreshing power of their products.

The Waiakea water is among the best water products in the market. The water is processed in Hawaii. The products of Hawaii are associated with natural products. The other thing that the consumers love is that it is pure volcanic water.

The Waiakea water has also taken the initiative to see that their water bottles do not contribute to the littering of the environment. The problem with the water bottles is that they are purely inorganic substances, meaning they could take thousands of years to decay. The accumulation of the water bottles in the environment is what is destroying the environment. The Waiakea has launched a water bottle that will only take 15 years to decay. The new Waiakea water bottle will also be 100% recyclable. The water bottle will help in reducing the damage the bottled company has been causing.

Besides, the Waiakea water being refreshing and being eco-friendly, the company is also concerned with the welfare of the community. The Waiakea water uses three percent of their income for charity services. This is not all; they also donate clean water for a whole week to Malawi for every litre of water that is purchased. This is why drinking Waiakea water makes you both a humanitarian and an environmentalist, which are cool traits to have.