Learn to Wash Your Hair Without Suds – WEN by Chaz

WEN by Chaz focuses on creating multi-use hair care products that are designed to provide exactly what your hair and scalp need to be healthy and feel its best. It provides both with exactly what they need to balance each other out and create natural health.

Most of the people who use WEN Hair Care report dramatic results after a single use. Their hair is much shinier, softer, and feels healthier.

Users of traditional shampoo and conditioning products believe their hair is squeaky clean using their regular products. However clean your hair feels using traditional products, you may notice that your hair is dry and frizzy. Users of WEN by Chaz notice their hair is smooth and does not develop frizz because it contains natural botanicals. These natural ingredients protect your hair and do not leave it vulnerable to damage, which leads to shinier hair that is less prone to being frizzy.

What to Expect when Changing Products

If your hair and scalp are used to traditional shampoo and conditioner, your scalp is probably creating excess amounts of oil in an attempt to maintain moisture. One of the goals of WEN by Chaz is to reduce the amount of oil created by your scalp, which reduces the time between washing. Get Wen on QVC.

Learning to Wash Your Hair with No Suds

When you see commercials for hair care products, the main thing you notice is the thick, rich lather and the amount of suds that are running down a woman’s long beautiful hair. These suds are caused by sulfates, which damage your hair over time.

Products in the wen.com line do not contain sulfates so they do not produce this rich lather. Many customers are surprised by this and it may take some time to get used to.

New users quickly become accustomed to the lack of lather when they see how great their hair looks after using the products. They are also amazed that they achieve better results using fewer products to complete their hair care routine. For more information, visit wenhaircare.com.

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