Meet Eli Gershkovitch: The Personality behind Steamworks Breweries

Canadians have affection for their beer. It is no wonder there is a lot of stereotypical fusses surrounding the subject. Beer remains the most popular favorite alcoholic drink among Canadians, and as the per-capita consumption drops, the sales and consumption of craft beers keep gaining ground.


The rate of beer sales has stagnated since 1995, but the sales of craft beer have experienced growth to a double digit. This gain is owed to the excellence in brewing by various Canadian Breweries, producing dozens of beers – both traditional and inventive, to meet the ever-rising demand (WeeklyOpinion).


Coast to Coastless Collaboration (7.6% Alc. by Vol.)


Coast to Coastless is brewed simultaneously by Garrison Brewing, Phillips Brewing, and Trou du Diable. It is an Imperial ESB, brewed from partially fermented Ale, Kiln Amber, and Crystalline malts, and UK hops.


Acadian Grove Canadian Maple Porter (10% Alc. by Vol.)


Acadian Groove evokes a tempo of spring in rural Ontario. Embodying the tantalizing anticipation of spring with a mix of dark syrup from the blossoming Breedon’s Maple Farms, Acadian Grove offers a tasty creaminess with its aromatic fizz.


Laker Lager (5.0% Alc. by Vol.)


When you’re thirsty, grab a cold, refreshing bottle of Laker Lager, brewed in Ontario. The lager is a potent blend of the finest and high-quality ingredients, to provide a crispy, easy-drink finish with no aftertaste.

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About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO of Steamworks Breweries, a long-standing craft beer in the Canadian Beverage Industry. He is a renowned brewmaster and innovator whose objective is to cause positive disruption in the Canadian beer scene.


In the Open Beer Championship that was recently held in July 2017, Eli Gershkovitch emerged as a formidable contender in the competition, putting Canada in the spotlight with his array of originally brewed craft beer.


Following a reconnaissance trip to Europe, Eli Gershkovitch learned of the market opportunity with regards to drinking habits in the new millennium; a discovery that compelled him to open his first microbrewery to test some concoctions that were entirely different from the cliché flavors. Eli Gershkovitch’s experience would later empower him to become one of Canada’s most influential brewmasters. Additionally, Eli Gershkovitch doubles up as a professional attorney and pilot.

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