Lee May continues his work with the Youth of Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club to Raise 20,000 Euros

Lee May of Beamridge Ltd. has decided that he would take on the endeavor to sponsor the 10K run in aid to the purchase of a new minibus for the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. Upon them purchasing the new mini bus the donation to the club will help them in achieving greater levels of success and impact within the club.


Beamridge has been a proud sponsor of Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. Beamridge has division to provide the tools and resources to help the young boxers receive the best training and opportunities available to them as they seek to compete and both European and domestic tournaments. The work at Nemesis Amateur Boxing Cub is much more then teaching young boxers how to fight and how to compete in tournaments. They also teach and instill in the young people of Nemesis ABC the importance of having an atmosphere that thinks highly of family and also values embedded in each and every principle and lesson to make the young people more well rounded.


Lee has always been a sponsor because of the massive love for boxing he has and has always been a fan. But not just for boxing purposes is he also donates because of the reasons listed above the values instilled in the young people and the opportunities that it has to provide a better life for them. We hopes to achieve his goal of raising €20,000 is hoping that many people would join in support in raising the funds however small the donation to make a life changing move for the young people of nemesis amateur boxing club. Many are already donating but so much more is needed to reach this goal.


Beamridge Ltd. is a group that was established in 2013 that revolutionized how construction work is done, Lee May bring one of the management professionals.