TJ Maloney Elaborates On The Importance Of A Balanced Approach To Life

TJ Maloney is the chief executive officer and chairman of one of the best private equity firms in New York City called Lincolnshire Management. TJ Maloney joined this firm back in 1993 and worked his way up to becoming the chairman and chief executive officer of the firm. The journey to the success was not handed to him he definitely had to earn it. TJ Maloney is well-educated and did his undergraduate studies at Boston College where he graduated with his bachelor degree that got him ready for law school. TJ Maloney went on to get his Juris Doctor degree from Fordham Law School. After Law School he worked with his father and his father taught him all the different aspects that was needed to run a successful business. TJ Maloney then went on to practice mergers, acquisitions, and securities law when he stopped working with his father. After this stint working in law was when he joined Lincolnshire Management.

TJ Maloney believe strongly that individuals should maintain a balanced approach to life. Meaning that you should not work too much or have too much leisure time. This balanced approach also goes into the realms of other things that pertains to life as well such as balancing the connections with your team and colleagues. This balancing between the connections with teams and colleagues is needed so an individual does not fall behind on their own work and deadlines that they need to meet. There is a possibility that this can happen if an individual is always tied up in meetings with their team or colleagues. This approach is what has made TJ Maloney very successful throughout his career. TJ Maloney has been able to create a step-by-step business process that is based around his balanced approach strategy. This strategy allows TJ Maloney to find a company that he is interested in purchasing. This is followed by research and team collaboration to see how Lincolnshire Management will go about getting a deal done or purchasing the company of interest.

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