Rio’s Petrochemical Complex to Aid In Economic Upswing

The Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex in Brazil will come to final fruition after more than a year in the bidding process. Coming out with the winning bid was Toyo Setal. The winner of the bid is a Brazilian company that focuses on the development and production of such highly complex projects. Bidding took longer than was expected due to the invitation-only bidding process. Only those companies who had been invited to bid could respond, once they had proven that they were in financial and technically complete the job. These invites were only sent to those who were companies already registered with Petrobras.

The construction of the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex had been stalled since 2015. Toyo Setal, in the acceptance, explained how they had specialists in all disciplines who had visited the complex in order to determine what had been completed and also what still had yet to be done. It had also been stated that Petrobras had long been Toyo Setal’s largest customer, so this is a resuming of their previous business relationship. The decision is beneficial for not only Toyo Setal, but also the local economy of Rio de Janeiro. Since the project became stalled in 2015, The local economy became a victim of a deep economic and also social crisis.

With the resumption of the Petrochemical Complex in Brazil, there is an expected creation of 1,000 jobs at minimum. In turn, each one of those will also gain four more openings of employment. Bringing a total of 5,000 positions in the upswing start of rebuilding a community economy. This will help Rio de Janeiro to begin the recovery process in its economy. Toyo Setal has global experience and does function in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Mining, Steel, Infrastructure and Energy. They operate mainly in engineering procurement, construction and also Commissioning. The company tailors themself to meet all the specific needs of each of their clients, thus giving them complete solutions. This is deemed as the most important job for the company and also Rio de Janeiro as it will assist all that are involved.