Meet Glenn Schlossberg: The Founder and Principal of Jump Design Group

Jump Design Group, a firm headed by Glenn Schlossberg announced that it had purchased Cathy Daniels, a company that specialized on the sportswear. Jump Design Group took all the Cathy Daniel’s assets immediately after the agreement was signed. According to the agreement, the sales team, as well as the factory groups at the Cathy Daniels, will continue working but under the Jump Design Group management. The former president of Cathy Daniels will also be given an important position at the new company.


The Chief Executive Officer of the Jump Design Group made it clear that they were not on a mission of acquiring all the companies that are not doing very well in the industry. Their intention was to get firms with sound business portfolio and then compliment them with their strategies, marketing as well as customer base.


Cathy Daniels was started as Eccobay by Herbert L. Chestler in the year 1972. The Launching of the Cathy Daniels label was done in the year 1984, some few years after Danny and Steve (sons of the founder) joined the team. Since then, the company has been growing and expanding steadily in the sportswear industry. Danny and Steve said that their father taught them about the business that was built on honesty, integrity, hard work as well as the commitment to producing the best products for the good of their customers.


Steve and Danny said that they were extremely proud that they have left a good legacy. They also said that they were pleased that the factory group will have a golden opportunity to continue working under the new leadership. They said that the next phase of the Cathy Daniels will be under Jump Design Group under the leadership of Glenn Schlossberg, Jerry Passaretti, and Ashesh Amin. They made it clear that they wish the new leaders all the best in their future endeavors.


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Glenn is the founder as well as the principal of the Jump Design Group. Since he joined the fashion industry in the 1990s, he has made several achievements. He started by putting the right measures in place to ensure that the company’s employees work to collaborate, produce, deliver, and design quality garments for their customers.


Matt Badiali: Crazy Copper Prices

One of the least likely individuals to ever become a financial advisor was Matt Badiali. He spent over twenty years building a solid resume as a geologist. He traveled to many countries examining the mines and the oil wells of some of the largest names in the natural resource sector. He has taught college classes and even began working towards his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina. However, a friend of his saw he had potential in matters of finance. He wanted Matt Badiali to help him to assist individuals trying to speculate in the lucrative natural resource sector. He later proved that he had skill in picking extremely profitable natural resource companies. He began a newsletter called the Real Wealth strategist, which contains useful information about natural resource companies with huge profit potential for investors.

Individuals who have followed the advice of Matt Badiali have been able to double or triple their initial investment. Matt Badiali has been following the price action in copper and he is of the conclusion that the demand for the commodity far exceeds the supply that’s coming to the market. He is anticipating that there will be deficits in the supply of copper for the next few years. He believes that market participants have driven the price of copper much lower than its fair value and feels that copper should start to rise. He believes that copper has favorable fundamentals because he believes the electric vehicle is going to be a major deal in a few years.

These vehicles require a lot more copper than a traditional car. Mr. Badiali faults the speculators for driving the price of copper in the wrong direction. He feels that the main catalyst is the fear over the current trade war between China and the United States. There is a Grasberg copper mine construction that is not going to be online as scheduled. This should make the supply situation for copper even worse than it already is. Geologists such as Matt Badiali are more than familiar with how most mines take much longer to get into production than most anticipate. He also feels that copper is going to be the next bull market among the metals.

Victoria Doramus Outlines Her Steps To Sobriety

Victoria Doramus started struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in her early 20s. She ended up in rehab in 2011 and then again in 2016. She says she succumbed to cocaine and Adderall. While she learned from things from these stays in rehab she says that she hadn’t yet hit rock bottom. That would occur in late 2016.

According to, she was living in New York and was alone without any friends or family. It was Thanksgiving Day and she says she became desperate and as a result she was arrested. Victoria Doramus says she was at that point willing to do whatever it took to get off the drugs and become sober. She felt she didn’t have anything else to lose and if she didn’t really get help she was going to die. She decided to check into a facility in Austin called the Burning Tree. This rehabilitation facility takes a No-BS approach and forced her to confront her behaviors and addictions.

After seven months Victoria Doramus was released to a halfway house where she had a sponsor working with her on her recovery. She was required to do five AA meetings a week and work 30 to 40 hours. She is now in London and works with a number of addiction non-profits such as the Amy Winehouse Foundation. She also volunteers for other types of charities as well such as Best Friends Animal Society and Room to Read.

Victoria Doramus says that her dream is to open a halfway house in New York which helps people who want to attain sobriety and get their lives back together. She says she wants this halfway house to be based on the concept of the twelve steps program while not being that exact type of program itself. She is already getting the business model together and getting the funding lined up for this nonprofit. View Doramus’ career history on LinkedIn.

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Jed McCaleb working on a payment system for cryptocurrencies

If there is one person who deserves to be praised for leading the cryptocurrency industry in the right direction is Jed McCaleb. He is one of the people trying to make a great difference in the industry by focusing on technological innovations that can help grow the industry. While some people are only interested in making millions from the industry, there is a group led by Jed McCaleb who are working around the clock to ensure that the underlying technology that supports digital currency transactions is protected. Without this technology, the industry will just collapse. However, this is something that many people do not seem to understand.

In a published article from, it says that Jed McCaleb is focusing his energies now on the creation of a payment system that will make digital currencies just like any other currency we know of. With a platform to pay using digital currencies, the industry will grow tremendously in coming years. We no longer have to worry about being unable to use the digital currencies to make payments as is the case now. McCaleb has invested in this inventions because he believes it has the potential to not only affect cryptocurrencies but all the currencies in the world. We are looking at a possibility of fiat currency being run through blockchain technology. This will be a step that will bring transparency in the financial industry as blockchain is a public ledger that cannot be altered.

Jed McCaleb is happy about the steps that are being taken toward accomplishing the goal of helping the people realize the benefits of digital currencies. He has experience working with them and is hopeful that he will create a change in the world through this technology.

Jed McCaleb, also a programmer, is not new to inventions. He has worked with different companies in the cryptocurrency industry, and he knows a lot about this industry. He has also made some huge blockchain projects such as Mt. Gox, platform that was responsible for 80 percent of bitcoin transactions before he sold it and later hacked. His contributions, he says to CNBC, will make a difference. Stellar is going to be the first company to create a milestone in the industry by rolling out a universal payment system.

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There Is More to Retirement Than Finance, Says HCR Wealth Advisers

Almost everybody spends roughly fifteen to twenty years planning for their retirement financial wise. It is only a small percentage that prepares for the non-financial aspects of retirement which are also as crucial as having enough money in savings. It is true that taking care of the financial aspect is the primary interest of most retirees. However psychological, emotional, physical and intellectual adjustments are also as crucial if one is to enjoy his/her retirement.

Retirement is usually considered the honeymoon of life because people get to enjoy the fruits of their hard work without commitment to big money projects such as paying school fees and mortgage loans. However, if not properly planned for, it would be a hard time trying to make the adjustments from your career schedule to your new retirement life. It is also a normal occurrence for retirees who have huge chunks of money which are not committed to a particular course, to engage in destructive behaviors like alcoholism to fill the void that retiring has created.

HCR Wealth Advisors advises people planning to retire not to neglect the non-financial part of their retirements because they will want to have a good life while in retirement. They say it is common for retirees to get bored, start unhealthy eating habits or lower their self-esteem because of feeling inadequate. HCR Wealth Advisors is mindful of the retirees and offers some insight on how to live life after retirement, in a plan dubbed New Retirement.

According to HCR Wealth Advisers, people on the verge of retirement or planning to retire should plan for a change in their lifestyle and a transition to their new life in retirement. This will enable the phase of transition to be less chaotic and help them psychologically adapt faster to their new environment. They also say that retiring does not mean one has to stop working.

The financial advisory firm says that retirees would find more flexible ways to continue with their line of work. Retirement is the prime time for people to learn or do what they had always wanted to do but life got in their way. It is common for retirees to pick up new hobbies and also develop new relationships with people they had never met before.

The New Retirement plan from HCR Wealth Advisors (@HcrWealth) caters for all the social and psychological factors that retirees are likely to face. This is in line with their philosophy of helping their clients experience smooth transitions in all lie stages.

More about HCR Wealth Advisors

The registered investment advisory firm offers financial service and wealth management, consulting, business service, and insurance service. The mission of the firm is to build permanent relationships with clients through excellent service, communication education, and trust. HCR Wealth Advisors works to ensure that its customers are shielded from financial risks that may complicate their transitions in life.

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The Healing Studio

Sitting at the bedside of a sick child faced with a long term injury or illness is difficult. The hours spent in the hospital room waiting for test results and some sign of physical improvement can be stressful. For the child in the bed wondering what will happen next this can be very frightening and depressing. When a celebrity visits or volunteers come to entertain them, the positive effects are clearly seen. The children are happier and for a brief moment they are not concerned about their condition.

In 2010 Ryan Seacrest saw the positive effects of his visits to children in long term hospital stays and wanted to do more. After talking with his family a decision was made to create the Ryan Seacrest Foundation with the goal of having a lasting positive effect on hospitalized children. They decided to create a studio in the hospital where children and their families can come and play. The studio will be filled with radio and video equipment. The children have the opportunity to create a radio show or video that will broadcast in the hospital. For the children that can come to the studio they have the opportunity to learn how to use studio equipment and exercise their creativity. For the children that cannot leave their rooms, the activity in the studio is broadcast to their rooms where they can enjoy the fun. Quite often the studio will have a special visitor. A celebrity from the music industry, television, and movies will sometimes stop by and sing a song or do an interview. These visits bring a special smile on the faces of the children.

The studios also have an intern program for students from local colleges who are studying communications. This program gives students experience in studio production.

Currently the Ryan Seacrest Foundation have studios in 10 major hospitals across the country. Their desire is to touch as many children as possible across our nation and to expand around the world. The fun and activities of the studio help the children and their families to escape their worries and heal. You can also read this article from The New York Times.

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Find out the Prediction Jed McCaleb Has Made

People with big dreams do great things to see their dream come true. If you ever come across people like Jed McCaleb who wish to change the world, you would discover how passionate they are about it. Since he started his career, Jed has always desired to see the world change for better. Most people with such a goal don’t mind investing their money and time in a hard industry. This is what Jed decided to do. He invested in a programming course with the idea of changing the video game industry. The American programmer desired to transform the blockchain and the file-sharing industry.

Wherever Jed worked in, he left a memorable mark. He ensured the place is better than he found it. It didn’t matter what it would cost him to do so, but he had to do it anyway. Most peers today still use the eDonkey technology Jed McCaleb created to share files and programs. The video game trading network that looked simple a few years ago has become a mega worldwide bitcoin exchange today. Jed is using Stellar to bring banking services to people who could not access them before.

He co-founded Stellar together with Joyce Kim to transform the banking services. This company uses blockchain coding to ensure Europe, Asia, and other places receive quality banking services. When Jed came up with Stellar, his main concern was to correct the financial system faults that existed. Besides being the co-founder, Jed is also the CTO of Stellar. He has adequate skills to make accurate and excellent predictions about the future of the financial industries and blockchain. Jed McCaleb believes the blockchain implementation will be complete in about ten years to come, making banks available all over the world.

Stellar has many clients in America and across the globe. IBM happens to be one of the reputable American clients Stellar has today. IBM specializes in producing the largest computer parts in the world. IBM is today conducting its global business transactions using Stellar’s secure and safe software. If bigger companies such as IBM can trust Stellar, Jed says even the small, independent companies across the world will do the same. Jed McCaleb also says the stock trade would one day be complete through blockchain or cryptocurrency.


HCR Wealth Advisors Encourages Teaching Children Financially Literacy

HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, wants parents to begin their child’s journey to financial literacy early.

If you make the experience rewarding, saving and investing can become second nature to a child. HCR Wealth Advisors wants to help you turn financial literacy into a skill for your children as they prepare for adulthood.

When a child receives money for doing a task at home, they begin to understand that it is necessary to work to earn money. Simple household tasks, such as taking out the garbage, can be leveraged toward that end. As the child grows, you can increase their responsibilities. This increases the value they add, so you can also increase their allowance.

A basic two-column budget can show income on the left, expenditures on the right and a goal at the top. Have your child write what they want on the budget sheet along with its costs. Such a budget sheet can reinforce ideas about financial responsibility and what it takes to earn a reward a child may desire.

You can also help your child by starting a savings account for them. At first it will be complicated, but as they take on one task at a time, it won’t be long until handling a bank account will be as easy as tying their shoes.

Keep a running dialogue with your child about the effects of investing and the consequences of not investing. When they’re ready, explain the basics of financial markets to them. Give them one share of stock and set them up with an online stock trade simulator to reinforce the lessons.

HCR Wealth Advisors knows that an adult with a strong early education in financial literacy will be better prepared to meet their financial goals and be ready for retirement. HCR Wealth Advisors takes pride in educating their clients.

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Ryan Seacrest And His Love For Helping Children

Ryan Seacrest, a TV star, Radio host, and passionate philanthropist.

Beginnings and Television career

Ryan Seacrest is a TV and Radio personality born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974 to a real estate lawyer and a homemaker. As an infant, unlike the rest of the kids, Ryan enjoyed playing talk show host instead of playing with toys. Soon after, at the age of 16 Seacrest started an internship at WSTR FM working with Tom Sullivan who eventually trained him and gave him a job on the radio station working weekends. Eventually, he left when he got accepted into the University of Georgia (UGA) after graduating high school.

Finding the need to pursue his passion he eventually found the need to leave UGA and move to Hollywood, CA where he would suddenly be surrounded by opportunities. Though very popular as a radio host, his breakthrough and eventual success came in the form of TV hosting when in 1993 he hosted the first season of Radical Outdoor Challenge on ESPN. The following years he continued to host TV shows such as Knock Knock Live, American Idol and Live with Kelly and Ryan alongside Kelly Ripa. Throughout the years he has also continued working on radio with his latest and current show being On Air with Ryan Seacrest.


Seacrest inaugurated the Ryan Seacrest Foundation in 2010 and two years later named Selena Gomez the Ambassador. The foundation currently serves nine children hospitals in seven different states including Massachusetts, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and two in California.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation focuses on the wellbeing of kids and has recently committed to creating a new project called Seacrest Studios. The project is based in hospitals, where children are encouraged to explore radio and media. Seacrest Studios provides suffering children with motivation, energy, and optimism. Something they need as they go through long and painful healing procedures. Visit Ryan Seacrest’s Facebook page if you want to get involved with RSF.

The project also aims to reach out to media students who want to gain hands-on experience in the fields of broadcasting, programming, and multimedia center operations.

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Building the Ferrari-like Military Gears with Ronald Fowlkes at First Spear

Ronald Fowlkes, who is popularly known as Ronnie Fowlkes, is a former team member of St. Louis police department SWAT team, and a former US Marine Corps. After high school, when he was 17, Ronald joined the Marine after several turndowns due to his young age, and he went on to graduate from the famed Army Jump School. He is the current director of business development and co-owner of First Spear Product Development Group. Before joining First Spear, Ronald Fowlkes was a business development manager at Eagle Industries. He worked at IWT Group as the military product sales & business development manager.


At First Spear, Ronald Fowlkes has worked tirelessly and actively for 20 years in designing, developing and delivery of high-quality equipment and gear enlisted with the armed forces for security firm officers. He is mandated to coordinate professional users from different departments, mostly military and law enforcement departments. His task is vital for First Spear since he has to demonstrate his business development and operational experience as a marketing plan for innovative designs.


He was led to First Spear following continued exposure during his time at the Corps. His interest more aroused when he found First Spear gears when he later joined the police and the SWAT team. While at the SWAT team, he was quick to learn the good design and durability of First Spear gears that happened to be made in his hometown, St. Louis. His journey through the Corps, SWAT, and IWT helped to build a unique experience making him the right candidate with the understanding of unique mission requirements that First Spear needs to adapt to keep up and set industry needs.


Ronald Fowlkes desire is to continue with the reputation and reliability of First Spear. This has made marketing of their products much easy as satisfied customers including NATO who handle 30% of their business recommend and refer other clients. They also attend trade shows and mostly do conduct their business in the field working with local and state law enforcers and in the DOD. Their focus on quality products ensures that they get repeat business as they keep their customers happy.


To bring ideas into top quality gears, Ronald Fowlkes believes in teamwork where developers work closely with clients to determine what their requirements are. Mostly they get ideas from the end users, and from the field, where First Spear builds an RFI after which the company internal R&D teams start working to meet the expected goals.


He says that to keep them in business and protect their products from counterfeits, they patent them. This includes the laser cutting and tube technology which has eased their workload by 40%.