A Revolutionary Meat Partnership with OSI Industries

In the business world, an individual can not afford to sit ideally as the economic conditions evolve around them. They have to risk it all at some point, but an effective leader knows how to mitigate the fallout potential. The world impossible simply does not exist in the mind of those top of the world. However, this word has taken on a new meaning in the eyes of a college professor from Stanford University. He believed it to mean creating a product that nobody thought could exist. The series of events from when this product hit the market to OSI Industries is documented with Gazatte Day.

Impossible typically is used when something can not be done, but in the case of Patrick Brown it means making the unexpected result a reality. Impossible Foods was founded in 2011 as a way for this individual to experiment in new food creation methods. He was stunned by the results in the early stages of his testing, but yet faced intense shame from his fellow professors. However, that would never be enough to detour his mission. In 2016, the impossible become possible as the Impossible Burger hit in the market across North America. He had created a new spin on the classic meat burger. Read Articles about OSI Industries at Refrigerated & Frozen Foods

At the same time, OSI Industries was in a period of sustained global growth. They saw the Impossible burger make an impact on the market, and become curious about where it came from. It turned out that both companies had a lot more in common than first meets the eye. OSI Industries was purely a meat supplier who did business all over the world, but Impossible Burger was targeting an audience who wanted a burger but without the traditional meat. The combination of these forces would allow the each party to tap into an even greater audience.

OSI Industries and Impossible Foods signed the partnership without a second thought. The deal was too good to pass up for either party. Forming an alliance has been a common tactic since ancient times, and it still works in the modern economic conditions.

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