Matthew Fleeger: Business Success Is Not Enough For This Oil Entrepreneur

Gulf Coast Western may have been opened in 1970 by the father of the current CEO, Director, and President of the company, Matthew Fleeger, but during his time in this position, he has managed to grow the company across the United States. The oil and gas industry may be what he is most known for throughout the world of business, but the entrepreneur has also started 2 other companies in different industries that have been successes. These 2 industries include medical waste and tanning. In 1999, Matthew Fleeger founded the company Palm Beach Tan which ended up becoming the biggest chain of its kind in the United States.

The way that the father of Matthew Fleeger focused on Gulf Coast Western mainly only pursued local interest, but he is changing that under his leadership and is expanding into several different states in the United States. The footprint of Gulf Coast Western has been expanding considerably in Southwestern Louisiana where his company recently acquired 2 other business entities in the area. It is smart business moves like this that have earned Matthew Fleeger the reputation of causing strong growth for his company under his leadership. Other states Gulf Coast Western has grown into including Colorado, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas.

Growing his businesses is important to Matthew Fleeger, but will all of his success he knows that it is important to think about the communities his companies operate in and the world beyond them. This is why he supports several different philanthropic causes that align with his social values. He has recently been working with a young survivor of cancer who is working to help other children who are living through cancer. They are doing this by trying to get legislation passed that provides more money for research and initiatives like toy drives for children with cancer around Christmas.