Barbara Stokes & Green Structure Homes Tackle Natural Disasters Head On´╗┐

With the increasing rise of natural disasters and their associated damage, there has been an increasing demand for disaster relief companies that know what they’re doing. This has been especially true in the likes of Alabama, which has been rocked by both Hurricanes Harvey and Katrina in recent years, as well as much more. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Having said that, one of the more prominent companies to be helping in this regard has been Huntsville-based Green Structure Homes, led Scott and Barbara Stokes. The duo founded the company in 2008, and it’s been growing to new heights ever since. While neither of the pair got their start in the disaster relief, they bought brought an extensive amount of skills and philosophies to the company.


Barbara Stokes, for example, brought key government contacts that proved to be vital when it came to getting some Green Structure Homes’ first contracts. However, one of the most important things that Scott and Barbara Stokes brought to the company was a personalized and flexible approach to disaster relief. This was led by the belief that no two disasters strike the same; with that in mind, the relief for these disasters shouldn’t be the same from one to another. This has led to GSH and Barbara Stokes to working with a variety of appropriate parties in the event of these disasters to create a strategy that gives the most relief possible efficiently. Because of this approach, Green Structure Homes, as well as co-founders Scott and Barbara Stokes have become some of the leading names in disaster relief over the past decade. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Chronicle of the Week.