Sightsavers: Tackling an International Epidemic

Blindness is often thought of as a condition that someone is born with, and while that is true there are other causes. Trachoma, an infection caused by bacteria, is the leading cause of blindness outside of genetic reasons. This bacterial infection is common in third world countries where the living conditions are not sanitary. Trachoma is contagious and very painful.


There is a simple cure for trachoma when it is treated in the early stages, but too often the afflicted have no way of getting the much-needed medication that could save their sight. Sightsavers, an international sight charity based out of the UK, is taking aim to treat trachoma with preventative action and treatment. The non-profit’s CEO Caroline Harper is leading the fight against this preventable disease. Through her organization’s efforts blindness and that staggering statistics about how common it is becoming has led to the British government to donate to this very worthy cause.


Sightsavers has already played a significant role in the battle against preventable blindness. In 2018 alone they entered the war-torn country of Yemen where they trained 4,000 volunteers to administer Zithromax® door-to-door, dispensed 440,000 doses of this sight-saving antibiotic, and were able to visit 273 isolated villages despite roadblocks and other obstacles. More than one billion treatments for NTDs(neglected tropical diseases) have been administrated through this organization and their many supporters, donors, and volunteers.


The non-profit organization Sightsavers was founded in 1951 by Sir John Wilson who had suddenly become blind following an accident in chemistry class. Their goals are to prevent blindness when possible, advocate for those without sight, and support the blind community. Their goals align with those of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals because both organizations believe that collaborating together brings about more awareness to issues, unity working towards common goals, and aids in joint ventures that benefit many people.


Stream Energy helps out for multiple causes

Stream Energy has helped out the community by assisting victims ravaged by Hurricane Harvey. It became one of the first to fund the recovery by shelling out money earned from sales. The company enjoys taking part in Philanthropy by launching its charity foundation called “Stream Cares.” It continues to do charitable acts all across Texas, something it has done for over 12 years now. Stream Energy has been the blueprint for other companies to help out for great causes. The team is very proud of the launch of their separate philanthropy. There are some advantages to it like the company earning the respect and loyalty of various clients and the public. The article speaks on America’s generosity to charities in general. Businesses have given a whopping $19 billion to many charities in America and abroad according to the article by Patch. That does not equate to the time and effort people have sacrificed though. Corporate scholarships and cause marketing are also not included in the total sum. Stream Energy has built up lasting relationships with other great organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and The Red Cross. The company’s business model is quite simple with paying associates to build a network of loyal clients and deliver products and services. The brand supplies discounted energy towards telemedicine and virtual doctors in residential and corporate areas. Stream associates support generous causes with passion as they work as entrepreneurs or business owners. One big thing that Stream cares about is homelessness, the brand routinely checks statistics on how many people are homeless and who are struggling. That is why Stream has partnered up with Hope Supply Co. to battle the issue and help the homeless. The partnership was able to cover meals for 1,000 homeless children in Texas. Stream Energy and Hope Supply Co. have also brought the children to a local water park, with Hope providing diapers, clothing, and school supplies to the children. They have worked together for four years. Stream also provided transportation for veterans and families to go eat at a Texas restaurant. Stream Energy enjoys changing the lives of people forever.

IC System commitment to ethical practices and philanthropy

IC System is a prominent receivable accounts company that offers collection services. The company has been offering these services for the last 80 years. It was started in 1930 by Jack and Ruth Erickson who intended to create a firm that will offer quality services depending on the collection needs of the client. The company is known for implementing innovative methods of offering services which place it among the best collection agencies in the country. Beyond the high-quality services they offer plus offering a cutting-edge solution for collection needs, the company has even a deeper commitment to the delivery of services.


IC System is based on strong ethical business practices which ensures that it abides by the regulations that guide the industry. The firm outlines its core values as pride, people, and integrity. These are the values that guide the daily operations of the company. It is even made better by the commitment it has demonstrated in supporting community initiatives through charity work. The offices of the company are located in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company has put emphasis not just on delivering good services but also applying the best methods of providing the services. The founders aim to help clients get their financial accounts back while at the same time maintaining a good relationship between client and the consumer.


IC System has a mission of being the best not only in the delivery of collection services but also in community-related matters. The firm believes that every business has a role to play in the growth of the community. A business does not operate in isolation where all it needs id to make profits. It must as well show commitment to contributing positively to issues that affect society. On top of being a top employer in its neighborhoods, it strives to establish a strong charitable presence at both state and national levels. The initiatives which this company has taken regarding charitable activities are in line with the ethical practices which it has vowed to maintain. The firm has an in-house philanthropic team which coordinates all the philanthropic activities which are run by this company.