Rocketship Education Fills the Achievement Gap In Today’s Education

Rocketship Education is a system of public charter schools that are popping up in low income and/or at-risk communities throughout the United States. The mission of Rocketship Education is to empower students who may not have the best opportunities in education due to their economic status. The schools provide top-tier educators, the latest technology, and a safe, structured, positive, and challenging environment that many poor students would not have access to in traditional public schools.

Rocketship Education has implemented an innovative theory on how a school system should work. The company is seeing so much success that it is turning the traditional school system on its head. One main characteristic of Rocketship Education’s system is how much parents are involved in the school’s functioning. Parents get a very large, in-depth role in many aspects of the school. A great example of this is that the school allows a select group of parents to interview applicants for teaching positions just like an administrator would. The parents are allowed to give their input to the principal, and the principal takes this information into consideration during the hiring process. At Rocketship Education schools, parent involvement often starts long before the employment process. Parents of students attending the schools are able to tour buildings as they are being built, becoming familiar with the layout before the school is even finished.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The school provides free public education to low-income families while still offering the best opportunities in education. The school currently has locations in:

  •  Nashville, Tennessee
  • Milwalkee, Wisconsin
  • Washington, D.C.
  • The Bay area in California

Rocketship Education will continue to expand, working towards meeting their goal of bridging the achievement gap between low-income education and high-income education. With the positive results that the school system has already had since its inception in 2006, this goal will be achieved in no time.

Why You Should Choose Rubica as Your Personal Cyber-Security Program

The Petya cyber-attack is the latest case scenario of ransomware attacks that have been on the rise. I have been hacked, and I can attest to you that such an attack is the last thing you would like to experience.

Late last year, it emerged that millions of Yahoo subscribers had lost valuable information after their personal data was stolen without their consent. It should therefore not come as a surprise when you hear that Yahoo has laid down some measures to curb these attacks.

According to Yahoo, Internet users should highly avoid using Windows XP since this OS is very vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Though this OS was abolished in 2014, an estimated 4.86% of Microsoft users are still using it.

Yahoo also advises each user to be cautious on the files they open. If you have a robust ransomware removal program and you are not careful with the files you open, you may end up installing a ransomware on your PC.

There is no better security than using a personal cyber-security company that detects and eliminates a ransomware. If you are looking for such a company, look no further than Rubica. Rubica is a personal cyber security company that protects you from cyber criminals and ransomware attacks.

This company employs a sophisticated system that includes real-time analysis to keep you updated once something fishy occurs while browsing. The company also has a Human-Assisted Machine Learning System and a secure private network that detects anomalies and designs ways of solving them immediately. The company also keeps your data private hence guaranteeing you maximum safety.

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How Students Achieve More At The Success Academy

Success Academy is a company that has charter schools in New York City. It has elementary schools, middle schools, and a high school. Success Academy was founded by its Chief Executive Officer, Eva Moskowitz, in 2006. Students at a Success Academy school achieve much better educational results than what a student in a New York City public school typically has gained.

In Common Core exams, only 29% of public school children were proficient in English and only 35% in math. At Success Academy, the results were 64% showing proficiency in English and 94% in math. Making these results even more amazing, many of the students at their schools come from some of the poorest communities in the city.

There are a number of reasons why Success Academy is so successful at teaching children in their network of 32 schools. Among these are that students wear school uniforms which elimanates some of the differences between students and other distractions from learning. Their schools also have a longer school day that feature about 33% more instruction time than what the areas public schools do. They also hold both the teachers and students to a high standards of conduct. Additionally, they expect a lot out of students with high expectation levels for each and every student. The biggest difference, though, is that they concentrate very heavily on what is being taught instead of how, with each child learning in the best way that suits them.

The motto of Success Academy is that “content is king”. Everything that children do serves a purpose which Eva Moskowitz calls “joyful rigor”. This carries through to how children learn about reading. At each grade level, each student reads and writes about one subject for six weeks like the American Revolution. In middle school, the students have more independent reading time that also includes a literature class. By high school, students at the Success Academy are highly independent readers and learners who have developed a passion for reading and learning as well.


Betsy Devos Proud & Worthwhile Legacy

Betsy DeVos is inspiration for us all for many reasons. She is the United States Secretary of Education, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and is happily married to her husband, Dick DeVos, of over 30 years. But what makes her stand out even more is that through her personal and professional achievements, her family and her still make time to give back to others. And because of this, she has been widely honored and recognized through a recent interview with Philanthropy Roundtable about her family’s philanthropy especially in regards to the education reform movement. Read more about their foundation at

Interview Recap

First, she expressed her how pleased she was that 250,000 students were in 33 private choice programs within 17 states and in DC that were publicly funded. She has been concerned in how the public schools have been failing, and thus, she has been involved in the radical movement for children’s education reform. Even when her and her husband’s children were school-age children decades ago, she saw the struggle of many parents trying to make sure their children are safe, are loved, and are learning. It touched their hearts so much that the DeVoses started to assist financially with that one school. Afterwards, they broaden their giving a lot further: She served on the board of the American Education Reform Council and the Children First America in the 1990s, her and her husband were involved in passing the first charter school bill for Michigan in 1993, she has been serving as the Michigan Republican party’s chairperson for 1996 to 2005, she started the Great Lakes Education Project after the proposed constitutional amendment was defeated, and then she began getting involved with the American Federation for Children (AFC) in which she is now the chairman. She is also the chair for the Alliance for School Choice. Other than that, she has been doing more lobbying and other political involvement for educational reform for all children regardless of their zip codes. Betsy DeVos spoke highly of charter schools in that interview, and she said that homeschooling is another great education option. However, digital learning is still in its infancy stage, according to her. And she expressed how bipartisanship is needed in education.

Know more:

Other Work History

As stated above, DeVos has been involved in political and philanthropic activities for over 35 years. Her political involvement started when she volunteered in 1976 for President Gerald R. Ford. In addition to the work experience mentioned above, she is the chairman for the Windquest Group, a privately held company that she and her husband found in 1989. This company invests in clean energy, manufacturing, and technology. She also serves as the chairman for the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. This foundation focuses on the arts, community, education, justice, and leadership categories. In 1992 to 1998, she was on the Republican National Committee. Additionally, she is a member of numerous local and national boards, including the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church, and the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center.

Educational Courses For Career Development

In order to stay current, one must continually upgrade their education. Often, this is the only way to stay up to date on the latest trends in one’s industry. There are several ways to go about receiving additional educational courses. For example, extended education through online courses or taking Wessex Courses at the Wessex Institute of Technology. The fact is that Wessex Institute of Technology is a well known educational institution of higher learning in the South of England that offers higher degrees.

Quality Courses

The courses that are taught at the Wessex Institute of Technology are short courses designed for the person that is already in the industry or the educational field. The courses are attended by people from across the globe. They recognize that Wessex is an excellent source for updating their education and learning the skills required to stay current. In addition, the courses are taught by highly talented individuals with expert knowledge in the fields taught.

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