Rebel Wilson Says She’s Next To Get Married After Co-Stars Liam Hemsworth and Priyanka Chopra

The stars of Isn’t It Romantic have been having an extremely romantic few weeks; Liam Hemsworth announced that he an Miley Cyrus got married just before Christmas. Priyanka Chopra also had two ceremonies – a Hindu ceremony and a Christian one – with recent husband Nick Jonas in December. Rebel Wilson seemingly wants to add her name to that list.

Or it could be another one of those instances where she’s flexing her chops. Having said that, both couples have been reported to have been over-the-moon since their weddings, which may have inspired some faux-envy from Ms. Wilson. Rebel Wilson jokingly demanded on Instagram that she be the next to get married from the cast and crew. Or it at least led her to believe that she naturally has to be the next out of her co-stars to get married.

Taking the lead in Isn’t It Romantic, Rebel Wilson has quickly become a leading woman over the past few years. Best known for portraying Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect franchise, she’s spread out to comedies and romance films ever since.

The role garnered her significant attention; not only did she receive critical acclaim, but she was also nominated for several awards. Pitch Perfect went to on lead to other roles, such as How To Be Single and Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.

Of course, it also put Rebel Wilson on her way to landing the leading role in Isn’t It Romantic. The film focuses on a romance between Rebel Wilson’s character and a male lead played by Liam Hemsworth. The cast had quickly built up a fast-friendship; Ms. Wilson has recently taken to Instagram in order to show off some behind the scenes photos of Isn’t It Romantic. While all of these were captioned with Rebel Wilson’s trademark sense of humor, they did go to highlight the grueling schedule behind the shoot of the romcom.

In one Instagram post, Ms. Wislon noted that it was 4am when the photo was taken; Liam Hemsworth and herself can both be seen to be still in-character, or taking a short break from filming.

Liam Hemsworth’s and Priyanka Chopra’s marriages make two out of the three main co-stars married, and it may seem like Rebel Wilson doesn’t want to be the odd one out. While she was obviously joking, she did note that the Isn’t It Romantic cast has had some of the romantic few weeks of their lives at the same time.

Offering a pun on Instagram, she asked Isn’t It Romantic? Isn’t It Romantic is set to hit theaters on Valentine’s Day. The film is set to spear the cliche’s of typical romcoms while also being one itself; Rebel Wilson plays a character who sees a typical romance film as pure fantasy, until one day she becomes aware of her existence inside a movie.

Or, she’s at least she’s self-aware enough to notice that she’s in a PG-13 Universe. This sends her on an adventure to fall in love and make it back to reality.

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