Wes Edens Contribution to the Baja California Sur terminal Project

Wes Edens is a very prominent businessman in America; he studied Finance and Business Administration courses at Oregon State University in 1984. He is the co-founder of a private equity investment firm that deals with various sectors including transportation, communication, real estate, healthcare, financial services, infrastructure, and energy. He also owns the Milwaukee Bucks; it’s the national basketball association franchise that they ought together with Marc Lasry. Milwaukee is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mr. Edens is also known as Wesley Robert Edens. At Fortress Investment company he is the chief investment officer the co-chairman as well as the head of private equity.

With the help of Wes Edens Fortress investment company has launched various projects that contribute significantly to the existing assets. The company has made multiple purchases including the Subprime lender Springfield Financial services. This acquisition earned Mr. Edens the New King of Subprime Lending title written by the Wall Street Journal. He also foresaw the acquisition of Centex Home Equity Company LLC where he is the chairman. By 2015, Mr. Edens had increased the company’s assets to $3.5 billion. Read more about Wes Edens at Industrial Areas Foundation.

On 8th November 2018, Fortress Investment company launched New Fortress Energy that was officially filed and traded publicly on NASDAQ. The new Fortress Energy faces strong development prospects, and Wes Edens is the head thus much is expected from the company. He aims at expanding the reach of the company to existing Jamaica, Mexico, Ireland, Rico and Puerto terminals by 2023.

In Mexico New Fortress Energy has formulated new investment projects to create a better world. one of the proposed projects include Mexico’s Baja California Sur. This project is the infrastructure developer with a long term contract to construct, develop and make the port of Pichilingue operational. When the terminal is competed for more liquefied natural gas will be imported thus consistent supply. Baja project is worth $184 million, and it’s also the first natural gas supply to exist in Baja California Sur. The company has created various job opportunities through the set projects thus raising the standards of living for a large group of people. Wes Edens contribution to these companies is well recognized.

Visit: https://www.wealthx.com/dossier/wesley-robert-edens/


Ryan Seacrest, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Ryan Seacrest is part-entertainer, part-entrepreneur. With a number of enterprises and businesses in a number of industries, it could be said that Ryan Seacrest is the hardest working man in Hollywood today.

Well known for his time as the host of American Idol, Live with Kelly and Ryan, as well as the number-1 rated top morning show, “On Air with Ryan,” Mr. Seacrest is also a man working behind the scenes as a top producer in multiple media channels.

In addition to being a top entertainer, Ryan Seacrest is also lesser-known for his entrepreneurial works. From Ryan Seacrest Productions that produce top shows like “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” and “E! Live From The Red Carpet” and more, he has been involved in many different industries. His most recent business enterprise, a clothing and accessories line exclusively at Macy’s under the line “Ryan Seacrest Distinction” and with plans of launching skin care products for men under the banner “Polished.” Additionally, he is in negotiation with blue-chip companies such as Ford Motors to work with them.

But all of this is only part of the story for the busiest man in Hollywood. On top of being a premier entertainer and entrepreneur, Ryan Seacrest is also heavily involved in charitable giving and causes. His foundation, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, works to provide pediatric hospitals with media centers so that patients, namely young children, have an opportunity to explore creative outlets of radio, television, and media. The primary focus is for children in pediatric care to have an educational outlet and explore the function of media. Currently, the Foundation has opened 10 broadcast centers around the country. He also serves on the LA County Museum of Art and as honorary chair of the Grammy Foundation.

From entertainer to entrepreneur to philanthropist, Ryan Seacrest is, perhaps,the hardest working man in Hollywood right now.

How InnovaCare Health Reduces the Cost of Healthcare

The most significant problem facing the healthcare industry is the rising cost of various products and services. Millions of people lack access to medical care because it is unaffordable.

InnovaCare Health is a value-based company that provides affordable solutions to people who struggle to afford care. In the past few years, the company has expanded in multiple ways.


Preventative healthcare is one of the most significant opportunities in the industry. It is much less expensive to prevent a problem than it is to treat a problem. Millions of Americans struggle with chronic diseases. By eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, most people can feel dramatically better in a few months.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is the current CEO of the company. Unlike most business executives, he spent most of his career working as a medical doctor. He thoroughly enjoyed helping thousands of patients throughout his career. Rick decided he could make a more substantial impact for others as a business leader.

Rick’s career change took multiple years of hard work. After receiving a job offer from InnovaCare Health, he went back to school to earn an MBA. During this time, he learned the basics of managing a company.

Rick has been nominated for numerous awards throughout his career. He recently won a minority leadership award that celebrated his success as CEO of InnovaCare Health. Rick is also an active member of the community. He donates a lot of time and money to help others.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is in charge of the operations of InnovaCare Health. She has worked in the healthcare industry for over two decades at various companies. She brings a ton of experience that has helped the company. Not only did she completely revamp the hiring process at InnovaCare Health, but she also found ways to reduce expenses in the supply chain of the company.

In the future, Penelope Kokkinides plans to focus on reducing labor costs. As labor costs rise, many companies must increase prices for products and services. This is not the approach that InnovaCare Health will take with customers. Instead, the company will find ways to reduce expenses.


The Biography of Louis Chenevert, A Renowned Canadian Businessman

Louis Chenevert earned the position of President and Chief Executive Officer at United Technologies in 2008. He was appointed Chairman of the United Technologies’ Board of Directors two years later. Previously, he served as President and Chief Operating Officer at the company. At some point, he also served as a Director of United Technologies. Prior to joining United Technologies, Mr. Chenevert served as President at Pratt & Whitney.


Louis Chenevert worked at General Motors serving as a Production General Manager for 14 years before moving to Pratt & Whitney in 1993. Mr. Chenevert is the Chairman of The Business Council as well as the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee of the Business Roundtable Executive Committees. He also sits in the US-India CEO forum as a member. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Cargill, the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation as well as the Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory’s Chairman. He became an American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Fellow in 2005.


His journey to success gained momentum at the University of Montreal, where he earned his bachelor of commerce degree in production management. Louis Chenevert Chairs the International Advisory Board of HEC Montreal and Friends of HEC Montreal’s Board of Directors where he also serves as a founding director.


Born in 1958 in Montreal, Louis Chenevert built a noble career through hard work and tireless dedication. He viewed challenges as stepping stones to greater heights. He always looked for new challenges in the course of his career. Now retired, Mr. Chenevert hasn’t stopped pushing things to happen. He has stuck to his hobbies and interests. With his service at Yale Cancer Center, Chenevert stills puts his leadership prowess into practice to ensure the Connecticut residents have access to the most recent therapies as well as best care possible.


Louis Chenevert is a recipient of a doctorate honoris causa from HEC Montreal. He received the honorary degree in 2011 and went on to receive another one from Concordia University in 2014. The institutions recognized him for his exemplary performance as a leader in the aerospace industry. Recently, he joined Goldman Sachs as a senior industry advisor in the Merchant Banking Division.



Nick Vertucci, the Poker Guru

Nick Vertucci is an expert in both the boardroom and poker table. He is a real estate developer, a poker player, and author. Vertucci is well known as the founder and CEO of Nick Vertucci Companies. His story is the typical example of a rags-to-riches story; a person who rose from bankruptcy to being a millionaire. Unlike many successful people who have rich educational backgrounds, Vertucci did not attend college. Vertucci wrote and published a book entitled Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. In this book, he shares the steps he took to succeed and provides insights for people interested in real estate investing.

From real estate, Nick Vertucci has made his name in the world of poker. Vertucci’s success in poker emanates from his knowledge and skills in the game. Also, Vertucci possesses the characteristics of a poker champion; focus, resilience, discipline, adaptability, and attention to detail. In 2004, Vertucci made an apparent achievement in poker at Commerce Casino. He made an incredible $7,530 from a $1,500 buy in. Nick Vertucci has continued to make a name for himself in the poker world competing with top global players such as Antonio Esfandiari, Kenny Tran, and David Benyamine. He has played with celebrities such as Jennifer Tilly, Don Cheadle, and Ben Affleck.

Nick Vertucci has earned a spot among poker experts in the world. He is among the top poker players in thendonmob.com, the largest poker players’ database in the globe. This was after he rated 828th on the World Series of Poker that had approximately 7,190 entrants in 2016. Vertucci transformed his buy-in of $1,500 into $2,532, an impressive stunt. Apart from playing with reputable people in the poker industry, Vertucci has attended the biggest poker tournaments in the world such as Poker After Dark, and World Poker Tournament. He has rubbed shoulders with the highest earners in the industry and kings of poker.

Gareth Henry Stellar Investment Techniques

There are a lot of lucrative opportunities when it comes to asset management. There are multiple ways that managers can cultivate their individual products as well as offerings. Being a part of Fortress Investment group has led to considerable changes for industry leaders like Gareth Henry. Not only has he made hedge funds more popular, but there are unique roles and advantages for individuals who are committed to improving the chances of successful investment in their portfolio. The non-linear relationship between new assets and improved outcomes makes it important for equity traders to consistently pay attention to new products in the industry. Visit their website at garethhenry.com

Gareth Henry has a diverse work and academic history. After attending University in Edinburgh Scotland he graduated with a Bachelors in Science. His forte was in actuarial math which led to some of the more diverse and unique management strategies. Henry has had a passion for math and variable functions. Another area that Henry focuses on has to do with maximizing wealth and sources of capital. Some of the benefits of working with an industry leader are intelligent strategies for investment and hedge fund management. Bonds as well as other diversification strategies make it possible for long term results that are both effective and unique.

The allocation of bonds as well as other strategies for diversification can make a big difference in the overall results of a person’s portfolio. Gareth Henry specializes in getting clients the kind of portfolios that are both robust and profitable around the year.Investors have benefited from Gareth’s unique and well tested strategies. Holding bonds and stocks has never been easier with the comprehensive and customized services.

Another benefit of working with Gareth Henry is the possibility for long term stock market profits. Constantly fluctuating prices yield better performances in each quarter of the year. Because of the continual research and well substantiated techniques presented by Henry, investors have enjoyed continued success year after year. He has also enabled sustainable portfolio development in various sectors of commerce. By diversifying assets and improving the outlook of individuals just starting out, he has made a great impact.

Learn more: https://www.institutionalinvestor.com/article/b150ydq7lczyn0/gareth-henry


Ryan Seacrest Siccessfully Maintains His Busy Career

Ryan Seacrest is a well known television and radio personality. Amazingly, he has been able to juggle several things at one time. He understands the high demands of television and has been able to maintain a successful career. The bulk of his success lies with his television production. Seacrest shared a brief friendship with Dick Clark before he passed. He recalls Clark saying; you have to make people believe that being a co-host and radio personality is easy work. Today, he lives to exercise and drink a glass of wine. He is well respected throughout the entertainment industry by his colleagues.

Seacrest is responsible for a wonderful men’s clothing line. His clothing caters to the laid back professional. They have an opportunity to enjoy a great suit that caters to the casual businessman. Ryan told a famous online fashion magazine that his suit will have a special feature for men. His suit collection is available in select retailers around the world. His suit collection has been very popular among his male fans. Ryan also aspires to create a line of jogging pants that allows an individual to comfortably breathe while they workout. His line of sweatpants is set to hit the market late next summer.

Ryan Seacrest is one of the executive producers of the critically E! Hollywood hit television show Keeping Up With The Karsashians. The popular show has a special guest appearance from Kim Kaesashian West. He also co-hosts and produces the hit series American Idol. The popular show has been viewed in over 5.6 million homes around the world weekly. He makes running his life around television and radio a breeze. Today, you can catch him on his live radio podcast that also features several guests stars that are willing to tell Ryan Seacrest their story.

He also works alongside Kelly Ripa on the Live With Kelly and Ryan morning show. He told his colleagues the best part of the show is seeing Kelly smile. Together, they have been able to watch their ratings soar. You can learn more about Ryan Seacrest by visiting his professional LinkedIn account for more details.

Ryan on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryanseacrest/

Why Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Was Named Person of The Year

In this 21st century where virtually everything is done online, it is easy to find an old friend, a mate, or even a person who later will be your perfect match. That is what Whitney Wolfe; the founder of Bumble, a dating app is trying to do. Whitney is an expert in this. Over the years, Whitney Wolfe has managed to match one person to another, complementing friendships as if the two parties had met face to face. Because there are several such apps and sites, it is easy to fall trap to scammers, people who masquerade to be interested in you but with a bad intention. This scenario jeopardizes the security and privacy of the parties involved. For latest update connect with Whitney Wolfe on Twitter.

When Whitney Wolfe Herd started her dating app a few years ago, she was aware of the challenges parties go through. She, however, sort to solve the issues using very elaborate strategies. To show contrast, Bumble, gives women, who in most cases are the culprits, the authority to initiate a conversation. Unlike other apps, Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble gives the female gender more power than that of the male gender.

Whitney ensured that her app stands out from the rest of the dating sites or apps. She had to ensure that she beats the rest, making it one of the high-end dating apps in the world today with over $1 billion of net worth. What is more is that most of the subscribers of this app are the female gender. Thanks to her efforts to ensure the security, safety, and privacy of the women, Time Magazine has named Whitney Wolfe Herd as the 2018 Person of The Year.

Why Time Magazine Honored Whitney

Before naming Bumble and its founder Whitney Wolfe to be the Person of the Year For 2018, Time Magazine looked at several things. Among the things Time Magazine looked at include, Bumble’s deliberate efforts to ban gun adverts and photos, efforts to break up with Facebook, which Bumble says does not handle customers’ data with care, the stern decision to go solo even after being approached by Match Group, and Bumble’s efforts to empower women.

More about of Whitney Wolfe: https://www.fastcompany.com/person/whitney-wolfe


Rodrigo Terpins: A Race Car Driver with a Passion for Entrepreneurship

Within Brazilian rally racing circles, Rodrigo Terpins is known for his rally exploits especially Sertões Rally where he has participated on several occasions and won numerous races. However, Rodrigo Terpins wears many hats. He is a rally racer who has turned his passion for the sport into a business venture. He co-founded Brazilian Textile Retail Association (ABVTEX); a network that brings together local and international retailers specializing in clothing and accessories. When he is not behind the wheel competing with other race car drivers, Mr. Terpins is busy championing and supporting environmentally sustainable timber products through Floresvale; a company he co-founded. The company is focused on environmental restoration initiatives, especially in Brazil. He also has interests in Brazilian apparel retail industry through his membership to Lojas Marisa S.A.



Being an Entrepreneur



An entrepreneur who is enthusiastic about environmental conscience, Rodrigo Terpins believes in teamwork as an essential platform for bringing ideas to life. He believes that working as a team ensures that businesses come up with inexpensive and innovative ideas of realizing a high return on investment. As an entrepreneur, Rodrigo Terpins keeps in touch with the latest consumer trends and current global events to aid in his decision making. Additionally, he also keeps abreast with best practices in the industry by critically analyzing both local and international markets and competitors. Floresvale’s initial success was achieved through strategic decision making which saw the company acquire already planted forests. This move gave the company an operational foothold as it hit the ground running.



Racing Career: A Sertoes Rally Specialist



Rodrigo Terpins comes from a family of sports fanatics within his brother, Michael Teprins frequently sharing with him the same race car since both are members of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. While he has participated in various race rallies and competitions across Brazil, Terpins is especially fond of the Sertoes Rally which is famous for its grueling and steep terrain. He is especially fond of the T1 Prototypes car category where, together with his co-driver, he has finished in respectable positions. During his last participation in the rally, he finished 8th overall; a respectable feat which was boosted by finishing third in one of the legs of the races.

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Stream Energy helps out for multiple causes

Stream Energy has helped out the community by assisting victims ravaged by Hurricane Harvey. It became one of the first to fund the recovery by shelling out money earned from sales. The company enjoys taking part in Philanthropy by launching its charity foundation called “Stream Cares.” It continues to do charitable acts all across Texas, something it has done for over 12 years now. Stream Energy has been the blueprint for other companies to help out for great causes. The team is very proud of the launch of their separate philanthropy. There are some advantages to it like the company earning the respect and loyalty of various clients and the public. The article speaks on America’s generosity to charities in general. Businesses have given a whopping $19 billion to many charities in America and abroad according to the article by Patch. That does not equate to the time and effort people have sacrificed though. Corporate scholarships and cause marketing are also not included in the total sum. Stream Energy has built up lasting relationships with other great organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and The Red Cross. The company’s business model is quite simple with paying associates to build a network of loyal clients and deliver products and services. The brand supplies discounted energy towards telemedicine and virtual doctors in residential and corporate areas. Stream associates support generous causes with passion as they work as entrepreneurs or business owners. One big thing that Stream cares about is homelessness, the brand routinely checks statistics on how many people are homeless and who are struggling. That is why Stream has partnered up with Hope Supply Co. to battle the issue and help the homeless. The partnership was able to cover meals for 1,000 homeless children in Texas. Stream Energy and Hope Supply Co. have also brought the children to a local water park, with Hope providing diapers, clothing, and school supplies to the children. They have worked together for four years. Stream also provided transportation for veterans and families to go eat at a Texas restaurant. Stream Energy enjoys changing the lives of people forever.