“Marc Beer Co-Founds Renovia Inc. to Help 250 Million Diagnosed with Pelvic Floor Disorders “

Renovia Inc. is currently a household name, especially among women as it is currently addressing their long-standing health issues. This is a company that has been found with the sole purpose of solving pelvic floor disorders and other critical health issues that could be affecting women around the world. Marc Beer, who is the Chief Executive Officer while at the same time doubling is the co-founder notes that a considerable number of women, 250 million, have symptoms that can be associated with pelvic floor disorders. That is a huge number, which is a clear indication that pelvic floor disorder is a serious medical challenge among women.


However, Marc Beer notes that there is a huge shortage of funds that could be used in helping Renovia Inc. to accomplish its goals and objectives. Therefore, something critical has to be done so that the company can be able to realize its goals and objectives. A huge number of medical companies, especially the startups are currently facing extreme challenges when it comes to sourcing finances. Most of them have standout ideas, but they face the hard task of explaining to investors why they should invest their resources in an organization that has not been tried in the industry.


However, Renovia Inc. seems to have evaded all the challenges that are likely to have faced it while sourcing for finances. The company was able to raise funds within a short period, which is a clear indication that a huge number of investors and other major players in the industry have an opinion that Renovia Incorporated will be able to achieve its goals and objectives. The company was able to raise $30 through financing from investors and $10 through debenture financing. This a suitable capital mix that will help the company to proceed with its activities with ease. Learn more: https://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/18/08/r12237847/osf-ventures-invests-in-company-developing-solutions-for-pelvic-floor-


The most surprising aspect is that some of the significant investment companies that invest in medical startups were involved in the entire fund drive process. Some of the companies involved include the Longwood Fund and Ascension Ventures, which is a leading medical investment company. Having such companies involved in the fund’s drive is a clear manifestation that Renovia Inc. has the goodwill of the industry. Most of the funds will be used in supporting extensive research while others will be used in enhancing the technical capacity of the company.


About Marc Beer


A huge number of individuals, especially those in the medical industry know Marc Beer as an experienced commercial expert who is well connected in the industry. He has been in the pharmaceutical sector for more than 25 years, which makes him not only qualified but also knowledgeable. He is mostly involved in the production of innovative products in the medical sector while at the same time marketing such products to consumers.