Richard Liu Defies the Odds of an Epidemic to Create a Multi-Billion Dollar Company

In the list of business people who have made it in China, Richard Liu tops the list. He is a man who made good out of a bad situation and ended up creating a multi-billion dollar franchise. Richard Liu was born in China to a middle-class family. He attended the University of China and nurtured his passion for technology while in college.

Richard Liu’s early life

After graduation, he began working with a Japanese company that had operations in China at the time. While working for the company, he assisted them in natural market supplements and was later promoted to head of the computer department. When Richard Liu left Japan Life, he set out to put his own business in Beijing. Using money he had saved, he rented retail space and stocked it with magneto-optical products. Given the numerous entrepreneurs selling the same products he was, Richard Liu focused on selling genuine products while providing quality services to customers. In a few years, he had set up numerous retail shops in different locations in China. When the SARS epidemic hit the country, Richard Liu could no longer sell products from the counter. It was then that he revised his business model and set up an e-commerce venture.

Richard Liu launches

He named the business Using his tech skills, he set up a platform that has since become the largest online business in Asia. To stand out among his competitors, Richard Liu leveraged high-end technology to ensure that his customers receive their orders promptly. In the last couple of years, he has hired thousands of employees who cater to more than 300 million clients who have subscribed to The company has expanded its horizons to the United States and looks forward to conquering new markets in other countries. Under his leadership, the company has ventured into sustainability programmes to protect the environment. The company is running numerous charity programs to help low-income communities in China and its environs. Richard Liu achievements have also made him one of the wealthiest people in Asia with a net worth of $12 billion. Apart from managing his business, he is a family man with a wife.

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Quantitative Investment With Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is an investment executive and the managing director at Fortress Investment Group. He studied actuarial mathematics in the University of Edinburg Scotland and graduated in 2000. After graduation, Henry joined a global investment management firm, Schroders.

He worked for a few years for this firm and later relocated to New York where he joined Fortress Investment group. Currently, he is the managing director of Fortress and is tasked with marketing the company across Europe, the Middle East, as well as in the United States. Gareth Henry has the capability and an eye for opportunities, providing the company with the right momentum for expansion financially.

In his current role, Gareth Henry is responsible for overseeing the insurance relation the company has with other nations. Also, he manages the wealth and pension funds in the company. Since 2016, Gareth has been working as the global head of investor relations. In this role Gareth brings in a broad experience and even in times of uncertainties and risks, he still finds proper steps to counter the financial conditions to prevent any fluctuations in profits. He has the confidence exemplary leadership qualities to help the firm in keeping the investments moving in a positive direction. Besides, he has a proven track record of the ability to deliver quantitative returns with even less than optimum conditions available.

Gareth Henry as a global leader in investment for the firm, he is responsible for raising the capital between the firm and partner firms. He makes marketing efforts to improve the firm’s clientele as well as strengthening the existing relations while developing new products for clients. His primary goal has always been meeting the clients’ needs. He has developed a strategy to build and establish relationships between the firm and clients while helping the clients to be successful. He always has a thoughtful approach to solutions which gives him the ability to expand the reach of the firm to more clients globally. His reputation as a manager and an entrepreneur earns him the confidence of his clients. This also inspires people around him to work together in the development of robust and realistic strategies.

Finding a Financial Advisor Like HCR Wealth Advisors

One thing that people need to face is that not everyone is equal or the same when it comes to handling money. There are many different factors in life that can influence how well someone handles money. For instance, everyone has to pay living expenses such as water, food, and other bills. Then there are certain luxuries that people may have to save for. The only thing is that some people may have a hard time putting off luxury spending compared to others. This is where finding someone who can help with finances can be a helpful endeavor. For people that are beginning to see that they need help with their finances, their journey is only beginning.

While people can go into all of the different factors when it comes to financial advice, there is one factor to look at from the wealth advisor. The wealth management company should be focused on the client.

Fortunately, HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, is focused on the client. This makes it a lot easier for them to help the client compared to the companies that are more focused on the firm’s own profit. Also, other advisors may try very hard to sell certain financial products. This can make things very frustrating for the client because he is looking for ways to save money only to be made to spend more money.

According to, HCR Wealth Advisors looks to each client as an individual. They listen to what the client is saying. Then they come up with a plan in order to help people make progress in their finances. They give a lot of advice on what the client can do to save a greater amount of money. For instance, the client can decide not to buy certain items that he does not need for a short amount of time. This can help him take care of other challenges that get in the way of saving money. Get in touch: Twitter and Facebook


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AvaTrade Review: Irish Brokerage Firm

AvaTrade is an Irish Forex broker firm. The firm was initially acquired from the famous AvaFX. Ava Trade is renowned due to the trading platforms and resources they provide to their traders. The firm is based in Ireland but operates in major cities across the world such as Tokyo, Paris, Sydney, and New York. The aim of this review to inform traders on the operations, benefits, and the safety when trading with AvaTrade. The analysis is based on customer reviews and ratings.

Whether Ava Trade is a Scam

AvaTrade is a Forex brokerage firm that has never involved in fraudulent or scamming activities. For the years of operation, not in one instance has AvaTrade been linked to fraudulent or scamming activities. To be sure if that, Ava Trade is regulated by the European Union and the Central Bank of Ireland. Moreover, the firm is registered by the Spanish CNMV that oversee their transactions. Thus, traders don’t have to worry about the safety of the platform.


Safety is an essential factor that traders should consider before transacting with any forum. The advancement and innovation of the internet have widely contributed to the increase in fraudulent and scamming activities. However, Ava Trade is regulated by the European Union and the Central Bank of Ireland. Additionally, its operations are overseen by the Spanish CNMV. Being an Irish firm, which is under the European Union, Ava Trade has created confidence in their traders. Therefore, traders have no reasons to worry with regards to the security of the platform.

Trading Features

AvaTrade is famous due to the resources and trading features it incorporates into their trading platforms. This has made the broker firm to draw many traders who see Ava Trade effective in their trading features. For Instance, Ava Trade has numerous trading platforms and online trading apps that makes trading convenient.

Fees and Commission

It is crucial to note that AvaTrade does not charge any commission transacted by their traders. This fact has made the broker company to attract many traders who perceive it as cost-effective in Forex transaction.

Perry Mandera: The Responsibility of Being In The Top 1%

The wise would say that if you find yourself belonging in the Top 1%, it’s your obligation to help the rest of the 99%. It is your duty to generate livelihood for them or at least help in creating jobs. In fact, when you want to succeed, helping people should be the priority. Fortunately, we still have people like Perry Mandera who understand the value of putting the time and effort to help marginalized groups.


Mandera is the entrepreneur and founder of The Custom Cares Company, Inc., which since 1986 has helped thousands of clients with their transportation and logistics needs. Whether the business is small in scale or it’s already as big as a Fortune 500 firm, The Custom Cares has the optimum solutions that can increase the company’s assets to its target goals. In fact, Mandera’s business model has so far been very successful that it has seen an outstanding profit record of about $200 million.


Having a headquarters that is based in Northlake Illinois also means that Mandera has all the powerful access and resources to do great in business operations. The “Full-service Transportation Provider” services that Mandera’s firm is known for even gets more efficient and more premium because of such advantageous office location. The services under Mandera’s company include local cartage, domestic and international air freight forwarding service and dedicated contract cartage.


People can also read from Daily Forex Report that Mandera is a known community leader who does his best to help causes that are not just promotional. He helps charitable causes and organizations get the access needed to continue their advocacy. It should also be stated that because of Mandera’s powerful support for marginalized groups, there’s now a recorded of 6,500 impoverished children that had been taken out of the dire situation that they were once in.


The involvement of Mandera in the world of sports is also unmatched. More than 100 youth teams in Chicago have gotten the support they needed to make sure that kids can enjoy, appreciate and benefit from the values that are brought on by playing sports in groups and with professional training.

Ryan Seacrest Is A Busy Man Of Many Faces

Ryan Seacrest is a busy man. Very, very busy. Perhaps best known for hosting the popular ‘American Idol’ talent competition television show on Fox (and now on ABC), the list of credits this TV personality, television producer, and disc jockey is most impressive.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia on Dec. 24, 1974, Ryan decided early on in life that he wanted a career in radio. In the mid-1990s, Ryan moved west to Los Angeles, California. Soon after arriving, he got a popular afternoon radio show launched. He really hit the big time in 2002, becoming the host of ‘American Idol’.

As radio was his first passion, Ryan listened to, studied and copied the styles of popular DJs Rick Dees and Casey Kasem, with Dick Clark serving as another influence in Ryan’s formative years. His radio interest led him to take an internship at an Atlanta radio station, and he worked there while attending the University of Georgia.

Upon arriving in LA and diving into his multi-faceted career, the list of his credits and accomplishments is mind-boggling. His current radio jobs include: ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’; ‘American Top 40’; and one of the morning drive-time personalities on 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles. On television, he is the annual host of ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’; is the co-host of ‘American Idol’; is the host of the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade; a co-host on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’; and an extensive listing of additional current activities and past credits and appearances.

On top of everything else he does, Ryan established his own clothing line and an extraordinary organization that is thriving, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. It is a non-profit organization which dedicates itself to motivate and providing inspiration to young people through entertainment and initiatives which focus on education.

The Foundation, with its Seacrest Studios, takes its first initiative aiding and helping young patients in pediatric hospitals. Helping patients explore the worlds of radio, TV, and new media, it is hoped that this contributes positively to the children’s healing process.

Seacrest Studios are located in hospitals and medical centers in the following cities:

  • Atlanta
  • Philadelphia
  • Dallas
  • Orange County, CA
  • Charlotte
  • Cincinnati
  • Denver
  • Boston
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Nashville

Fortress Investment group: a leading investment management firm.

Fortress Investment group: a leading investment management firm.Peter Briger is currently the principal and co-chairman of the Board of Governors of Fortress Investment Group since 2009. The company is located in New York, NY, United States. He is also a member of the Management Committee of Fortress since 2002. Peter works in the department of Credit and Real Estate in the company. He worked for Sachs & Co. for 15 years where he became a partner in 1996.Peter works on the board of Tipping Point; a nonprofit firm that serves low-income families in San Francisco. He also works in Caliber Schools; a group of charter schools is aiming at preparing students for high success during their four years in university and henceforth. Peter Briger is also an investor. He is the lead investor in a company called Wauwaa. He studied for his bachelor of business administration at Princeton University. He later pursued his MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Fortress Investment group majors in the management of investments. It was founded in 1998 to serve as a privately owned equity company. The founders are Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman and finally Randal Nardone. In 2012, it became the first biggest privately held firm to go public. The company quickly majored in real estate investment, hedge funds, and debt securities.Fortress Investment group manages assets for over 1,750 private investors and institutions all over the world. It provides a wide range of services for credit and real estate, capital investment strategies and private equity. Its assets are approximately $43.6 billion. The company aims at making less risk-adjusted returns for its clients over an extended period. It has 953 asset management employees from 216 are experienced in investment. Fortress Investment Group has been recognized by many institutions.

It was named by an Institutional investor as; “the Hedge Fund Manager of the year” and “Credit-Focused Fund of the year.” It was also called by HFMWeek as Management Firm of the year. Fortress Investment group’s prowess includes industry knowledge, operations management, corporate mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and asset-based investing. Some of the company’s acquired companies are; Canadian ski resort which was invented in 2016, RailAmerica incorporation which was vended in 2009, Florida East Coast Industries knew as FECI which was obtained in 2007 and Penn National Gaming which they backed away in 2008. Fortress has many investment portfolio companies some of them include; Global Signal, green tree servicing LLC, Umami Burger, MBS Holdings among others.

The Fortress Investment Group Keeps Money Secure

One of the most well-known names around the world when it comes to hedge fund firms is a Fortress Investment Group this investment firm has come a long way since their time beginning in the Austin, Texas office and growing since then. At the beginning, they employed a handful of workers and can only look at one trend at a time. Sense then, they have grown to have offices in all the major countries situated next to each of the market areas for the country. They now handle $48.3 billion worth of assets and due to the trust they have accumulated over the years, it seems that this will grow.The Fortress Investment Group has dominated the world scene due to its ability to use the core competencies to its advantage. The Fortress Investment Group is a strong adherent of what John Maxwell calls role of five. The role of five is simple, each area only requires five things to do to be a success. The Fortress Investment Group has figured out what these are.

The first area hedge fund must be competent in is its ability to manage asset-based investments. Asset-based investments are the bread and butter of any hedge fund management group. This is because they are the direct line of cash that the hedge fund management group can see immediately. To put it in layman’s terms, this is where you spend money to get money back in turn. Asset-based investments include real estate, trading currencies between countries, flipping real estate, and betting the outcomes of Wall Street.The second area hedge funds must be strong in is their ability to act as consultants to large corporations. Corporations want to know what will happen to their stocks if they begin investing in other markets. They also want to know what will happen to their stocks if they look to merge with another company to expand their portfolio. The Fortress Investment Group highly specializes in this area and can help the merger go down successfully.

The third area where a hedge fund must be competent is in its ability to hire the correct team. The Fortress Investment Group has their highest rating in the expertise of each analysts of their group. They have over 1500 analysts were stationed in the main countries around the globe. Each one hold advanced degrees in business and economics and specific industries were market trends matter. This allows them to give expert opinions whereas other businesses would have to remain silent.The fourth area where hedge fund must be competent is in tackling complex issues. This is what sets a hedge fund apart from any other. The Fortress Investment Group is capable of utilizing their team to handle the hardest problems in the investment world.The last area where a hedge fund must be competent is in its ability to handle different risk thresholds in order to accommodate a variety of businesses that are looking to them to give substantial returns for business.

A Review Of Why You’ll Want Avatrade

Nobody can look at any of these trading platforms without thinking about which one is going to be the best for them. You’ll see plenty of opportunities out there but the right forex trading platform is going to make a huge difference. It’s how you can decide whether or not you want to do what is going to ultimately be best for you and for what you have decided is the best one for your situation. You can look at Avatrade and clearly see that the platform is meant for those who want to make the best of the forex market.


You will need to have a good understanding of what you’re doing before you actually put any money up and risk something. That’s why Avatrade has special accounts just for those who want to practice and get the most they can out of the platform. These accounts go towards just about anything you could possibly look for and so much more. They are giving people chances that they otherwise wouldn’t have and wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate. That makes it no surprise that so many people are going out of their way to do what they can to use Avatrade. It’s designed in such a way that anybody who wants to use the platform is going to understand.


The future of forex is going to be online and it’s through things like this that people will slowly realize that. Forex trading has been around for many years and it has offered so many people a way to improve their financial fortune. Nobody has to wonder anymore that can look at this and confirm that the Avatrade platform is perfect for those who want to see more out of their trading platforms and want a more flexible and intuitive experience. Forex trading is an amazing thing when you finally learn how to make a profit. It just takes the right platform to make everything go the way it needs to. This is just one example of what that looks like when you finally decide to put it all to work.

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Oxford Club Plans Investments

As the economy expands, many investors are looking for areas to invest their capital. The Oxford Club is a group of private investors who have billions of dollars in their control. The Oxford Club is known for making aggressive investments to earn high returns.


The real estate market is booming across the world. However, there are some areas where there are still plenty of great deals. The population in South America has been expanding in recent years. During this time, the Oxford Club has made numerous investments in various real estate markets. Real estate is a proven way to generate monthly income.


Solar Power


Another area that the Oxford Club invests in is solar energy. Solar energy is much less expensive than traditional forms of energy. Solar energy is also much cleaner than coal or oil.


The cost of solar power has decreased rapidly over the past few years. Lower prices are an excellent sign for the future of solar energy. Many people would consider purchasing solar power if it was less expensive.



Online Lending


Some areas of the world do not have a sophisticated banking system. People who live in these areas have few options to gain additional capital to invest. The Oxford Club has a private lending program for people who want to start a business. This lending program has been an enormous success so far. Thousands of people across the world have borrowed money from the Oxford Club to invest in their local area. This lending program will help increase economic growth in multiple regions around the world.