Nexbank Recognized for Its Financial Literacy Programs

With the heightening competition from online financial service, traditional banks are compelled to come up with creative strategies to incorporate technology in their service delivery. As a result, banks are offering loans online, cash is being deposited online, and also the transfer of funds is being done online.

A Dallas based financial institution, Nexbank has prioritized technology integration service delivery process. As a result, the bank topped three categories for its vast returns on equity. The bank topped in asset quality in S&P global market intelligence, a ranking that is done annually.

The bank was also ranked position one on returns on tangible common equity. Nexbank provides quality services in mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services. The bank has received several honors for offering the most innovative services. The recent honor is the 2018 financial capability innovation award. The award recognized the banks’ efforts in providing unique digitalized services.

For a financial institution to win the award, it must prove to have met the following criteria. The first criterion is being committed to service. The second criterion is offering financial based education initiatives, and the third criterion is having unique dedicated employees.

According to, Nexbank in partnership with EVERFI is providing financial literacy to high school’s students at no cost. The program is available in both English and Spanish. The program uses the latest easy to understand gaming technology to break complex financial concepts. The program known as money works has reached more than 2500 students in Garland and Dallas. The main topics covered in the program are student loans, credit cards, taxes, mortgages, stocks and credit scores among others.

Prior to money works, Nexbank offers another program at Dallas city schools. The program entails using an FDIC money smart financial education curriculum designed to equip moderate income earners with financial skills. To ensure that the topics at hand are well understood from a real-life perspective, Nexbank takes their students to the Dallas federal bank. In the bank, students are taught how a banking system works and the primary role of the central banking system.

In preparation for the future, the bank equips the students with job market skills. They also help them in making informed career decisions by teaching them career planning, how to write resumes and how to respond to interview questions.