Bernardo Chua And His Desire To Help People Achieve Optimal Health

Marketing genius and businessman Bernardo Chua is a man who stands out in the direct selling industry. He founded Organo Gold in 2008. His company specializes in promoting products that contain the Ganoderma, an herb used in Asia for centuries due to its health benefits. His childhood dream was to become a doctor. He had always cared about helping people to be healthy. His grandparents took it upon themselves to teach him about the health benefits of the Ganoderma. This knowledge he would acquire from his grandparents would help him launch his career. Although he would never become a doctor, he spent his entire career helping other individuals live healthier lives. Follow Bermardo Chua on Twitter.

Bernardo Chua had his first taste of the working life in his family’s garment plant. He was able to get out on his own when he was approached by the company Gano Excel, a company that sold consumables that were infused with the Ganoderma herb. His good-natured personality and his knowledge of the Ganoderma herb helped him to excel within the company. He helped market the company’s Ganoderma products to many countries in Asia. His efforts proved very profitable for Gano Excel, who saw its customer base increase.

Bernardo Chua would later help Gano Excel by starting a marketing project to get clients in North America. He ensured that all the members of the marketing campaign were armed with the appropriate knowledge about the health benefits of the company’s products. All the success that he achieved made him realize that he could start his own business. As the CEO of Organo Gold, Mr. Chua feels it is necessary to spend the resources needed to continue to spread to the world the health benefits of the Ganoderma herb. Mr. Bernardo Chua and the success of Organo Gold have been mentioned on several news stations, including Direct Selling News.

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Genucel – The New Solution For Facial Problems

Genucel is a new facial product that has people spinning in a frenzy. This company has created a nice selection of different products that will help remove wrinkles, puffiness, and bags that may surround your eyelids. Genucel is beginning to become a common trend due to a high percentage of its users are greatly satisfied with the results of using Genucel’s products. Below is a list of two of their products:


1) Genucel Plant Stem Therapy

This product contains an ingredient called PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica plant stem cells, which increases the appearance of your skin by providing it with a more youthful appeal. 95% of people who participated in clinical trials testing Eyeseryl testified that they received a reduction in the visibility of bags and puffiness that sits under their eyes. Genucel’s products contain two times more clinical concentration than the ingredient Eyeseryl does.


2) Genucel Eyelid Treatment

This product is used for the treatment of eyelids. It makes your skin look more tight and firm. Genucel’s eyelid treatment also removes the droopy look that may surround your eyelids. This product contains Peptide proteins that help in aiding your skin to look and feel smoother, softer, and younger.


Genucel also provides their own anti-wrinkle cream, Genucel Immediate Effects, and Genucel Cristalles. All of these products help treat the roughness of the skin, discoloration, age spots, wrinkles, and facial lines that may have occurred. This company’s biggest goal is to help you maintain a healthy and youthful looking facial skin. If you feel like your facial skin needs improvements, Genucel will save you from spending thousands of dollars from seeing dermatologists.

Sightsavers: Tackling an International Epidemic

Blindness is often thought of as a condition that someone is born with, and while that is true there are other causes. Trachoma, an infection caused by bacteria, is the leading cause of blindness outside of genetic reasons. This bacterial infection is common in third world countries where the living conditions are not sanitary. Trachoma is contagious and very painful.


There is a simple cure for trachoma when it is treated in the early stages, but too often the afflicted have no way of getting the much-needed medication that could save their sight. Sightsavers, an international sight charity based out of the UK, is taking aim to treat trachoma with preventative action and treatment. The non-profit’s CEO Caroline Harper is leading the fight against this preventable disease. Through her organization’s efforts blindness and that staggering statistics about how common it is becoming has led to the British government to donate to this very worthy cause.


Sightsavers has already played a significant role in the battle against preventable blindness. In 2018 alone they entered the war-torn country of Yemen where they trained 4,000 volunteers to administer Zithromax® door-to-door, dispensed 440,000 doses of this sight-saving antibiotic, and were able to visit 273 isolated villages despite roadblocks and other obstacles. More than one billion treatments for NTDs(neglected tropical diseases) have been administrated through this organization and their many supporters, donors, and volunteers.


The non-profit organization Sightsavers was founded in 1951 by Sir John Wilson who had suddenly become blind following an accident in chemistry class. Their goals are to prevent blindness when possible, advocate for those without sight, and support the blind community. Their goals align with those of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals because both organizations believe that collaborating together brings about more awareness to issues, unity working towards common goals, and aids in joint ventures that benefit many people.


Get A More Youthful Appearance with Genucel

Getting and maintaining a more youthful appearance is one of the most important goals for people who are over the age of 30. This notion rings true for both women and men as both genders tend to spend millions of dollars on an annual basis. There is one brand that’s revolutionizing the game in more ways than one, and that brand is known as Genucel. This particular brand uses plant stem cell technology to meet its goal. There have been very promising results with stem cell-based technology, especially in clinical trials. In as little as 15 days, up to 70 percent of individuals saw a reduction in under-eye puffiness.


Many of these extraordinary results have come from Eyeseryl concentration. This natural peptide has a proven track record of reducing undereye puffiness. During the clinical trials, there was only 1 percent of Eyeseryl concentration that was used. Could you imagine the results if there were a higher percentage of this concentration being used? Well, that’s now the case with Genucel’s new formula. This new improvement will use 2 percent of this natural peptide, but it will be combined with other natural ingredients to enhance the results even further. The idea is rather brilliant, and it definitely works. So, what other natural ingredients will be used with this advanced formula? Well, Genucel will be adding other healthy compounds into the mix, including goji berry, green tea leaf extract, marine collagen and algae extract.


Plant stem cell technology is definitely the way to go for the 21st century. This technologically advanced product will certainly set new trends, but only time will tell. Genucel has a four-star rating as well as an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. It’s now time to turn back the hands of time, and Genucel’s plant cell-based technologies are one of the best routes to take.

Creating Quality and Affordable Health Care Services

Quality health care services are expensive. Patients shy off because the services are not affordable. Everyone wish that they can access quality and affordable health care services. This is because health is a major determinant in the life of a person. Innova Care Health is founded to meet this need in the society. Innova Care provides quality medical services at a pocket-friendly cost. This enables equality in the society and the ability for everyone to access health care services as opposed to people dying because of lack of money. Innova Care provides patients with some of the advanced services because of its experience in the industry. Innova Care has more than ten years of experience in the industry. It has served more than 700,000 patients. Their services are outstanding. You can visit



Innova Care is growing fast because of its peculiar nature of providing health care services at a low price. The company has invested heavily in its leadership and customer care services. The company is led by the award-winning leaders in the industry. Richard Shinto is the chief executive officer of the firm. Richard is known for his ability to lead and produce exceptional results. This enables the enterprise to achieve its goals. Innova Care Health has expanded under the leadership of Shinto. It has managed to attract new clients. Richard Shinto has the ability to use the strength of each member of the team to benefit the entire team. This encourages everybody to take part in improving Innova Care Health. Richard Shinto has enabled the partnership with different key partners. This has enabled the development of the company into other states in the United States. This increases the accessibility between Innova Care Health and their patients. For more details visit Bloomberg.


The team that enables Rick Shinto to make the right choices is the leadership team. Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer. Her administrative skills enable her to facilitate the implementation of the company’s decisions. She is also in charge of enabling the team to achieve their goals. This facilitates teamwork in the enterprise and enables the company to be in a position to achieve its mission and vision. Mike Sortino is the chief accounting officer. He makes sure that every initiative taken by Innova Care Health is implemented and supported financially. This enables the company to achieve its key goals and develop into the next level.



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The path of Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a graduate from the University of Louisiana where he is believed to have entered into a career dealing with medicine. He came into this particular university the year 2012, and he was able to attain a lot concerning this field. One thing good about him is that he choose to specialize in one track of emergency medicine where after Dr. Eric Forsthoefel graduated  was very lucky enough to get a job from a known medical center. The name of this care is called the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital, and it is among the best one to work for and exercise your skills.

For now, he has more than six years of experience since he started out his career in medicine. The doctor is believed to be among the young doctor, and he is among the 26 others who work in the field of critical care unit. One of the unique things about him is that he does not have any of the insurance listed on his page. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is said to have worked with more hospitals to provide patients with the services that they may need.

Most of the care that he has partnered with usually admit a patient for further check-up. in the department that he works for some of the cases that he has to deal with includes the conditions that are so threatening to life, for example, the heart attack condition, drug overdose and also the massive bleeding conditions. He is one of the medics who has been registered with the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Among the license that he got when he completed his studies were active from the year 2013.

The best experience that he got from his career when he was undergoing treating has made him what he is today. He is more trained when working in the condition of the emergency because it is at this point where he handles his patient with a lot of care. Some of this physician who specializes in this field is commonly referred to as the intensives. One thing to admire about him is that he started out his career at very young age.

Jim Toner a Fertility Specialist

Jim is a fertility specialist who is currently based in Atlanta, GA. He is certified and accredited as a reproductive specialist in Endocrinology and Infertility. He led a successful career at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Norfolk, VA. Where he was the director fellowship program and Third-Party Reproduction program. He later joined the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine in 2000 where he led a successful career. This is highly popular due to his success with the Third-Party Reproduction Program. As a result, he was appointed to be the director of the same program at ACRM.

Education background

Jim Toner graduated from St. Joseph’s College in Philadelphia where he was awarded a bachelor’s of science in psychology. He was later enrolled at the Medical Scientist Training program at the University of Pennsylvania. Here, he was awarded both his M. D. and Ph. D. degrees in 1985. Moreover, he decided to pursue is Residency and Fellowship training at the Jones Institute. The management later realized that Dr. Toner has a gift for teaching where he received his Resident of the Year Award. In 1990, Toner became an associate professor at the distinguished faculty in Jones Institute.

About Jim’s Fertility Expertise

Dr. Toner has led a successful path in his reproduction and fertility research. He has a distinguished record of in the creative department where he has published over 100 abstracts, 20 chapters, and 80 articles regarding reproductive medicine. He is popularly known for his research and revelations in ovarian reserve and the effects it has on the fertility. Moreover, he has also researched the role of progesterone in luteal support of Assisted Reproduction cycles.

Due to his achievements and revelations in reproductive medicine, he has received a couple of awards. To begin with, American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists gave Dr. Toner the Ciba-Geigy Award. He has also been awarded by the American Fertility Society, and the First Prize Paper.

Jim Toner specializes in advanced skills and expertise in the treatment of infertility and recurrent miscarriages. Besides, he offers moral and emotional support to people living with infertility having studied psychology.

Fertility Doctor in Atlanta:

Jim Toner: Fertility Doctor Who Cares

Even though fertility doctors work in a very sensitive industry, people have trouble seeing the options they have, and they don’t always get the things they need when they need them. Jim Toner knows this and knows that his job as a fertility doctor is helping people see the options they have. Additionally, he tries making sure people get the best experiences ever. He wants them to realize things will change once they go through fertility treatments and he plans on being there all the time for everyone who needs his help. Out of the hard work that Jim Toner puts into the business, he continues helping people see what they need. He also likes them to realize they have someone who is looking out for them. If Jim Toner can help people, he feels comfortable giving back and making things easier for everyone. There are times when Jim Toner has to make decisions to keep helping everyone.

Fertility treatments can change everything people do. Jim Toner knows this and knows things will be different for all the people he helps. He makes sure they know that when they choose to use his services. It’s his way of helping people that allows him the chance to see things will always get better. It’s also how he plans on helping people no matter what they’re going through. If Jim Toner gives people a chance to see positive opportunities, he knows what will happen and how things will keep getting better.

There are many new options people have for success with fertility treatments. Jim Toner knows this and knows everything gets better when people have the positive experiences they deserve. As long as Jim Toner gives them these opportunities, he knows how they can get a positive experience. He also knows there are times when things will change for people who need it. Jim Toner likes people to see they have a better experience and he likes them to realize they get more from the options they have. It’s his goal that makes it easier for him to make the right choices.

Between everything that happens to Jim Toner and the things he does to make things easier for his patients, they get a better experience. Jim Toner likes everyone to see what they can do. He also likes them to realize everything will keep getting better. It’s his goal to give back and give everyone a chance at a better life. He spends time showing people they have fertility options but also builds relationships with them, so they don’t need to worry about what happens in different situations. For Jim Toner, the point of all this is helping people who need his opportunities.

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Realistic Expectations for Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures in Dallas

The Brazilian butt lift is most ideal if you’ve lost a lot of weight but can’t seem to get your buttocks back in shape. It may also be right for you if you’re not happy with the way that your back sides look and even diet and exercise hasn’t been able to shape them. The Brazilian butt lift is a surgery that’s designed to have noticeable but not drastic effects on your backside. You can arrange to have it performed alone or with other procedures.


Patients who do qualify for the surgery must be at a stable weight as fluctuation can have reversing effects on the results. You also can’t currently have a weight loss plan in mind as they could also interfere with the results. If you do smoke, you will need to refrain for a prescribed time before the procedure. You will also be asked to refrain from excessive alcohol as that puts on weight. Candidates in Dallas are also expected to be in general good health, be healthy psychologically and have realistic expectations of the procedure.


Like all surgeries, Brazilian butt lifts are not without their risks. Again, the procedure is most ideal if you’ve tried to tone your buttocks and back with diet and exercise and it hasn’t worked. If you have sagging skin, you may need to have the traditional procedure first. The traditional procedure is the one with the significant effects. If you have fat deposits that just aren’t going away, the Brazilian butt lift can be performed with other procedures such as liposuction.


Recognition: Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

If you were looking for news on Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, you will be happy to hear that he has been ranked as being among the top physicians that are in the nation. Of course, he earned this ranking with the help of his patients. In 2012 Patients’ Choice made the decision to include Dr. Jejurikar with those that would be awarded with the 2012 Compassionate Doctor Certification. Having been selected to be honored with this, it is easy to see how Dr. Jejurikars’ patients care for him.


Each time that another year rolls around the corner, everyone is able to see that there are almost 100 million patients located in the U.S. that are making use of the sites similar to Patients’ Choice and Vitals so as to talk about their experiences with certain doctors and how they were treated. One of the great things about getting selected for the Compassionate Doctor award is that a doctor has to be one of those that has good overall and bedside manner scores. These scores are determined by the patients that have been treated by the doctors, making everything fair for those involved.


With there being 870,000 physicians nationwide, it is quite surprising that only 3% were able to be honored in 2012. There are a lot of patients that have started using the Patient’s Choice recognition program, and they have done so in order to help others that are searching for the right doctors as well as to help give the doctors the recognition that they deserve for all of their hard work.


Of course, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar stated that he felt honored by the recognition that his patients were giving him, and he was delighted to find out that all of his patients have been rating his work so highly. He has even said that he is thrilled that his patients took the time out of their busy days in order to place their votes for him and show their appreciation for their visits. To find more info on this and more, go to the Dr. Jejurikar profile page on