Sussex Healthcare is a company with several homes that provide care to senior citizens and people living with certain diseases that require professional attention. The company’s facilities are based all over Sussex with a good reputation among the residents in the area. Sussex Healthcare was founded in the year 1985 with only a single home and location, but it has grown over the years to have over fifteen different facilities. The team at Sussex is dedicated to hard work and believe in giving their patients the best care that they can get. This is the primary reason behind the success of the residential facility. Sussex Healthcare is widely recognized for the care it provides to people living with dementia and other neurological diseases. Sussex has many homes nut there are those that are the main ones. This include:

  1. Clemsfold House- it is located in West Sussex and can house a total of 30 residents. The Sussex Healthcare house contains both single and shared rooms for couples. It consists of older citizens seeking general care and others living with dementia. The Clemsfold House is a magnificent country house with lovely scenery around it. There is a lake nearby that attracts all types of birds which make the place more beautiful. The home has nurses who are always on call in case of an emergency and doctors also swing by once in a while to check the progress of patients. The residents keep fit by taking part in activities provided by the home.
  2. Forest Lodge- It is also a country home surrounded by acres of lovely gardens. Alzheimer’s disease is included in the treatment care by the home in addition to dementia. The home consists of a single room and shared self-contained rooms. There are several lounges and a huge dining room that is open at all times. For extra-curricular activities, residents do gardening and other indoor activities.
  3. Horncastle house- the home is close to East Grinstead surrounded by fountains, grass, orchards and gardens. It accommodates a total of 28 people, and the rooms have a heating system. Apart from general care the home also caters for younger people suffering from neurological and learning disorders.

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