Securus Technologies Restoring Order to a Prison Out of Control

Over the years I have seen the conditions in our local prison deteriorate drastically. I used to be able to come to work as a corrections officer and interact with inmates in a professional and respectful manner, but the gangs have completely changed the way officers and inmates conduct themselves. The inmates who belong to gangs not have a distaste towards authority, and hurting an officer actually gains them credibility with those gang members already in prison.


To control things from escalating, my team has to take utilize resources that will give us the upper hand.


Securus Technologies is based in Texas and makes call monitoring systems that are used in prisons to overhear what inmates are discussing while on the jail phone system. The company is headed by CEO Richard Smith, and he says all of his thousand employees are all working towards the objective of creating a safer world for us to live. To date, Securus Technologies has over 2,500 monitoring systems in jails located all over this country.


These systems make use of the LBS software, enabling officers to conduct their normal duties while the software is scanning the calls the inmates are making for verbiage on things like contraband, weapons, gangs, fighting, or drugs. If the system detects that chatter, we get the alert and spring to action instead of wasting resources sitting on the phones listening all day long.


Now if the inmates are talking about having a gang member bring drugs to the visitor center to change hands, we can be there first. If the inmates are discussing using drugs in their cells late at night, our team will do a surprise cell inspection within hours to recover the drugs and let the inmates know that their efforts to abuse the system is no longer working.


Why Securus Technologies Has Become Known as Being a Wonderful Platform of Communications For Its Immediate Users and Communities That Encompass Correctional Facilities That Have Had It Implemented Into Their Communications Systems

Securus Technologies is a form of communications platform that’s offering plenty of benefits for individuals who are wanting to benefit from what it’s currently offering. If you’re not necessarily too sure about what exactly the Securus Platform is offering, it’s highly recommended for you to ask a help desk assistant about it ask they’ll be more than happy to provide you with details pertinent to it.


Securus Technologies is a communications platform that is having a tremendous impact on not only the very lives of its immediate users, which are visitors of inmates and the inmates themselves, but also entire communities of which surrounds the correctional facilities. Securus Technologies is well aware that there is a vast array of inmates who need to stay connected with people from back home; however, their visitors may find it to be very inconvenient to visit them, especially if the correctional facility the inmate is confined in is located somewhere that is a long ways away from their own place of residence, or if the correctional facility’s staff members are unable to provide a convenient appointment time to conduct the visitation.


Securus Technologies is well aware that there are many different people who are benefiting from this well designed program; however, that does not mean that they are going to stop maintaining an innovative approach in the department of research and development, as they’re consistently striving to find ways to better their program. It’s highly recommended for users of the Securus Technologies program to know what they may be expecting from it in the future. Please don’t hesitate to ask one of the help desk professionals about what types of details they may be able to provide for you in pertinence to the different types of future projects that they may be working on.


Securus Technologies – Innovative Technology And Exceptional Customer Service, Always

Securus Technologies is a company that believes in innovation and technology, and it is this combination that has helped the firm to grow from strength to strength over the years. The products and services of Securus Technologies help the inmates to keep in touch with their loved ones back home. The company works towards building services that assist in alleviating the stress of the prisoners and provide them with the technology that keeps them updated with what is going on back at their home and the lives of their loved ones.



It is a necessity for most of the prisoners, and Securus Technologies through its phone services, video services, jail voicemail and a range of other services makes it possible. The inmates can also transfer and receive money with ease through the secure money transfer options provided by the Securus Technologies.



Securus Technologies understand that the inmates are going through a tough phase of their lives, and thus, keep the cost of their services minimal and affordable. The services of the company reach out to more than 1,200,000 inmates across the country, and over 3,450 public safety and law enforcement agencies use the products and services of Securus Technologies.



The company recently published an online press release where it posted some excerpts from the letters it receives on a regular basis from the law enforcement and public safety officials. The company aims to keep its business mechanism transparent, and it is for this reason it also invited existing as well as prospective clients and investors to its technology center based in Dallas.



I can say that the company is making rapid progress in the field and improving the incarceration experience of millions of inmates across the country through its services. In the past three years that I am using the phone and video services of Securus Technologies, I have never faced any issue, and it speaks for itself about how seamless their products and services are.


Securus Technologies Releases a Statement to amend GTL’s Inaccuracies.

Securus Technologies is one of the United States most reputable firms that offer technology solutions for correctional institutions. The services of the company are devoted to investigating, monitoring, correcting, and public security. Its headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, and it has been contracted by 3450 law enforcement facilities that hold more than 1.2 million prisoners in North America. Securus is devoted to connecting the inmates with their loved ones. The firm released a report to the press to correct the inaccurate statements that were issued by GTL. The information that GTL offered had comments that are considered as inaccurate and false. Securus, therefore, responded by informing the public the truth, which clarifies most of the company’s claims.


According to Securus Technolies’s’ CEO, Richard A. Smith, GTL is well informed on the high costs that involved in pursuing patent cases. The litigations take several years and millions of dollars. The company would like to know if the “scorched earth” case the GTL is pursuing can have a positive impact on the operations of the firm or its sound financial undertakings. He said that Securus would keep protecting itself while responding to GTL by declaring its patents. The company is devoted to reacting when it is required to address the current approach that is used by GTL. Mr. Smith believes that the tactic used by its rival is inconsiderate since Securus is prominent and has a broad patent portfolio.


The CEO responded to the most recent GTL press release. Richard said that he would be pleased to be involved in technology competition with GTL at any time. He has been offering the firm multiple chances that it should use to proof itself, but it has instead been releasing many press statements that are inaccurate. GTL has not responded to the corrections that were given by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies Makes The World A Better Place On Christmas Day With Its Video Visitation Technology

Christmas is the best time of the year for any person even the stone hearted Ebenezer Scrooge. This is the day when people express joy, love to the fellow beings. It is a day of happiness and every person deserves to be happy on this special day. Christmas is a special occasion, particularly for children. It is tough for them when their parents are interned. However, Securus Technologies have come up with an excellent technology which connect these children with their loved ones.


Securus Technologies has introduced a revolutionary technology which provides video visitation to the jail inmates which allow them to talk to their loved ones on Christmas Day. In a video ad published by the Securus technology there is a video of a young boy opening his present while his father from jail can talk to him and look at him. This is a touching ad and makes you realize the bigger objective which Securus Technologies has achieved with its video visitation technology.


Securus Technology is the leading company based in Dallas, Texas which is the largest provider of detainee communication, parole tracking and information management. Currently, the country is linked to about 2.600 correction facilities in 45 states of the U.S. , Canada and Mexico. The company offers technical solutions and customer services to the correction communities and inmates. About 1,000,000 number of detainees are benefited from the service of this company all around the country. Richard A. Smith serves as the current CEO of the enterprise.


Feature and benefits:


  1. Securus Technology uses the most robust software in scheduling meetings for the inmates so that they can talk to their families on Christmas Day. The software demands your user id and photo identification before scheduling a meeting for you. The system makes sure that visits are only allowed in the available time slots fixed by the jail.


  1. Securus Video Visitation Technology offers the facility of live recording. Also, the prison authority can scrutinize the video for investigation purpose too.


  1. The video visitation technology provides safer, secure visitation where the family can have more than one visit. Also, more than one family member can be included.


  1. It rules out the smuggling of illegal objects inside the prison.


  1. The risky movement of prisoners inside the jail is also not needed.


  1. It is less expensive for the inmates’ family considering the cost of total in – person visits.