Securus Technologies Restoring Order to a Prison Out of Control

Over the years I have seen the conditions in our local prison deteriorate drastically. I used to be able to come to work as a corrections officer and interact with inmates in a professional and respectful manner, but the gangs have completely changed the way officers and inmates conduct themselves. The inmates who belong to gangs not have a distaste towards authority, and hurting an officer actually gains them credibility with those gang members already in prison.


To control things from escalating, my team has to take utilize resources that will give us the upper hand.


Securus Technologies is based in Texas and makes call monitoring systems that are used in prisons to overhear what inmates are discussing while on the jail phone system. The company is headed by CEO Richard Smith, and he says all of his thousand employees are all working towards the objective of creating a safer world for us to live. To date, Securus Technologies has over 2,500 monitoring systems in jails located all over this country.


These systems make use of the LBS software, enabling officers to conduct their normal duties while the software is scanning the calls the inmates are making for verbiage on things like contraband, weapons, gangs, fighting, or drugs. If the system detects that chatter, we get the alert and spring to action instead of wasting resources sitting on the phones listening all day long.


Now if the inmates are talking about having a gang member bring drugs to the visitor center to change hands, we can be there first. If the inmates are discussing using drugs in their cells late at night, our team will do a surprise cell inspection within hours to recover the drugs and let the inmates know that their efforts to abuse the system is no longer working.