Jed McCaleb, the CEO stellar organization, is a believer in controlling technology to help reduce incompetence and also improve the human condition. He together with Joyce Kim co founded stellar development in the year 2014.

Stellar development was founded mainly to oversee stellar protocol development. Its vision is to provide an internet protocol level for payment, aiming at connecting numerous payment networks and financial institutions together so that payment of money can operate just like an email where one will be required to connect to all banks and financial institutions.

Stellar utilizes Federated Byzantine, a new consensus form, originated by Professor Mazieres David of Stanford. This model form allows a network node to select several other nodes that it can trust, and in turn, it creates a structure in the form of a web of consensus in a network. From this model, stellar does not require many validators for them to be successful, as Jed McCaleb explains is that they need a thousand validators, and from this, a flexible trusted network is created since it is easier to route around if a problem arises. From these trust nodes, bad actors are easily removed from the trusted network node list.

Since this consensus method works with fewer full nodes compared to the other models, most people believe it is less secure. Jed McCaleb opposes that attitude explaining that contrasting Bitcoin, stellar blockchain having full nodes is lightweight for its clients and that anybody is capable of doing it.

According to Jed McCaleb, stellar is determined to work with several financial institutions and big banks but is not interested in involving itself with the economy of the private blockchain. He says that the private blockchains are less explored in the development of the blockchain industry.

Jed McCaleb focuses on developing the stellar business to another level. He is determined to make stellar network a standard network such that people can send money worldwide and that people accept it purely. He further publicized his spread out the interface of exchange that should be launched by stellar in the year 2018.

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April 16, 2018

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Ara Chackerian: A Remarkable Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Ara Chackerian is a renowned investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who is based in the heart of San Francisco. Ara Chackerian serves as the Managing Partner of the reputable ASC Capital Holdings, LLC whose goal is to provide a platform for a newbies healthcare companies to grow by investing in them. Ara Chackerian is also a co-founder and a member of the board at TMS Health Solutions. The company is renowned for providing a solution to patients that are suffering from cases of depression. Before deciding to join TMS Health Solutions, Mr. Chackerian had his hands on investing and entrepreneurship.

Ara Chackerian has always had a soft spot for the health-tech which is manifested through his role in developing various healthcare firms such as TMS Health Solutions, PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics, and Embion/Provider Links among others. Ara is not left behind when it comes to impacting the environment as he has invested in a Teak plantation situated in Nicaragua. His philanthropic endeavors are witnessed in his role in various non-profits youth development organizations that include Nor Luyce, CREA Nicaragua, and the JUMA Ventures. Check out Medium to see more.

In an interview with Ideamensch, Ara Chackerian reveals that the idea for TMS Health Solutions was as a result of him and his business partner having the urge to do more in the healthcare world after spending about ten years developing a chain of health centers in the northern part of California. He continues to say that one of their partners brought about the idea of taking a glimpse into the outpatient psychiatry world, especially, revolving around transcranial magnetic stimulation, a form of treatment for depression cases. After conducting thorough research on the treatment, they found it possible for TMS to indulge in the new market and provide that type of care to patients who were in need of talk therapy, medication, and psychiatric care. Ara Chackerian reveals that he doesn’t have a typical day as all is days are round up in coaching others, building strategies and creating visions which are a driving force for him. Ara has a soft spot for philanthropic roles, and this is why he strives to create a balance between his entrepreneurial goals and desires.

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March 14, 2018

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Jake Gottlieb Is A Medical Doctor Who Became A Financial Wizard

If Jacob Gottlieb’s life as a kid is to be considered, one can’t help but conclude that his early experiences could have paved the way for his eventual life-time career. The young Gottlieb was a loyal fan of baseball. He learned to trade baseball cards while he is still a kid, and eventually became a wise baseball card trader. Gottlieb, in his heyday as a trader of baseball cards, was able to build a collection of full teams, especially his favorite team, the Yankees. Upon reaching 7th grade, he entered an unusual contest and came out the winner.



Winning this contest might have led him to his lifetime career in investment and financing. In this contest, the participants were asked to choose stocks. As he won the prize, it also got his father, Max, thinking. Max saw Jacob’s potential in picking winning stocks. Jacob’s father, incidentally, is a professor of economics in City University of New York City. He and his family are originally from Poland but migrated to the United States during the country’s troublous times in the 1960s. To develop Jacob’s potential in trading stocks, his father arranged for the younger Gottlieb to get his personal account in investment trading. Jacob also had some experience in business selling drinks to golfers, using a bulky shopping cart pushing it to sell his beverages.



But investment and financing are not the only interest of Jacob Gottlieb in his early life. Perhaps through the influence of his mother, Dr. Helena Gottlieb, who is a certified pediatrician, he enrolled at the New York University Medical School. After fulfilling all the school requirements, he promptly graduated with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He then completed his internship in internal medicine at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City. But it was his love for financing, trading stocks and investments that got the best of him and he retired from medicine and began to focus his attention on his true passion – to become a financial wizard,



With his medical degree, Dr. Gottlieb added the titles CFR, and PRMIA to his MD title. Gottlieb got his charter in 2001, the Charter Financial Analyst, which was given by the Association for Investment Management and Research. Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island also awarded him with his Bachelor of Arts in economics after completing his studies of the course and fulfilling all its rudimentary requirements. He then started working professionally as a financial advisor to several companies. Gottlieb founded Visium Asset Management, LLC in 2005 and became its Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer. But prior to establishing Visium, he co-founded Balyasny Asset Management, LLC. And before his experience at Balyasny, Gottlieb worked with Merlin Financial as its investment portfolio manager in London, England.



When he is not busy dispensing financial and investment counsel, Gottlieb is working at his other passion – charitable work. He is supporting several institutions in the country with his time and donations. Math for America is one of the charitable works that Gottlieb is supporting. The main objective of this organization is to restore the respect of the nation for its math and science teachers. It bestows four-year scholarships to math and science teachers to better their quality of teaching.



February 19, 2018

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Why Louis Chenevert’s Indelible Contributions Established a Legacy at UTC

Louis Chenevert is undoubtedly an accomplished entrepreneur. His towering 6’5’’ stature is symbolic of his unrivaled accomplishments spanning across years of sheer hard work as CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and a general manager at General Motors. The French-Canadian native is an alumnus of the Universite` de Montreal with a Bachelor’s degree in production management.

Chenevert’s Meteoric Rise in UTC

Having gained over a decade in experience at General Motors, Chenevert deemed it necessary to advance in his career by working at Pratt & Whitney, which is an affiliate of United Technologies Corporation. After exuding unwavering dedication and commitment for the next six years, the board’s management opted to elect Chenevert as its President in 1999, a position he successfully held for seven years before taking over the CEO’s position at UTC.

While at the helm, Chenevert is credited with attaining stellar achievements to the $100 billion conglomerate. In essence, it took Chenevert a single year to achieve what most corporate executives take years to do. A case in point is UTC’s acquisition of Goodrich courtesy of Chenevert’s insightful leadership and keen business acumen. More impressive was the CEO’s influence and expertise in securing the purchase of the company valued at $18.4 billion.

The Role of Technology Advancement in Promoting Individual Growth

Successfully steering UTC depends heavily on groundbreaking technology coupled with efficient service delivery by its staff. Once appointed as CEO, Chenevert made it his life’s mission to harness his personal experience and knowledge to take UTC to greater heights. More important is the fact that he invested in the right technology to promote synergy with his staff.

According to Chenevert, the key to dominating the industry lies in investing in his staff; therefore, he developed the Employee Scholar Program. Through the program, employees can pursue further education at the company’s cost with the sole intention of creating the most skilled labor force in the market. Despite spending over $1 billion in educational programs, the benefits have been limitless.

Apart from the Goodrich acquisition, Chenevert also played an active role in securing the government contract for the supply of F-35 engines which effectively earned the company a “monopoly” status. Louis Chenevert is also credited with championing for regular improvements that can lead to consistent growth.

October 4, 2017

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Daniel Mark Harrison and Monkey Capital

Daniel Mark Harrison strives to push his family owned business to its full potential working along with SpaceX as well. Monkey Capital has much success these days. The company thrives under his vision as does his all to push and secure maximum growth within the company. Daniel is an author and media expert as well and this ties in hand to hand with what hes doing as he is able to produce media coverage for his company that protrudes it as a successful company. He able to let others see how well the company thrives through media coverage and so forth. Media coverage is an important way in which Daniel’s company is able to thrive as is with any company. Being in expert in media allows Daniel to come up with ways to show off his company through social media and so on. He owns the family office that is in Hong Kong and ensures it growth and persistence daily. He does not give up as he remembers the family company is in his hands and he does his all to ensure that the company is doing well and is promoted well under his supervision. There is all money being made in chat rooms and crowd funding that Daniel has to keep an eye out for. Media and getting everyone involved is very important for the success of his company. With customers or people to please the company could not thrive. Daniel remembers to be professional in all his ways and to have an even temper when things might go assure. But with Daniel’s experience everything is evenly yoked as being an author he can keep track of what is being said about the company and make sure that there are always good reviews and the company stays in the light for customers. Good reviews is always important. Daniel speaks with investors as well and is very keen on being respectable and to the point when it comes to his company. This is very important for Daniel as he able to go through life brushing up on his company through talking and collaborating with investors for and wide.

August 30, 2017

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