The New Market Leader for Lip Balm Sales

The Evolution of Smooth may be an unfamiliar name to many. For those who are already acquainted with this brand, it is certainly recent knowledge. Regardless, notice must be taken as this small start up is quickly climbing to the top of the lip-balm market. In fact, the company has now established themselves as the second best-selling lip balm in the nation according to Kline research firm. The founders of the Evolution of Smooth were able to accomplish this feat by strategic methods in both design, manufacturing and advertising.

Understanding the outdated design of other brands of lip balm, EOS decided to take a chance and create a new standard. After considering many different models, the founders of EOS elected to use a spherical design. They were also focused on ensuring the product was enjoyable to use by their consumers. Another special feature of EOS lip balm are the countless different flavors and colors that are available to choose from. This gives users more flexibility and options for wearing lip balm.

In terms of manufacturing, the team purchased their own manufacturing facility instead of exporting their production. Evolution of wanted to have increased oversight and control. Now they know exactly what methods and practices are being used to produce their products. Furthermore, they don’t have to negotiate with manufacturers about prices and other common issues allowing more flexibility and control.

The final strategy of the team was to market their product to a target demographic. As female millennials, ages 25-35 were the audience, EOS lip balm chose specific avenues of advertising to appeal to this audience. They established themselves in the social media world by growing their own platforms as well as sharing their products with popular individuals. EOS was also able to enter into the music industry by working with stars such as Britney Spears and Demi Lovato.

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