The Intersection of Science and Personal Healthcare: Jeff Aronin Moving Biotech Forward

Jeff Aronin began his career in the healthcare industry by founding and becoming the CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. He used his past life experiences to develop the strategy that this new company would take to transform the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry. He was successful with his strategy of understanding need, identifying science, and working to get a drug that would fulfill that need to market as efficiently as possible. In 2009, Ovation’s success was noticed by Lundbeck who purchased Ovation and appointed Aronin as president and CEO during the transition. He has also served as the chairman of Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals as well as Harmony Biosciences.

Aronin has spent the past decade as chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. Paragon works to build biotech companies who work to develop life changing medicines for those with diseases with few or no current treatments. He has helped develop Paragon through the recruitment of top leadership, biotech talent, and investors. Paragon has a proven method of creating solutions that they use to come up with treatments. The team first identifies a disease with a need and studies its cause for a possible solution that is untried or may create a better result. They then identify and scientific information out there that could yield results and begin to build a company that is focused on the clinical development of a drug that could take advantage of that particular scientific information. The company also works to get around any legal and regulatory hurdles and develops a commercialization strategy. Paragon also takes their focus on diseases with unmet needs one step further by looking into medicines that other companies have done work on but have decided were not in their best interest pursue. Jeff Aronin’s focus on medicines with the greatest chance to make it to market has made Paragon a company that helps many patients and has continual growth over time.