The RealReal Offers Quality Consignment Fashion

The RealReal is an online consignment store that offers a variety of stylish clothing and accessories that appeal to the trendy consumer. The latest styles are featured on the company’s Instagram account, including a photo of the new Balenciaga tennis shoes, which are some of the most popular casual shoes on the luxury market. Fashions from decades past, such as a visor from Dior and a Gucci purse designed to look like a fanny pack. When you visit the RealReal’s Instagram page, you’ll find photos of fashion items showcased by themselves, as well as images of people with a great sense of style wearing the items they’ve purchased from The RealReal in their own creative ways.

The consignment store got its start online and now has a brick and mortar location in SoHo. Some customers have reported that after purchasing a piece from The RealReal, another shopper who follows the company’s Instagram account of has visited the store may recognize the piece and “congratulate” the owner for being able to score it. After all, the items at The RealReal are one of a kind, so each item can serve as an original method of fashion expression. When shoppers go to the physical location, they even have the option of the item they’re interested being removed from both the actual and online sales floor while they are considering their purchase. So, even at the live store, customers know that if they see something they want, it’s probably best to purchase it right away.

Julie Wainwright founded TheRealReal in 2011. She has been working in tech since the 1990s and served as’s chief executive before starting this popular consignment store.