Dr. Johanan Rand On Fighting Aging

Dr. Johanan Rand serves his patients with the utmost compassion and care. The physician has over fifteen extensive years of working on fighting the signs of aging for his patients. He frequently treats erectile dysfunction and menopause. In addition, to fighting aging, he also offers patients to participate in his weight loss program.


Dr. Johanan Rand’s set of therapies involves a lot of different things to promote the utmost wellness in his patients. He monitors body fat in each individual patient. He tracks hormone levels. Certified to perform acupuncture, he administers acupuncture to patients dealing with and discomfort. He offers patients the option of steroid injections, nerve blocks and cortisol injections to help relieve pain in a timely manner.


Dr. Johanan Rand is most notable for his innovative ways in which he helps patients fight the signs and effects of aging. He places a huge emphasis on treating the body from the inside to the outside. He helps patients understand their dietary needs to help with aging. His healthcare team assist him in analyzing physical symptoms and the diagnosis of what could be causing these issues. He offers a physical therapy session as a part of his program to better wellness and help patients combat aging. Patients often think the physical therapy will only help their cardiovascular system. Truthfully, the therapy does help them cardiovascular wise. But additionally, this therapy also helps the root causes of why some people suffer from joint pain as they age. Also, the therapies offered by the physician can make an overall better difference in a patient’s sleepy cycle.


Dr. Johanan Rand has forever changed the lives of so many people. He has patients improve their health. He has been a symbol of hope and inspiration for medical professionals everywhere. As the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, he has made it his mission to treat patients of whatever aging concerns they are facing. His clinic treats all of these causes that are due to aging: anxiety, menopause, libido, insomnia, depression, mood disorders and weight gain. His approach to aging has helped many patients.