The Kabbalah Centre Teaches Us How to Understand the World Around Us

Understanding Kabbalah is something that can be extremely difficult to do according to many teachers of Judaism who have managed to keep the majority of these ancient teachings hidden from the public eye. A basic translation of the word Kabbalah converts to English as “to receive”, which is a basic way of seeing the works now known as the Zohar that are taught in this tradition in the 21st century; the aim of the majority of people looking to explore the Kabbalah is to achieve some form of fulfillment, which expert teachers believe is different to the happiness we all feel at some point or another in our lives.


The first U.S. based Kabbalah centers were introduced in the 1920s by teachers who would go on to be an influence on the life and work of the founder of The Kabbalah Centre, Rabbi Philip Berg. The forerunner to The Kabbalah Centre was established by Berg in 1965, but it was only in the 1980s that large numbers of students began making their way to Berg’s group to learn about these ancient teachings. The success in New York and Los Angeles of The Kabbalah Centre attracted global attention with the teachers from the group making weekly trips to Canada where the first outposts of the group were also established.


One of the major aspects of Kabbalah that differs from many other belief systems is the fact these teachings are based around an understanding of the way the universe functions; because of the link to many different faith based belief systems The Kabbalah Centre can provide an understanding of these mystical teachings in relation to any other religion in the world.


Kabbalah has never been a form of teaching based solely on converting others to a specific way of thinking, but instead is a guide to understanding the world and universe in all its glory. The Kabbalah and its teachings are based on receiving information and using it to fit into the life of the individual, which allows each student the chance to use the information to create a greater level of fulfillment in their life.