How EOS Started Their Brand

EOS is known for being the Evolution of Smooth, and they have given people what they have always wanted in lip balm. Their products are easy on the lips, simple to use, and great to have to help your lips stay hydrated throughout every single day. EOS lip balm is so well respected and definitely one of the best out there. The brand wasn’t always an instant success and there was a lot of work involved for them to achieve the success that they have now. Here’s a small look at what it took them to achieve all of this successfully.

According to, first of all, the three product creators did not know which market to go into except the fact that beauty was what they wanted to jump into. It was a good jump knowing that there is millions of dollar spent on beauty products, but every single market was closing in with big brands. Chapstick was the only one where there were brands making good money and actual sales providing subpar products. Brands were getting lazy, and so all these people needed to do were come up with a unique angle to help the product fly off the shelves. They ended up making a formula with sunscreen and SPF to help people stay clear of the sun and protect lips from sun damage. With the help of organic ingredients and its overall sphere like shape, the brand gained notoriety and grew up with so much success over the years.

They utilized efficient influencer marketing strategies that helped gained the fame it did now throughout different social media platforms. There are all kinds of people who helped talk about the eBay sold brand and what they are capable of, and through influential marketing they accomplished so much over the years and now they are at the top successfully.