James Reese and TigerSwan: The Business of Protection

james reese tigerswan

Sometimes it is strange to hear how new businesses are formed. TigerSwan has a story unique to itself. James Reese and a partner had a chat over coffee that led to its creation. Today, TigerSwan is a protection and security providing company that spans across the globe. The headquarters is based in North Caroline, but they go where the work is needed.

TigerSwan has an intriguing blend of employees. Many of the personnel are retired military because James Reese is. Mr. Reese retired out of the Army after serving his country for well over a decade. Not all of the staff members are military at TigerSwan. James Reese takes pride in knowing that he hires people that are qualified and trained. For example, one team member is college-educated. This person is now working in a high-level position in the company. James Reese comments that he is a valued employee and probably one of the many backbones of the organization.

Ann area that James Reese takes personally is balancing TigerSwan with the team members lives. While he was in the Armed Forces, his paycheck was written out by the US government, but as a business owner, he is now the one writing the checks. The business must be profitable, but it must also balance money, people, and time. It takes management, constant education, and attention to keep the wheels moving. One thing James Reese does to accomplish this is to surrounded himself and the other team members with competent staff that are willing to work hard to achieve the group goal of success and service.

TigerSwan is a company that businesses or individuals can hire for all types of protection. We often think of needing protection in a war zone, but many other situations warrant it, such as busy venues, a city where there is unrest, or crowded areas. Whatever the case, TigerSwan can bring in a group of highly trained individuals or a few people to protect and service the clients.

James Reese and TigerSwan are a blend of military might and business savvy. As a team, the two entities contribute to their clients, employees, and world.

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