Norman Pattiz Hints A Media Marketing Revolution After Teaming Up With Edison Research To Study Podcast Advertising

Norman Pattiz is a guru in the podcast network platform and a pioneer for a couple of distinguishable products. He was the founder and chief executive officer of Westwood One when it gained recognition as the leading American podcast provider in entertainment, sports, news, talk and traffic updates.

According to PR Newswire, Norman Pattiz earned a spot on the May 2016 Forbes magazine section of global change for his efforts in generating revenue through media. He oversaw Westwood One’s contract to own, manage and distribute media material such as sports and talk shows to NCAA Basketball, The Super Bowl, NFL Football, CNN Radio, CBS News, Mutual Broadcasting System and March Madness.

In 2010, Norman set up Courtside Entertainment Group to create and distribute media content in the underserved industry. He later teamed up with a leading freelancing podcast pioneer to start Podcast One which began operating in 2012.

The network has garnered millions of fans who enjoy the shows of stimulating WWE stars like Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, and Nicole Polizzi. Other iconic podcast shows include Laura Ingraham, Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carolla, Dan Patrick, Heather Dubrow, Freakonomics, Radiolab, TheCHIVE and Dr. Drew. In total, Podcast One listeners enjoy more than 200 channels.

Norman Pattiz often speaks on the effect of using podcasts to market brands and create product awareness. He explained that the network’s podcasts limit a single show to only four ads, hence maintain the keenness of the listeners.

Additionally, podcast fans are more apt to trust a familiar voice and gain interest to purchase the marketed product or service. According to the network’s analysis, a big percentage of listeners download the shows immediately and listen through the entire span of time, adding to the potentiality of buying the advertised product.

In 2016, Norman teamed up with the research team Edison Research to come up with accurate statistics representing the effect of using podcasts to advertise instead of the traditional TV and radio channels. The team used five brands for five products in finance, lawn and gardening, hospitality, automobiles, and grocery to compare the results before and after the three-month airing of ads.

The number of listeners who gained interest in a particular restaurant rose by 76 percent, the financial product garnered a 47 percent rise, the grocery product ad attracted an increase of 53 percent of buyers, automobile’s prospective buyers rose by 37 percent, and the lawn item ad drew 24 percent. Edison’s VP revealed that his team was enthralled to work with Podcast One to study a revolutionary marketing strategy.

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