Doe Deere Sticks to Social Media and Avoids Mainstream Television Advertising


Doe Deere is known as a cosmetics genius. She is the woman that has come and changed the whole makeup industry, and the praise has continued because she is so unique. It is goes without saying that her brand is thriving, but many people don’t understand how she is doing this without a mainstream advertising campaign. That may be the most interesting thing about her. She doesn’t have the high dollar commercials or the print ads that make people stop and stare. Doe Deere is a genius in that she realized that she didn’t need any of this. She may be the first cosmetics CEO that has realized that the Internet, a free vehicle for building an audience, is all that one really needs to maximize their return on investment.


The best thing about a company like Lime Crime, the company that Doe Deere founded, is that it is connected to a social media atmosphere. Women are praising this company. They are talking with one another and giving this brand high accolades online. More than a million people are connected to the Lime Crime Instagram profile. This is something that Doe Deere hyped up in the beginning, and she has continued to do this. That is what makes this cosmetics line that she launched so valuable.


Many people will get started with the Internet advertising in the same way that Doe Dree has done. The problem is that most entrepreneurs do not stick with this. They try to spread their advertising over multiple sites and apps and fail to maintain a level of consistency. When they fail to update their Facebook or Twitter accounts their potential customers will lose interest. These customers will roam until they come across someone else that has created a new and interesting concept. The thing that has helped Doe Deere is her passion about her brand. She has made sure that she has stuck with this brand over the years.


There definitely has been a lot of talk about this brand. It has become the thing that people look forward to seeing because the colors are bold and out of the ordinary. This is the personality that Doe Deere has as well. Her demeanor intrigues customers and gives them some entertainment. Her style tips provide consumers with new options for their wardrobe. All of this helps her promote her cosmetics brand to the wired millennials.


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Doe Deereā€™s Challenges and Her Success Journey

Doe Deere is a true inspiration to both the young and also the old. Her journey can be traced back to when she saw thirteen years old and in school. At that time, Doe knew she wanted to be a musician. And yet, that did not deter her from discovering the temporary tattoos and selling them to the other students. She learned the art of market research and sales by convincing her fellow classmates that they deserved the tattoo. One can conclude with sheer confidence that from a young age, she was destined to be a great entrepreneur.

Every experience that Doe experienced on her journey has been a great lesson. After school, Doe moved from her home in Russia to New York City when she was 17 years old. In New York, she established a band together with her boyfriends, now her husband. Doe had a challenging time booking events and performing. Still, she carried that with honor and learned lessons from her experience, that is, to appreciate people and when they show up, to treat them right.

Doe’s love for colors has no bounds. The brighter the color the more passionate she has for them. Her love for color was established still in childhood. Together with her friends, Doe would host slumber parties and they would use color to paint their faces. Although her friends found it crazy, that was one of her motivation behind her success.

The challenge to get colorful makeup drove Deere to establish Lime Crime Makeup that gives their clients freedom to enjoy themselves. She decided to start the company because she was convinced if she wanted something done she had to do it herself. Lime Crime Company is one of the few companies that deal with colorful makeup, from blush to lipstick and others. It encourages being bold and through the colorful products, the company achieves their goal.

Doe Deere’s story is a true inspiration to everyone. Having a dream and going for it are two different yet most incredible things that one may decide to do. Doe has had a share of her challenges, yet she is now one of the most influential, creative and innovative business people in the makeup industry. She knows how to keep touch with her unicorns. She wears her products out with a pride which gives her clients the feeling that they belong to Lime Crime Makeup and also in her unicorn world.

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