Empowerment of African women by Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel Dos Santos was raised in Angola with his father being the president of the country for about thirty-eight years, up to 2017. She has grown to be a very successful business woman in Angola, even being listed as the richest woman in Africa by Forbes. Isabel Dos Santos majored in electrical engineering.

Isabel Dos Santos has used her wealth and power to empower other women in Africa. She believes that African women have the potential to be successful as men, provided they are aided with the necessary resources. The resources include ensuring that women get the same opportunities in education and employment. There is a lot of stigmatization against women in Africa. The notion that women belong at home cooking, doing housework and taking care of children still persists in some communities. In the workplace also, women who have fought so hard to earn a position in their employment also face stigmatization. Isabel Dos Santos works at instilling growth to women and making them confident. She allows them the same growth opportunities that men get to sustain their development.

Isabel relies on the principle of “first the seed, then the future”. This reform supports slow and steady growth. This means that she plants seeds in society by ensuring that women get the same opportunities and support as men in order to grow. According to Isabel dos Santos, looking forward to the future, 10, 20years from now, women will have broken the chains of sexist stigmas and empowered themselves and their own communities.

In most African countries, the highest population is usually that of women and children. As Isabel Dos Santos has shown, if you educate a woman, you educate the society. The economic is more financially stable with many women joining the working class. Isabel’s efforts have fostered economic growth in countries (BBC).

Isabel Dos Santos has personally provided monetary support, effort and time to foster development projects. She has used technology to create and share videos across the continent. These video content aim at uniting all entrepreneurs together. She also recognizes the need to invest in employing opportunities such as the internet to build Africa.

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