The Chainsmokers: Live or in the Studio, Always Trying Something New

Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart formed the Chainsmokers together in 2012. The DJ/Producer duo began rehearsing in New York after they formed up, playing their debut show in September of 2014 at Terminal 5 as the opening act for Timeflies. Since then they have released a steady stream of songs and albums, often releasing free singles through their band’s website. These singles keep them in the spotlight and allow the duo to explore their various musical interests, while also giving them a lot of open space for collaborating with other musicians.

The Chainsmokers’ newest single, “Side Effects”, was released at the end of July. It features vocals from frequent collaborator and good friend of the duo, Emily Warren. The song is a more upbeat track than most of their recent releases. The duo write music based on what they are experiencing and feeling at the moment, and when it is winter or fall they tend to more subdued and melancholy, something reflected in the music they wrote during the winter. With “Side Effects“, they wanted to shed that trend and get into the bright, upbeat mentality of summer. “Side Effects” is a much more up-tempo songs, influenced heavily by funk and disco music.

In their live performances, the Chainsmokers have been experimenting as well. They began with the two of them behind turntables, spinning records and beats for the crowd. They have grown as performers, often using elements of a more traditional live band for their shows; a drummer is particularly useful for them.

Taggart has also been singing for the crowds. He provided vocals for a few of their songs, but had to transition from singing in a studio to singing live. Taggart embraced the challenge, and spent a year practicing his singing and now not only has confidence in his performance, but enjoys singing for crowds.

The Chainsmokers tour regularly, performing shows as often as they can. They play for huge arena crowds as well as smaller, club-sized venues. They enjoy playing for people who came to have fun and listen to their music.

Kim Dao Travels To Tokyo With Sunnydahye

The YouTubers Kim Dao and Sunnydahye have great fun together in both Japan and South Korea. Luckily for the world, Kim Dao often vlogs her experiences with Sunnydahye and posts them online. In one video, which Kim entitled “Osaka to Tokyo | Karaoke | Vlogmas #13 | KimDao ft. Sunnydahye,” both Kim Dao and Sunnydahye take us on a Japanese journey from Osaka to Tokyo.


At the start of the video, Kim Dao says she just woke up and it’s almost 12:00pm. Both Kim Dao and Sunny went to Universal Studios Japan yesterday, so they’re very tired from their adventures around the park. Kim says she and Sunny are going to take the bullet train from Osaka back to Tokyo today.


Before she leaves Osaka, Kim Dao’s host family gives her a cooling patch for her butt. Kim Dao says she fell down the stairs yesterday and bruised her buttocks.


A few minutes later, Kim Dao heads off to Osaka Station to take the bullet train to Shinjuku Station. When Kim arrives back at her Tokyo apartment, she says she feels completely exhausted from the trip.


After freshening up a bit, Kim Dao and Sunny go out to eat in Tokyo. Both Sunny and Kim share a yummy cheese pizza and order a few pasta dishes.


The video closes with Kim Dao and Sunny singing a bunch of songs at a local karaoke bar. A few songs they both sing include “Anaconda,” “Let It Go,” and a Japanese Christmas song. Both girls are incredibly tired by the end of their karaoke session and decide to call it a night.


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