Jake Gottlieb Is A Medical Doctor Who Became A Financial Wizard

If Jacob Gottlieb’s life as a kid is to be considered, one can’t help but conclude that his early experiences could have paved the way for his eventual life-time career. The young Gottlieb was a loyal fan of baseball. He learned to trade baseball cards while he is still a kid, and eventually became a wise baseball card trader. Gottlieb, in his heyday as a trader of baseball cards, was able to build a collection of full teams, especially his favorite team, the Yankees. Upon reaching 7th grade, he entered an unusual contest and came out the winner.



Winning this contest might have led him to his lifetime career in investment and financing. In this contest, the participants were asked to choose stocks. As he won the prize, it also got his father, Max, thinking. Max saw Jacob’s potential in picking winning stocks. Jacob’s father, incidentally, is a professor of economics in City University of New York City. He and his family are originally from Poland but migrated to the United States during the country’s troublous times in the 1960s. To develop Jacob’s potential in trading stocks, his father arranged for the younger Gottlieb to get his personal account in investment trading. Jacob also had some experience in business selling drinks to golfers, using a bulky shopping cart pushing it to sell his beverages.



But investment and financing are not the only interest of Jacob Gottlieb in his early life. Perhaps through the influence of his mother, Dr. Helena Gottlieb, who is a certified pediatrician, he enrolled at the New York University Medical School. After fulfilling all the school requirements, he promptly graduated with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He then completed his internship in internal medicine at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City. But it was his love for financing, trading stocks and investments that got the best of him and he retired from medicine and began to focus his attention on his true passion – to become a financial wizard,



With his medical degree, Dr. Gottlieb added the titles CFR, and PRMIA to his MD title. Gottlieb got his charter in 2001, the Charter Financial Analyst, which was given by the Association for Investment Management and Research. Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island also awarded him with his Bachelor of Arts in economics after completing his studies of the course and fulfilling all its rudimentary requirements. He then started working professionally as a financial advisor to several companies. Gottlieb founded Visium Asset Management, LLC in 2005 and became its Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer. But prior to establishing Visium, he co-founded Balyasny Asset Management, LLC. And before his experience at Balyasny, Gottlieb worked with Merlin Financial as its investment portfolio manager in London, England.



When he is not busy dispensing financial and investment counsel, Gottlieb is working at his other passion – charitable work. He is supporting several institutions in the country with his time and donations. Math for America is one of the charitable works that Gottlieb is supporting. The main objective of this organization is to restore the respect of the nation for its math and science teachers. It bestows four-year scholarships to math and science teachers to better their quality of teaching.