Bennett Graebner: The Face Behind the Bachelor

Bennett Graebner was born in New York, but now resides with his family in Los Angeles, the hotspot for celebrity activity. He is known for his involvement in several famous names such as both the Bachelor and Bachelorette. The popularity of these shows has led him to receive numerous awards at prestigious events including Teen Choice Awards, ASCAP Film and Television Awards, and BMI Film & TV Awards. Most of his shows are often top-rated and suited for an older generation of viewers aged from early adulthood to mid-adulthood. Although his shows are already extremely successful, he continues to look for new ways to draw the attention of additional viewers.

One secret to Bennett’s success with his television shows is that he is well versed in how to properly write a narrative. Every good show needs a working plot that keeps its viewers entertained and it is no different from reality tv shows. Bennett Graebner incorporates real-life experiences into his shows, although this proves to be a challenge. Another secret is that he spends time in other film departments in addition to his own. This grants him more knowledge of behind the scene than other film professionals. He is knowledgeable about the capabilities and limitations of each department and can work around them to successfully produce a working show.

Having a degree in English has been a highly attributing factor to his top-rated shows, as it gave him the necessary background knowledge to create such a show. From a young age, Bennett Graebner developed a passion for film making which led him to attend Vassar College. There, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa in addition to receiving his English degree. He later received his MFA in Film Production from the University of South California. His credentials and knowledge have made him a famous name in the film industry.

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