Pointers on How to Turn a Simple Idea into a Plan by Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a revolutionary pioneer and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The company was established following his passion for nursing small businesses into million-dollar organizations. LaunchPad is a platform for aspiring businesspeople to get tips concerning the methods to apply to grow businesses, where to get capital and how an employer can motivate the employees to become more productive. Glen Wakeman mainly implements his five method policy, which is meant to help cooperation grow.


Experiences as a Starter and Lessons Learnt


Apart from being the founding member of LaunchPad, Glen is also the founder and the president of Nova Four. Nova Four provides grounds for him to mentor and reaches out to CEOs and company boards on matters of economic growth. Wakeman worked at GE Capital for over 20 years.

GE was perhaps a stepping stone for greater achievements for Glen Wakeman. GE had immense growth in regard to assets with contribution from Wakeman as he guided them toward expansion of their market. He oversaw multimillion-dollar contacts at GE Holdings and innovations that set their boat sailing toward the end of the financial rainbow.

In a recent interview, Wakeman mentioned that his personal experiences at start-ups inspired the development of LaunchPad. He felt that it was necessary to provide tools for people to turn their ideas into solid facts. He suggested that it is crucial for one to have a team that is eager to learn and create a plan and ready to take a risk. Wakeman‘s idea is to involve one’s business partners in formulating new ideas (http://reporterexpert.com/glen-wakeman-guides-startups-technology-solutions/).

He stated that he always wants to learn new things. According to him, curious people are the best to work with because they motivate one to see things broadly. That way, one is driven to solve problems that may arise. Glen is an informed reader and author as well. He has had the opportunity to live in six countries and is a certified holder of Six Sigma Black Belt. Wakeman attended the University of Chicago and earned his MBA (TheNewsVersion). He also went to the University of Scranton for his BS in economics and finance.

October 11, 2017

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Boraie Development in Pursuit of Affordable Housing and Entertainment

Boraie Development joined hands with the Provident Bank Foundation to bring the Free Summer Movies Series at the State Theater this summer. This would see moviegoers enjoy the comfort of the1850-seater theater with state of the art HD digital cinema projection system, digital surround sound, a 46 inch Stewart film screen and a Barco projector. The New Jersey State reported that some of the movies that would be featured include Frozen on 12 July, the Extra Terrestrial on 19 July, Despicable Me 2 on 26 July, Babe on August 2, Monsters University on August and Aladdin on August 16. All these movies would be shown for free with each showing at 10.30am and 7.00pm.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, the Vice President of Boraie Development, Hiam Boraie, expressed his delight in gifting young people the wonderful series in a historic venue. The summer’s lineup included six films and the companies working on this were on a mission to present more family-friendly programming. For the summer, they were confident that they would reach around 7,500 people. Just as in the glory days of Hollywood, the audience would sit downstairs or enjoy the view from the balcony of the State Theater. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

Boraie Development, LLC has become a global company and a vocal figure in the urban real estate market. The company offers a variety of services such as property management, sales and marketing as well as real estate development. The focus of the team that makes the company is to build spectacular properties to the satisfaction of their clients. In this mission, they have combined forces with the best architects, contractors, visionaries as well as financial institutions. This has enabled them to always meet timely completion of their projects and with success. With this, they have developed a thirsty year track record, becoming one of the most sought after developers in New Jersey.

The growth of the Boraie Development, LLC has taken place under the leadership of Sam Boraie, who is the president and one of the founders of the company. For Omar, rebuilding New Brunswick started as a vision when he was a scholar traveling through Europe. They started off in 1972. By then, the city was nothing as it is today. Most of the businesses closed down at 4 pm and he felt that there needed to be a 24-hour economy. Omar also envisioned the New York City-style One Spring Street Condominium building, which Boraie Development has constructed.

October 9, 2017

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Securus Technologies Restoring Order to a Prison Out of Control

Over the years I have seen the conditions in our local prison deteriorate drastically. I used to be able to come to work as a corrections officer and interact with inmates in a professional and respectful manner, but the gangs have completely changed the way officers and inmates conduct themselves. The inmates who belong to gangs not have a distaste towards authority, and hurting an officer actually gains them credibility with those gang members already in prison.


To control things from escalating, my team has to take utilize resources that will give us the upper hand.


Securus Technologies is based in Texas and makes call monitoring systems that are used in prisons to overhear what inmates are discussing while on the jail phone system. The company is headed by CEO Richard Smith, and he says all of his thousand employees are all working towards the objective of creating a safer world for us to live. To date, Securus Technologies has over 2,500 monitoring systems in jails located all over this country.


These systems make use of the LBS software, enabling officers to conduct their normal duties while the software is scanning the calls the inmates are making for verbiage on things like contraband, weapons, gangs, fighting, or drugs. If the system detects that chatter, we get the alert and spring to action instead of wasting resources sitting on the phones listening all day long.


Now if the inmates are talking about having a gang member bring drugs to the visitor center to change hands, we can be there first. If the inmates are discussing using drugs in their cells late at night, our team will do a surprise cell inspection within hours to recover the drugs and let the inmates know that their efforts to abuse the system is no longer working.


October 5, 2017

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Sawyer Howitt Tips on How to Become a Pro Racquetball Player

     Sporting just like any career venture is very rewarding not only in monetary terms but it also gives you the pride and satisfaction. If you want to become a professional Racquetball player you do need to give it the attention it deserves regardless of how gifted you are. The following are some of the insights shared by Sawyer Howitt that will help you become a successful racquetball player.


Before you think of going professional on your racquetball career, you need first to carry out some research. Ask yourself, what are your specific reasons for going professional? Doing so will help motivate you on the necessary steps to follow. For instance, if your motivation of becoming a professional athlete is to increase your earnings then you will need to research on how to optimize your revenues through the sport. Likewise, if your reasons are for self-fulfillment, then you will need to ways that help you achieve just that.

Have a Plan

A plan is a continuous record that helps you keep progress of your activities. As an athlete or racquetball player, you will fail to get the desired goals if you fail to have a plan. This said, your plan should be realistic and very much attainable therefore ensure you are real with yourself when coming up with your plan.

Get a Coach

If you want to be a professional racquetball player, a coach is one person that will come in handy. Note a coach is somebody who will help you with your training while at the same time motivating you to be better. Do not fear traveling far and wide or paying expensively to get a coach.

Do Not Compromise with Practice

Practice makes perfect. When it comes to any sport, racquetball included, no statement can emphasize on how to achieve success better than this. Take your training seriously as every second of it counts. However, ensure you are doing the right practice that will help you with your end goal.

About Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is a businessperson with a keen eye on racquetball. Since a tender age, he has always enjoyed this sport and now seeks to help the players becoming professional by offering them insights on how to build themselves. Mr. Howitt is the current Project Manager at Meriwether Group and a second-year student. He loves giving to charity too.

October 4, 2017

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Waiakea Water: Purity and Sustainability

Waiakea Water is extensively known not only for being a premium but also a bottled water brand of Hawaii. The procedures that facilitate the bottling process takes place within Southern California. The establishment of the firm took place in 2012. They believe that classification of water sources puts theirs as one with the internationally purest surroundings.

Waiakea Volcanic Water is a result of rains emerging from the volcano’s peak, that is classified as the purest, and snow melting. The filtration procedure for the water then follows. It entails passage through a thick lava rock which is porous. The seclusion of Mauna Loa Volcano is the strategy in place to ascertain that the water in question is not only pure but also clean. The surrounding consists of forest reserves that are not only rich but also bio-diversified.

There exists a slogan that motivates the intake of water that is not only ethical and healthy but also sustainable. The slogan facilitates Waiakea a lot in its course of market intensification. Their cost of sale is affordable as the estimation is $3 for any liter of water that is bottled.Ryan Emmons is the founder and serves as the Company CEO. His explanation is the source of origin for the water is communal. Despite the fact that the indication is not available on the website and the images, this is the real truth and a reason to trust the brand. According to the statistics of the company a year back, the company’s worth was $10 million. From then onwards, it has been transforming.

Sometimes, simply by sitting, the soul collects wisdom. || @luis.axta

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Notably, the bottling process for the water happens in California. The location is about 2,500 miles from the water source. Sustainability claims already in place are currently undergoing investigation. The department’s concern at hand is in line with the need to consider issues like labeling.

The Company CEO, Ryan, through his email to TINA.org, confirms that the origin of the water is within the county. He also outlines that no additional components are placed upon the termination of the sourcing procedure.

October 4, 2017

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Avi Weisfogel is Focused on Providing Relief to Patients

Sleep is often overlooked in favor of completing busy schedules and meeting deadlines. However, it is essential for the health and well-being of all human beings. Depriving the body of, at least, seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep can have serious consequences to your health and physical appearance.

For instance, sleep deprivation can cause puffy or even blood-shot eyes, a wrinkled face, and mood swings. Sleep is vital for repairing the body and recovering from physical and mental stress. Today, one effective way of treating sleep-related medical conditions is seeking the services of a specialist like Dr. Avi Weisfogel from New Jersey.

Dr. Weisfogel has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea, which is characterized by breathing pauses during sleep. Sometimes patients wake up choking from their sleep. As a result, the condition should be immediately addressed to prevent it from affecting one’s sleeping patterns.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is not only a renowned dentist in New Jersey but also a sleep apnea specialist. He studied Biology and Psychology at Rutgers University before enrolling for a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at New York University. He then moved back to his hometown where he opened Old Bridge Dental Care. The private dental practice has won many awards.

During his dental practice, Dr. Weisfogel started interacting and helping patients who were suffering from different sleep disorders. As his interactions with these patients increased, he began realizing that oral therapy held the key to helping people suffering from sleep apnea. His dream was to find and provide a global solution to this condition.

Therefore, in 2012, he opened the trailblazing Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients program. It was primarily a think tank that dedicated resources to finding a solution for treating sleep apnea. The platform was also used to engage stakeholders through holding lectures.

Dental Sleep Masters

Dr. Weisfogel designed the Dental Sleep Master’s Program to help tailor sleep appliances and solutions that provided lasting relief for people with sleep disorders. It focused primarily on orally applied therapy. Today, Dr. Weisfogel’s attention is split between his dental practice, the Dental Sleep Master’s Program, and charity work.

October 4, 2017

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How Daniel Mark Harrison Managed to Balance his Career as an Entrepreneur, Author, and Media Expert

Daniel Mark Harrison is a renowned media expert, author, and entrepreneur. He is the owner and founder of Daniel Mark Harrison Co. (DMH&CO), which operates as a family office. DMH&CO has workstations in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. It is focused on looking after and assisting in the growth of Daniel’s family assets. Daniel serves as the board chair and CEO of DMH&CO.

Daniel’s Career at Monkey Capital

In addition to running his firm, Daniel works as the managing partner of Fintech and Monkey Capital. His role is to oversee the decentralized hedge fund’s investment endeavors. As a hedge fund, Monkey Capital is known for investing in Blockchain systems and SpaceX supply contracts. With a unique range of compelling projects and high-quality operations, Monkey Capital got the hedge fund industry excited.

Monkey Capital also made history when it became the first ICO to indulge in the sale of pre-ICO options. The company’s emphasis on Blockchain networks has enabled it to excel in producing Ethereum-style gains. Chris Waltzek, a radio host, gave Monkey Capital a rating of six stars as he interviewed Daniel. Azeem Khan of The Huffington Post also referred Monkey Capital to as a “billion-dollar baboon.”

In reference to The Huffington Post’s comments about Monkey Capital, the company is expected to make its first ten-digit sum soon. Azeem Khan also pointed out that the sum will be generated from a crowd-funding campaign. According to Daniel, who is the Monkey Capital’s founder, his company is on the verge of making history by developing crowd-funding options.

Daniel’s Career as a Writer and Media Expert

Daniel Mark Harrison’s notable book is titled Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact & Fiction in Today’s World. As a fictitious book, it seems to explore the impacts of millennial attitudes through real journalism. Daniel Mark Harrison has been featured as a guest in business news channels like Reuters, Bloomberg, and CNN.

Besides being featured in an article in The Wall Street Journal, Daniel writes for Coinspeaker and Marx Rand. Coinspeaker was launched back in 2014 as a publisher of online articles focusing on Altcoin and Bitcoin. Daniel previously worked as a columnist on Asia Emerging Markets Motley Fool and BNET.

October 4, 2017

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Why Louis Chenevert’s Indelible Contributions Established a Legacy at UTC

Louis Chenevert is undoubtedly an accomplished entrepreneur. His towering 6’5’’ stature is symbolic of his unrivaled accomplishments spanning across years of sheer hard work as CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and a general manager at General Motors. The French-Canadian native is an alumnus of the Universite` de Montreal with a Bachelor’s degree in production management.

Chenevert’s Meteoric Rise in UTC

Having gained over a decade in experience at General Motors, Chenevert deemed it necessary to advance in his career by working at Pratt & Whitney, which is an affiliate of United Technologies Corporation. After exuding unwavering dedication and commitment for the next six years, the board’s management opted to elect Chenevert as its President in 1999, a position he successfully held for seven years before taking over the CEO’s position at UTC.

While at the helm, Chenevert is credited with attaining stellar achievements to the $100 billion conglomerate. In essence, it took Chenevert a single year to achieve what most corporate executives take years to do. A case in point is UTC’s acquisition of Goodrich courtesy of Chenevert’s insightful leadership and keen business acumen. More impressive was the CEO’s influence and expertise in securing the purchase of the company valued at $18.4 billion.

The Role of Technology Advancement in Promoting Individual Growth

Successfully steering UTC depends heavily on groundbreaking technology coupled with efficient service delivery by its staff. Once appointed as CEO, Chenevert made it his life’s mission to harness his personal experience and knowledge to take UTC to greater heights. More important is the fact that he invested in the right technology to promote synergy with his staff.

According to Chenevert, the key to dominating the industry lies in investing in his staff; therefore, he developed the Employee Scholar Program. Through the program, employees can pursue further education at the company’s cost with the sole intention of creating the most skilled labor force in the market. Despite spending over $1 billion in educational programs, the benefits have been limitless.

Apart from the Goodrich acquisition, Chenevert also played an active role in securing the government contract for the supply of F-35 engines which effectively earned the company a “monopoly” status. Louis Chenevert is also credited with championing for regular improvements that can lead to consistent growth.

October 4, 2017

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Betsy DeVos Sworn In As Sec. Of Education

Betsy DeVos was recently sworn in as Secretary of Education of the Trump Administration. Before her nomination, she was on the forefront of education in the state of Michigan for several years. She is also the wife of billionaire businessman and philanthropist Richard Dick DeVos. She has also served as National Chairwoman of the Republican Party for over 12 years.


The former Betsy Prince, was born to Edgar and Elsa Prince. Her father was a billionaire industrialist who founded the Prince Corporation. Her brother, Erik, is the founder and CEO of Blackwater USA.


Prince has always been outspoken in her political beliefs. While in college, she was heavily involved in campus politics and educational initiatives to help children. After graduating from Calvin College with a degree in economics, she began involving herself in local politics.


DeVos married into one of the wealthiest families in the U.S. She and her husband have been married for over 30 years and have four children and five grandchildren. Many people applaud DeVos for her behind the scenes work with the Republican Party. She has been one of the most successful fundraisers, having personally raised over $250,000 for George W. Bush’s reelection campaign in 2004.


DeVos is a huge supporter of the voucher program and school choice. She has been open in her feelings regarding families having the choice to decide where their children attend school. DeVos served as president of the Alliance For School Choice. She and her husband tried numerous times to get the school choice initiative on the ballot. When she finally did, it was voted down. DeVos and her husband also established annual scholarships to help children who want to attend college but cannot afford it.


When Trump began looking for a Secretary of Education to replace the outgoing Phil Rosenfelt, DeVos’ name was at the top of the list. She received high praise from Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney. After her confirmation hearing, which began on Jan. 17, 2017, she was confirmed on Feb. 2, 2017. DeVos says she will run the Department of Education with the same thirst for providing a sound education for all that she did in Michigan.


Follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook for updates.

October 2, 2017

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Sawyer Howitt Describes How To Become A Professional At Racquetball

     If you want to become a racquetball professional it takes a lot of skill, dedication, practice, and time. You have to be physically very fit in order to play racquetball at the professional level to have any success. Sawyer Howitt is a player who has aspirations to one day play against the best players in the world at this sport he loves.

Sawyer Howitt says that if you want to reach the top levels of the sport you need to put in the time to properly research your options. The first thing to work out is why you want to achieve this, which can have different answers for different people. Some want to play professionally just because of how much they enjoy the game and competition. Others are primarily motivated by acquiring wealth. The plan you have moving forward will depend on your motivations.

Once you create a plan you need to dedicate yourself to it. You need to have the discipline to follow your training plan and play on a regular basis against your peers. When starting out, Sawyer Howitt says it can be very worthwhile to talk to people who have reached the professional level as they will have insights into achieving this that they’re often willing to share with others.

Outside of racquetball, Sawyer Howitt is a project manager who works at Meriweather Group. His specialty lies in incorporating RFID technology into retail stores. The company he works for is one that provides their services to business owners who are seeking to improve and expand their products. They offer a number of services including retail rollout and acting as capital partners.

Sawyer Howitt is a young man who just graduated from Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon. He will continue his work for Meriwether Group after he moves to California where he will attend the University of California in Berkeley. His intended degree is in consumer economics which he plans on turning into a lifetime as an entrepreneur. He has already developed a number of business ideas which primarily lie in the area of technology.

For more, visit http://weeklyopinion.com/2017/09/business-owner-vs-entrepreneur-sawyer-howitt-explains-the-different-mindsets/.

September 18, 2017

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