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Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has written so much. He has edited. He has even re-written.

Alfonso has also published. In fact, he leads Grupo Televisa S.A.B. He shares his opinions on many topics below:


They are, quite literally, the number one print cartridge buying providers on the web. was simply created to offer you the best cartridge buying experience. Cartridges are not generally regarded to be the most exciting product on the Web these days, but they can still provide you a very exciting and unique experience altogether; they know just how to do that and more, so let us have a look. Here’s their beliefs – as reiterated by Alfonso:

  1. They know prices are paramount, so their policy is this: If they can’t beat it, it’s free.
  2. Delivery should be free for orders over $49.00.
  3. They’re so confident in their products that they back them with one extra year of warranty-free protection.
  4. They save you time by providing competitors’ price comparisons.
  5. They won’t insult you with those worthless loyalty points or “free printer offers”.
  6. They’re a proud Silver UNICEF sponsor, and thus thus donate on your behalf – without ordering required!
  7. Their approach to quality service is simple:They treat others as they would treat their own mothers.
  8. Real people deliver. Fake people lie.

They also have a superb customer care team that’s fully passionate about helping Alfonso’s team at Grupo Televisa find what they want and when they want it. They will treat you like they’d treat family members, especially their own mothers. This means they’ll go out of their way to help Alfonso and do everything they need to ensure his team’s satisfied.

August 21, 2017

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel on Keeping Good Health

Dr. Avi Weisfogel got his undergraduate degree in biology and psychology from the Rutgers University; he continued his studies at the New York University. Weisfogel went on to study at the University College of Dentistry. Weisfogel decided to start his own practice right out of college; he opened the Old Bridge Dental Care clinic.

How Weisfogel Got To Great
Dr. Weisfogel had already started several businesses, so he knew what it took to market his skills. Dr. Weisfogel was able to get thousands of patients in just a few years, and he became a well-known expert in his field. Weisfogel won The Top Dentist award year after year. Weisfogel was able to combine his knowledge of psychology with his background in dentistry. After establishing his first dental office, Weisfogel went on to found Healthy Heart Sleep. This is a company that helps sleep experts work together with dentists in order to assist individuals who are experiencing sleep apnea.

Helping Others With Health Problems
Dr. Weisfogel has a passion for treating sleep disorders, and he wanted to be able to find a way to help dentist and doctors work together. With Healthy Heart Sleep’s help, doctors and dentist who have vast knowledge of sleep apnea can work together to identify patients and help them to be able to get the treatment that they need in order to get relief from their disorder.

Dr. Weisfogel is helping thousands of therapists, doctors, and dentists to improve the life of ailing patients. Since sleep apnea can cause serious problems with breathing and the heart, it is important to find new treatments for this disorder. Fixing oral problems can help individuals who suffer from sleep apnea, and Dr. Avi Weisfogel has the knowledge to provide innovative oral solutions to patients. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an individual who is committed to self improvement and health. That is the reason why he has been able to help thousands of individuals with sleep apnea.

August 12, 2017

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The Different Models of Business And the Business Model of Fabletics

There are tons of different business models in the industries. This makes it easier for people to find something that is going to make them money. There are tons of different business models that are in effect today. Among these business models are online business models and brick and mortar business models. One example of an online business model is Fabletics. This brand utilizes different methods for making its money. For one thing, it is trying to save its customers some money while bringing them some of the greatest and most unique designs in fashion. Therefore, all of the different high designs of fashion is going to be affordable to more types of people.


One of the best aspects about Fabletics’s business model is that it allows people from multiple locations to use this service. When compared with companies that do all of their business at a location, this is a great advantage because not everyone lives near a location of the business. This is one of the reasons that many established brick and mortar businesses are doing a lot of their business online as well. Many people are turning online to do their shopping. However, there is still a healthy amount of people that will interact with the company on location as well.


Perhaps the best approach is one that Fabletics is doing which is setting up physical locations to go along with the online retailer. This maximizes the profits that it can earn. This also allows Fabletics to compete more with Amazon. For one thing, Amazon is a completely online venture. However, it is also one of the leaders in the fashion industry. The only thing is that there is no physical location. However, its delivery system is hard to beat. Fortunately, Fabletics has some kind of trick that makes it stand toe to toe with Amazon.


One trick that Fabletics has is called the reverse showrooming technique. This technique focuses more on the customers and handles everything according to what they want. One way they do this is by offering customers the Lifestyle quiz. This works because it lets the brand know what its customers want and provides it for them. As a result, Fabletics sells a higher percentage of its products than other fashion retailers.

August 3, 2017

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Publicist 101

     If anyone should learn how to be a better copywriter, copy content publicist, editor or anything in between, it should be anyone but Alexandre Gama of Brazil, Brazil’s number one content strategist and writer. He is held as the best all around, and clients and agencies alike do not tire of his endless ability to generate new ideas and strategies – ones that will work for ages to come, just as his last ones have done thus far. He is bold and persistent when it comes to writing perfect copy – and writing copy perfectly. He is the expert’s expert and the Brazilian jack of all trades; his past record of having written copy for more than 12 unique foreign agencies alone is beyond astounding, and words cannot begin to describe the flair with which his writing takes flight. This is why so many clients and agencies love the man.

August 2, 2017

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Reasons to why Personal Cybersecurity is Ideal

Cybersecurity is an important aspect that should be implemented because of the increasing incidences of cyber crimes annually. These cyber crimes lead to the destruction, of data, lost productivity, theft of financial or personal data, and fraud. However, there are ways of solving these crimes and ensuring data has been protected.


First, the severity of attack necessitates personal cybersecurity because cyber attacks lead to progressive destruction of valuable data (Facebook). Further, the increasing threats of cyber crimes in both large and small corporations call for personal cybersecurity to ensure protection from cyber crimes. Additionally, cybersecurity is helpful for future outlook thus allocating funds to anticipate for any attack in the future.


Facts about Rubica


Rubica is a company that protects the digital rights of people including security and privacy. They also aim to reduce cyber crimes that are on the increase worldwide. The company’s full service protects your devices, and the cybersecurity specialists monitor your devices and processes to ensure that cyber crimes do not attack them.


Rubica is deeply embedded with a renowned consultancy firm that provides personal cyber security to prestigious companies called Concentric Advisors. The firm changed its cyber division to become Rubica when it wanted to meet the demands for personal digital growth. Additionally, Rubica is funded by Upfront Ventures, Expa Labs, and Slow Ventures to ensure it has given everyone a personal cybersecurity experience.

July 25, 2017

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Adam Milstein – An Important Leader In The Israeli-American Community

Adam Milstein, an important member of the Israeli-American community, is an Israeli born Businessman and Philanthropist. Adam was born in Haifa, Isreal in 1952. In 1981, he had relocated to California with his wife. In California, Adam Milstein became one of the top real estate agents. Currently, he is a managing partner of Hagar Pacific Properties. This company which he works for specializes in office, retail, industrial, and multi-family properties.


Since the start of his career, Adam Milstein has been dedicated to philanthropy work. His mission is to strengthen the state of Israel, the Jewish people, and the Israeli-U.S. relationship. Adam is the Co-Founder of the Israeli-American Council which is a council that focuses on connecting the Israeli-American Community. In 2000, the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation was established by Adam. This foundation is dedicated to helping young Jews connect with roots and Israel. Along with this, Adam sits on the board of several important organizations that focus on the Jewish community.


Due to his philanthropy work, Adam Milstein is an expert on the topic and claims that there are several principles to be an effective philanthropist. The first principle Adam includes is that philanthropy is a labor of love. He claims that in order to be effective philanthropist one must realize that philanthropy should not feel like “work.” Instead, one should feel blessed that they are able to give back to others. Through his work, Adam has also found it helpful to stay focused. By staying focused, Adam means that one should put their attention on issues that matter the most to them. Lastly, he states that an effective philanthropist does not just donate their money but also donates their time and skill. Adam Milstein calls this an “active” philanthropist and has found the most success with this method.

Who We Support

July 25, 2017

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The Financial Career And Accomplishments Of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is businessman who has found success in the financial field. He is an Executive Mentor, Small Business Owner, Investor, CEO, Board Member and Financial Services Executive. He has worked at GE in business development for 21 years. His passion is in building businesses with improvements in the agility of the employees and the company. He uses a method to make assessments regarding five dimensions in performance including human capital, leadership, risk management, governance and execution.


Glen Wakeman is the founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings. This includes a software service to help new entrepreneurs organize their ideas. The Launchpad ToolKit offers a library filled with suggestions and tips to help entrepreneurs begin their own companies. Glen Wakeman additionally founded Nova Four which is a business accelerator giving strategic advice to companies in development.


Glen Wakeman has served the Doral Financial Corporation as their President and CEO (Doral Financial Corporation Names Glen Wakeman President). He was also Board’s Chairman at Doral Bank, a financial services company specializing in retail banking, mortgage banking, commercial banking, insurance agency operations and institutional securities. He has experience in recapitalization and transformed DFC from an inefficient holding company to a community bank. He has received numerous national, local and international awards for his social responsibility and leadership.


Glen Wakeman worked with GE Capital for more than twenty years in leadership roles in business development, general management, the international markets and operations management. He was the CEO of GE in Latin America and GE Capital’s General Director in the United Kingdom and London. His strategy was responsible for a business grouping growing their net income from $2 million to $10 million. His expertise added $3 billion to their assets and he was their Chief Operations Officer (NewsSky). He gathered more experience working with GE Money as the Director of Business Development and serving London’s Consolidated Financial Insurance Group.


Glen Wakeman attended the University of Chicago where he earned his MBA. His BS in Economics and Finance was received from the University of Scranton. He has been certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Check out Glen Wakeman on Wikipedia


July 18, 2017

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Why You Should Choose Rubica as Your Personal Cyber-Security Program

The Petya cyber-attack is the latest case scenario of ransomware attacks that have been on the rise. I have been hacked, and I can attest to you that such an attack is the last thing you would like to experience.

Late last year, it emerged that millions of Yahoo subscribers had lost valuable information after their personal data was stolen without their consent. It should therefore not come as a surprise when you hear that Yahoo has laid down some measures to curb these attacks.

According to Yahoo, Internet users should highly avoid using Windows XP since this OS is very vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Though this OS was abolished in 2014, an estimated 4.86% of Microsoft users are still using it.

Yahoo also advises each user to be cautious on the files they open. If you have a robust ransomware removal program and you are not careful with the files you open, you may end up installing a ransomware on your PC.

There is no better security than using a personal cyber-security company that detects and eliminates a ransomware. If you are looking for such a company, look no further than Rubica. Rubica is a personal cyber security company that protects you from cyber criminals and ransomware attacks.

This company employs a sophisticated system that includes real-time analysis to keep you updated once something fishy occurs while browsing. The company also has a Human-Assisted Machine Learning System and a secure private network that detects anomalies and designs ways of solving them immediately. The company also keeps your data private hence guaranteeing you maximum safety.

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July 14, 2017

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Jeremy Goldstein-Taking on Cases Head on

If you are looking for a lawyer to handle a child custody issue, criminal matter, write your will or have any other legal issue, then it is easier than you think to find a lawyer in your community.


There is a new online portal available for individuals seeking the help of a lawyer. It was just launched by the Lawyer Referral and Information Service. It is a completely confidential service that is available 24 hours a day and they also have a telephone service available as well.


The technology was developed in partnership with which is a provider of marketplace and referral technology in the legal industry.


In order to use the online service you simply need to access the website and fill out the questionnaire. The State Bar will then review the completed questionnaire and find the best attorney for the case. The referrals are always free and if the person seeking help talks to an attorney, the fee is a low cost of $35 for the first 30 minutes of consultation. There is no pressure to keep the chosen attorney.


The New York Information Service has been referring attorneys to their clients for 35 years and its staff has handled more than 10,000 calls received form the public. The addition of the new hotline will make it much more convenient for the public to get the help that they need and much more quickly. The client referrals are carefully screened, and has also helped many attorneys to grow their businesses.


Jeremy Goldstein is an active partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, and he has been involved with many large and well-known cases. He primarily specializes in sensitive and corporate situations.He has obtained his J.D. form New York University of Law as well as an M.S. form the University of Chicago and a B.A cum laude. He has also attended Cornell University.


Goldstein frequently writes and speaks on the topic of corporate governance and compensation issues. He is also a leading executive compensation lawyer and is a member of the Professional Advisory Board of the NYU Journal of law and Business. He also supports charities such as the Fountain House which is dedicated to helping men and women recover from mental illness. He was previously a partner at the Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz law firm before moving on to found his own law firm.


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July 14, 2017

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Finding What Works As An Entrepreneur Like Marc Sparks

The people that succeed as entrepreneurs do so with different methods ( One thing that is important to know is that no method is going to work for every single person. This is one of the reasons that it is important for each person to find what works for him. For instance, there are people who know how to focus. At the same time, there are people who are good about making sure that they are able to find a multitude of things to do. After all, some people may have a hard time doing the same type of activity over and over for a while. This is one of the reasons that they find plenty of other things to do.


Another thing to do is to be in an environment that encourages productivity. This is one thing that Marc Sparks says is important. It is easy for people to be distracted from what they are doing if they are in the wrong type of environment. This is one of the reasons that it is important for people to figure out how they work so that they will be able to move forward. Marc Sparks himself is willing to work with people to make sure that they know when they are the most productive. Learn more:


One of the best things for aspiring entrepreneurs to do is find their most productive times in the day so that they will be able to make the maximum amount of money. While some people can force themselves to focus, there are others that have to let their mind wander until it can come back to the task at hand. Marc himself understands the importance of focus and making sure one is eating right so that he can function at what he is doing and bring forth good results. Learn more:


July 10, 2017

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