The New Market Leader for Lip Balm Sales

The Evolution of Smooth may be an unfamiliar name to many. For those who are already acquainted with this brand, it is certainly recent knowledge. Regardless, notice must be taken as this small start up is quickly climbing to the top of the lip-balm market. In fact, the company has now established themselves as the second best-selling lip balm in the nation according to Kline research firm. The founders of the Evolution of Smooth were able to accomplish this feat by strategic methods in both design, manufacturing and advertising.

Understanding the outdated design of other brands of lip balm, EOS decided to take a chance and create a new standard. After considering many different models, the founders of EOS elected to use a spherical design. They were also focused on ensuring the product was enjoyable to use by their consumers. Another special feature of EOS lip balm are the countless different flavors and colors that are available to choose from. This gives users more flexibility and options for wearing lip balm.

In terms of manufacturing, the team purchased their own manufacturing facility instead of exporting their production. Evolution of wanted to have increased oversight and control. Now they know exactly what methods and practices are being used to produce their products. Furthermore, they don’t have to negotiate with manufacturers about prices and other common issues allowing more flexibility and control.

The final strategy of the team was to market their product to a target demographic. As female millennials, ages 25-35 were the audience, EOS lip balm chose specific avenues of advertising to appeal to this audience. They established themselves in the social media world by growing their own platforms as well as sharing their products with popular individuals. EOS was also able to enter into the music industry by working with stars such as Britney Spears and Demi Lovato.

Want EOS? Get the products on Ulta or via the Evolution of Smooth website.


March 3, 2017

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The Reverse Showroom Technique And How It’s Made Fabletics Successful

Fabletics, the Kate Hudson’s workout clothing line, has taken the fashion industry by storm and with good reason,-it offers a broad range of quality and highly fashionable fitness clothes at an affordable price. Their workout clothes are not only stylish but also comfortable, easy to clean, non-fade, and hold up their shape. Fabletics competes with high-end fitness apparel companies like Lululemon and Athleta and offers the same high quality at half the price, a strategy that has endeared it to its users.


Most brands don’t focus on the after-sale service as much as Fabletics does. Fabletics enjoys rising popularity due to its innovative monthly subscription model. On signing up, users are asked to take a short survey on their preferred workouts and style. This data is then used to curate fitness outfits for the user. Most users prefer the VIP membership of $ 49.95 per month that comes with a complete $25 outfit on signing up. Fabletics offers discounts, custom fit clothing, and free shipping to its VIP members. Members can choose the ‘skip the month’ option if they opt not to buy anything that month.


In an era where e-commerce stores are sprouting like mushrooms, it comes as a surprise that more than 50% of consumers still prefer to shop in physical stores according to the 2016 Goldman Sachs’ DotCommerce Report. Most apparel consumers prefer the flexibility of experimenting with different textures, colors, and testing for a fit that comes with shopping in brick and mortar stores as compared to online stores. However, having started as an online store, Fabletics has been so successful that in a span of three years, it boasts of a revenue of over $ 250 million and eighteen physical stores. It is looking to build more stores in the coming year. In a recent report, The Fabletics team attribute their immense success to perfecting the ‘reverse showroom strategy’ used by Apple and Warby Parker.


Reverse showroom strategy involves targeting consumers who browse online for products but purchase them in brick-and-mortar stores. This technique has seen the overall increase of Fabletics members, increased brand loyalty, and better relationships with the local markets. Fabletics has integrated their website and local stores so seamlessly that when trying clothing in a local store, the information is stored in the website’s shopping cart. This has led to an increase in new members from the stores.


Moreover, Kate Hudson understands the need for content marketing in building any brand. The members get newsletters that are filled with curated outfits that easily convert to sales. By analyzing sales and trends from their website’s data, Fabletics can determine which products sell well in a particular area and offers them in their physical stores in that specific area. Fabletics encourages engagement with its immense number of followers on its social media platforms and stocks items that are popular and perform well with their followers. As a result as Gregg Throgmartin, President of Fabletics points out; it’s a lot simpler to satisfy customers when you are aware of them and what products they want.

March 2, 2017

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Magnises Provides Impressive Credit Card Rewards

McFarland’s source of inspiration

McFarland was inspired by the desire to own an American Express Centurion card. He came across this card while having dinner with his friends. This desire prompted him to develop a card that pays the bills and grants one access to exclusive clubs and restaurants.

According to The Guardian, after that dinner with his buddies, Billy McFarland set out to find a way to implant a magnetic strip on a metal card. In an interview with CNBC, McFarland revealed that his company connects a credit card to the Magnises card through data transfers. When the transfer is complete, the Magnises black card is used as a formal platinum card. McFarland’s company also set up a mobile app. This app serves as a guide to exclusive events at discounted rates. Since it was launched, Magnises has attracted over 10,000 members in Washington D.C and New York City. McFarland’s goal is to conquer other cities on the West Coast.

Magnises’ membership and profitability

According to McFarland, Magnises membership is by referral. Before a person is considered a member, he/ she is invited to a Magnises event and is vetted by the other millennials. Magnises members get to decide if a person is social and fit for the club membership. After the vetting process is over, a prospective member is required to pay a registration fee of $250.

A Magnises card is not prone to legal risks since all the transactions go through the bank. Additionally, Magnises is not a credit card but a brand that networks people. McFarland further elaborated that his startup generates revenue through membership, organizing events, and the Magnises Club, and brand partnerships.

Magnises spends at least $70 on each member annually. Magnises partners include Samsung, Tesla, and Virgin. These partners contribute to the Magnises’ revenue by paying a licensing fee. Within the past year, this startup has raised a record $3 million in revenue.

February 4, 2017

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Anthony Petrello: The Oil Drilling Guru

Anthony G. Petrello is the president of Nabors Industries, a Hamilton-based oil, natural gas, and geothermal drilling contractor. The company was unveiled in 1968, and it operates in Africa, America, Far East, and the Middle East. Petrello holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Harvard Law School and Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees in Mathematics from the acclaimed Yale University.

Career Journey

Tony’s business management career began in 1986 when he was appointed by Baker & McKenzie law firm as the head of its New York office. In 1991, he moved to Nabors Industries Ltd, and he was named the Company’s Chief Operating Officer. A year later, Petrello was promoted to the president position. In 2011, he became the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He served as the Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd from 2003 to 2012 before becoming the chairperson in June 2012. On February 28, 2011, he joined Stewart & Stevenson, LLC and became the firm’s director, a position he holds to date.

Petrello’s record of accomplishments

Under the leadership of Mr. Petrello, Nabors has made remarkable achievements. In 2015, the company merged its completion and production services business with C&J Energy Services. This move allowed Nabors to renew its objective on drilling services and technologies. Consequently, the company has managed to grow its position in the global oil market. In the recent past, the company has diversified their oilfield services in The United States and Canada, developing international growth potential.

Nabors Industries Ltd. embraces innovation and cultural diversity. With Mr. Anthony Petrello as its CEO, the company has contracted and employed skilled personnel of distinct genders, continents, political ideologies, and cultures. Nabors cares about the safety of its employees. For this reason, all workers were provided with fire retardant coveralls. On top of that, a rescue kit, which can retrieve employees who fall in well-servicing derricks, was developed. The company has established camps for the employees working in remote regions to improve oil driving services. Today, Nabors boasts of more than 29,000 employees.

Promoting environmental sustainability

Air pollution is a major problem in the oil industry. Nabors Ltd. has developed the silica dust collection system, a new technology that has significantly reduced dust pollution. This system collects silica dust during offloading from the conveyor belt and during blending. This system also ensures that workers and the general public do not inhale poisonous crystalline silica.

Petrello’s engagement in charity work

Mr. Petrello is a leading philanthropist. Together with his wife, Cynthia Petrello, they donated over $5 million to The Neurological Research Institute. This donation helped the Institute in conducting research on neurological disorders.

February 4, 2017

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Offering Transportation Solutions For Central Texas

Mike Heiligenstein currently runs the CTRMA, and he is searching for new ways to aid with transportation across the state. He is quite aware of the challenges that are ahead for many people in the state, and he has ideas that will help those who must traverse the state for work. This article explains how Mike will change lives given his new ideas on the topic.


#1: Central Texas Is Sprawling


The state of Texas is massive, and the central area is quite large. There are open gaps in the CTRMA that must be addressed, and Mike believes he has options that will make the state easy to cross. The central counties in the state may be quite rural, and the state may add train service that will help residents go from their homes to the cities where they work.


#2: The Forums On The Topic


Mike has been quite open about talking to the public, and he has attended many forums on the topic to ensure he is giving all the information that is needed. He is sharing his ideas with the community to learn their reaction, and he is willing to take their accounts under consideration as the CTRMA works. They have quite a lot to do to make the state easier to travel in, and his work will help the citizens feel heard.


#3: Mike Is An Expert In The Topic


Mike is one of the few experts on the subject who will have the capacity to build up the state of Texas properly. He is ensuring the state is outfitted with the finest transportation options, and he wants the state to travel well without the use of too many cars. Keeping cars off the road is good for the environment, and Mike knows he is serving everyone in the state by being good to the planet, and he is putting on a better face for state government. Texas will do better for itself when it looks to the citizens.


The citizens of the state looking for ways to travel without the use of cars and long drives, and there is a new train system that may come to the center of the state. Mike Heiligenstein is the expert who will make the new transportation system come to life, and he knows there is a way to serve everyone with just one change to the way the state travels.

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January 24, 2017

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Securus Technologies Releases a Statement to amend GTL’s Inaccuracies.

Securus Technologies is one of the United States most reputable firms that offer technology solutions for correctional institutions. The services of the company are devoted to investigating, monitoring, correcting, and public security. Its headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, and it has been contracted by 3450 law enforcement facilities that hold more than 1.2 million prisoners in North America. Securus is devoted to connecting the inmates with their loved ones. The firm released a report to the press to correct the inaccurate statements that were issued by GTL. The information that GTL offered had comments that are considered as inaccurate and false. Securus, therefore, responded by informing the public the truth, which clarifies most of the company’s claims.


According to Securus Technolies’s’ CEO, Richard A. Smith, GTL is well informed on the high costs that involved in pursuing patent cases. The litigations take several years and millions of dollars. The company would like to know if the “scorched earth” case the GTL is pursuing can have a positive impact on the operations of the firm or its sound financial undertakings. He said that Securus would keep protecting itself while responding to GTL by declaring its patents. The company is devoted to reacting when it is required to address the current approach that is used by GTL. Mr. Smith believes that the tactic used by its rival is inconsiderate since Securus is prominent and has a broad patent portfolio.


The CEO responded to the most recent GTL press release. Richard said that he would be pleased to be involved in technology competition with GTL at any time. He has been offering the firm multiple chances that it should use to proof itself, but it has instead been releasing many press statements that are inaccurate. GTL has not responded to the corrections that were given by Securus Technologies.


January 20, 2017

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Capitol Anesthesiology: Serving Patients and the Community

Capitol Anesthesiology offers a variety of anesthesia services, including general (completely unconscious), regional (specific region of the body), and local or MAC also known as “Monitored Anesthesia Care” anesthesia (small tissue area). Other services consist of pediatric (children related), obstetric (pregnancy and childbirth), and cardiovascular and thoracic anesthesia (heart and lungs related).

Trust and dependability in the staff members of Capitol Anesthesiology is certain. Physicians are either board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology or are currently achieving their board certification. Many of the physicians have also acquired advanced training in specialized areas of anesthesia. Along with these physicians Capitol Anesthesiology’s Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) have obtained board certification in anesthesia along with graduate level education. By working together with the physicians they ensure a stress-free anesthesia experience for their patients.

Not only does Capitol Anesthesiology serve at numerous hospitals across the Austin, Texas vicinity, but they also contribute greatly to charities such as Austin Smiles and other notable organizations such as Operation Smile and Family Eldercare.

January 15, 2017

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Desiree Perez, The Master Negotiator, To Help Tidal

Desiree Perez also commonly known as just Dez, is an ambitious and smart business lady who has created a name in the music industry for her power negotiation skills and problem solving techniques. She has ran negotiations and major contracts for her company ROC Nation that is ran by her husband and proven her skills beyond any measurable doubts that she is the perfect candidate for Tidal, a music streaming app created by Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter.

Tidal has been in operation for a while and has changed its management team as the executives have been stepping down continuously leaving the company disorganized and affected. However, the founder and now the primary executive Jay Z is determined to bring back his business into prosperity. Jay Z sought the services of Desiree Perez, a close associate for close to twenty years to run the company’s negotiations and contracts.

Desiree Perez is determined to restore Tidal as well. Her plan involves bringing in more memberships and fans to sign in for the app. Through streaming old, new and exclusive music through the app, Perez believes that will get their target market interested in the app and go for it. Also, she has helped bring in artists to get their music played on Tidal so that they can save the company and get more people signing up.

Jay Z’s Tidal has been going through a hard time lately. Even with Beyonce, Kanye West and Rihanna’s hits have been given exclusive air, the company has been struggling. However, Jay Z knew exactly who would help give the company restoration that it needs. Desiree Perez, having made multi-million dollar contracts for Roc Nation she was the perfect person for the job. She has entered Tidal through various contracts over the last year which are seeing Tidal spring back. She is also running several offers for the company finding the best financier for Tidal as the company needs partnership for it to thrive.

Desiree Perez is a force to be reckoned with. Her communication and negotiation skills are some of the skills that define her. She is a sought out negotiator and continues in her pursuit to save Tidal.

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January 14, 2017

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New Magnises Benefits For 2016

Magnises is an elite club that allows members to use a personal black card to get access to special events as well as special deals in some of the biggest cities on the East Coast. It was originally created in 2014 by Billy McFarland who was looking to give people a better way to network. 2 years later it is one of the biggest most elite clubs in the world. They are constantly adding new features and benefits. These are just some of the great new benefits Magnises has to offer.

Access To Exclusive Nightclubs In New York

For a small nominal fee every month members can have guaranteed access to the most exclusive nightclubs in New York. New York is one of the biggest party scenes in the world and offer some of the best and hottest nightclubs. Members will have guaranteed access.

Gorgeous Hotel Locations

Another new feature for Members is the hotel pass. The hotel pass allows Magnises members to stay at the gorgeous Dream Hotel in New York city for just a fraction of what the actual cost is. Not only is the hotel in a great location it offers tons of amenities and beautiful decor. It is a great place to meet up with other members to Network.

Desk At Co-Working Spaces

The cost of having an office or even a desk at a co working space in New York can often be very expensive. Some places can charge more than $500 a month to rent a desk space. Magnises allows members to access their facilities at Alley which is where they actually maintain their corporate offices. Members can rent a desk space for their own business or Ventures. It is just another way that Magnises is helping members take their businesses to the next level.

These are just a few of the great new benefits Magnises offers its members for 2016. Every day they are adding and changing to ensure that their members get the most out of their memberships with Magnises. It is the perfect elite club for networking as well as socializing.

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January 13, 2017

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Educational Courses For Career Development

In order to stay current, one must continually upgrade their education. Often, this is the only way to stay up to date on the latest trends in one’s industry. There are several ways to go about receiving additional educational courses. For example, extended education through online courses or taking Wessex Courses at the Wessex Institute of Technology. The fact is that Wessex Institute of Technology is a well known educational institution of higher learning in the South of England that offers higher degrees.

Quality Courses

The courses that are taught at the Wessex Institute of Technology are short courses designed for the person that is already in the industry or the educational field. The courses are attended by people from across the globe. They recognize that Wessex is an excellent source for updating their education and learning the skills required to stay current. In addition, the courses are taught by highly talented individuals with expert knowledge in the fields taught.

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January 13, 2017

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