Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi; Leading Banco Bradesco Towards Excellence

     A graduate of philosophy, sciences as well as languages from the University of Sao Paulo, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco is a revered business leader who chairs Banco Bradesco. Having joined this banking firm in 1969, he has worked his way up from working as an office clerk who managed the basic operations of the firm to serve in the highest docket of leadership which is the CEO. Even though there is a lot to say about this successful leader, it is also true that he did not begin his career from the highest point of leadership. Therefore, with all the strides he has made, he is worth receiving the attention he is receiving currently.

Who We Are, What We Do and Where We Are

Banco Bradesco is a project of Amador Aguiar. As a skilled financial manager with vast experience in the relevant field, he felt that there was a need to establish a financial services firm that would cater for different clients in the government, small businesses and other related units in various sectors. With time, Banco’s profile grew following more demand from the already registered clients. However, the company could not cater to more clients before expanding into several dockets. For that reason, Amador started working on the expansion of the bank. Until now, Banco Bradesco has become one of the largest financial services providers in the country.


With the responsibilities of serving the community, it is only right for the management of Banco Bradesco to elect a leader who can deal with the pressure of providing the right services to the clients. After a series of delegations regarding who was the right leader among the candidates, the board of directors settled for Luiz Carlos Trabuco who was elected to serve as the CEO because of his excellent service delivery as a clerk and a vice president in the past.

Leadership and its Influence

Since his election as the CEO, Trabuco Bradesco has invested in excellent customer service by working on primary financial strategies that have in turn grown the bank. As a leader, he understands that change can be pretty disorienting for employees. Therefore, at any slight situation of change, Trabuco Bradesco reaches out to his staff by explaining the threatening situations and their impact on their lives.

Lessons Learned

With that said, it is true that leadership is instead an elusive concept that may differ from one person to the next. However, one aspect of leadership remains constant: its influence on the employees. Trabuco Bradesco has proven that leadership can be utilized to grow an individual’s career as well as the organization.

There Is More to Retirement Than Finance, Says HCR Wealth Advisers

Almost everybody spends roughly fifteen to twenty years planning for their retirement financial wise. It is only a small percentage that prepares for the non-financial aspects of retirement which are also as crucial as having enough money in savings. It is true that taking care of the financial aspect is the primary interest of most retirees. However psychological, emotional, physical and intellectual adjustments are also as crucial if one is to enjoy his/her retirement.

Retirement is usually considered the honeymoon of life because people get to enjoy the fruits of their hard work without commitment to big money projects such as paying school fees and mortgage loans. However, if not properly planned for, it would be a hard time trying to make the adjustments from your career schedule to your new retirement life. It is also a normal occurrence for retirees who have huge chunks of money which are not committed to a particular course, to engage in destructive behaviors like alcoholism to fill the void that retiring has created.

HCR Wealth Advisors advises people planning to retire not to neglect the non-financial part of their retirements because they will want to have a good life while in retirement. They say it is common for retirees to get bored, start unhealthy eating habits or lower their self-esteem because of feeling inadequate. HCR Wealth Advisors is mindful of the retirees and offers some insight on how to live life after retirement, in a plan dubbed New Retirement.

According to HCR Wealth Advisers, people on the verge of retirement or planning to retire should plan for a change in their lifestyle and a transition to their new life in retirement. This will enable the phase of transition to be less chaotic and help them psychologically adapt faster to their new environment. They also say that retiring does not mean one has to stop working.

The financial advisory firm says that retirees would find more flexible ways to continue with their line of work. Retirement is the prime time for people to learn or do what they had always wanted to do but life got in their way. It is common for retirees to pick up new hobbies and also develop new relationships with people they had never met before.

The New Retirement plan from HCR Wealth Advisors (@HcrWealth) caters for all the social and psychological factors that retirees are likely to face. This is in line with their philosophy of helping their clients experience smooth transitions in all lie stages.

More about HCR Wealth Advisors

The registered investment advisory firm offers financial service and wealth management, consulting, business service, and insurance service. The mission of the firm is to build permanent relationships with clients through excellent service, communication education, and trust. HCR Wealth Advisors works to ensure that its customers are shielded from financial risks that may complicate their transitions in life.

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AvaTrade Review: Irish Brokerage Firm

AvaTrade is an Irish Forex broker firm. The firm was initially acquired from the famous AvaFX. Ava Trade is renowned due to the trading platforms and resources they provide to their traders. The firm is based in Ireland but operates in major cities across the world such as Tokyo, Paris, Sydney, and New York. The aim of this review to inform traders on the operations, benefits, and the safety when trading with AvaTrade. The analysis is based on customer reviews and ratings.

Whether Ava Trade is a Scam

AvaTrade is a Forex brokerage firm that has never involved in fraudulent or scamming activities. For the years of operation, not in one instance has AvaTrade been linked to fraudulent or scamming activities. To be sure if that, Ava Trade is regulated by the European Union and the Central Bank of Ireland. Moreover, the firm is registered by the Spanish CNMV that oversee their transactions. Thus, traders don’t have to worry about the safety of the platform.


Safety is an essential factor that traders should consider before transacting with any forum. The advancement and innovation of the internet have widely contributed to the increase in fraudulent and scamming activities. However, Ava Trade is regulated by the European Union and the Central Bank of Ireland. Additionally, its operations are overseen by the Spanish CNMV. Being an Irish firm, which is under the European Union, Ava Trade has created confidence in their traders. Therefore, traders have no reasons to worry with regards to the security of the platform.

Trading Features

AvaTrade is famous due to the resources and trading features it incorporates into their trading platforms. This has made the broker firm to draw many traders who see Ava Trade effective in their trading features. For Instance, Ava Trade has numerous trading platforms and online trading apps that makes trading convenient.

Fees and Commission

It is crucial to note that AvaTrade does not charge any commission transacted by their traders. This fact has made the broker company to attract many traders who perceive it as cost-effective in Forex transaction.

The Healing Studio

Sitting at the bedside of a sick child faced with a long term injury or illness is difficult. The hours spent in the hospital room waiting for test results and some sign of physical improvement can be stressful. For the child in the bed wondering what will happen next this can be very frightening and depressing. When a celebrity visits or volunteers come to entertain them, the positive effects are clearly seen. The children are happier and for a brief moment they are not concerned about their condition.

In 2010 Ryan Seacrest saw the positive effects of his visits to children in long term hospital stays and wanted to do more. After talking with his family a decision was made to create the Ryan Seacrest Foundation with the goal of having a lasting positive effect on hospitalized children. They decided to create a studio in the hospital where children and their families can come and play. The studio will be filled with radio and video equipment. The children have the opportunity to create a radio show or video that will broadcast in the hospital. For the children that can come to the studio they have the opportunity to learn how to use studio equipment and exercise their creativity. For the children that cannot leave their rooms, the activity in the studio is broadcast to their rooms where they can enjoy the fun. Quite often the studio will have a special visitor. A celebrity from the music industry, television, and movies will sometimes stop by and sing a song or do an interview. These visits bring a special smile on the faces of the children.

The studios also have an intern program for students from local colleges who are studying communications. This program gives students experience in studio production.

Currently the Ryan Seacrest Foundation have studios in 10 major hospitals across the country. Their desire is to touch as many children as possible across our nation and to expand around the world. The fun and activities of the studio help the children and their families to escape their worries and heal. You can also read this article from The New York Times.

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Logan Stout Remains Humble Despite His Success

     Logan Stout, CEO, and founder of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization is also the founder of IDLife. He is a keynote speaker, leadership coach, entrepreneur, business owner, and philanthropist. Whatever Logan Stout sets his mind to, he is passionate about it.

IDLife is a company that provides customized supplement regimens to its clients in order to promote health and wellness in a world of busy schedules and isles of one-product-fits-all types of vitamins and minerals. New customers fill out an IDAssessment when they join, and IDLife matches them with the best nutritional products to filling the gaps that they need in their diets it is also a company that is backed with scientific research and only manufactures products that are naturally-derived.

Logan Stout is successful, and part of what makes him tick is helping others to find their success and inner drive as well. He is gifted in the art of leadership, team building, and has many ventures going on.

He is partners with some well-known people such as billionaire Darwin Deason, celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom, and Troy Aikmen and he was even named “Man of the Year” by Philadelphia Life Magazine. He has been featured in many publications including Philadelphia Life Magazine, the New York Times, and The Dallas Morning News, to name a few. He has also been featured on FOX, The Fan, and CBS radio, to name a few.

Logan Stout is all about giving back, and he is a patron of the American Heart Association of North Texas, The Boys and Girls Club of Collin County and is a founder of Youth Athletes Foundation as well as many other charities. The Dallas Patriots organization which he founded provides youth with the opportunity to play college baseball and to receive training from world-class instructors. Many of the participants of the program even become MLB draft picks.

He has also joined forces with John C. Maxwell who is a motivational speaker in order to bring leadership training and personal development to every nation in the world. Stout is grateful for his success and is humble despite his popularity.

How Hussain Sajwani built his DAMAC Properties

It has taken Hussain Sajwani less than four decades to build his multibillion-dollar empire. The DAMAC owner first ventured into the business world in 1982 when he established his first catering business known as Global Logistics Services. Within a short time, the company picked up so well where it was serving more than 150,000 meals in African and Middle East markets. He has risen from the humble beginnings to rank in the fourth position of the wealthiest Arabs. His company, DAMAC Properties was also listed in the fourth position among the biggest real estate companies in the Middle East. In fact, DAMAC Properties was the first Arabian company to get listed in the London Exchange.

Education Background

The DAMAC owner graduated with a degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington. He was born into a family that valued entrepreneurship. His father, Ali Sajwani was an influential businessman who worked hard to ensure that his children attained a good education. Hussain Sajwani recalls how his father used to take him to the family shop every afternoon.

Hussain Sajwani notes that his father played a huge role in nurturing his entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, he attributes part of his current success to the lessons that he learned while staying with his father. Upon his graduation, Hussain Sajwani returned home where he was employed as a project manager by an oil company in Abu Dhabi. He, however, resigned to pursue his entrepreneurship dream.

He founded the Global Logistics Services in 1982 and the company turned out to be a huge success. He stepped his foot into the world of real estate in 1996 when he built his first three star hotels. He would build property, lease and then sell. That is how he managed to raise money for his upcoming projects.

As mentioned in an article published at the Premier Gazette, in 2002, the Dubai government passed a law allowing expatriates to obtain a 99-year lease for the property in the country. Seeing the opportunity, Hussain Sajwani established DAMAC Properties, which started developing large-scale properties in the country. DAMAC Properties currently employs more than 2000 employees and it has so far built a portfolio of more than 44,000 units. They have developed some of the most luxurious properties in the Middle East, including the DAMAC hills, AKOYA Oxygen, Trump Golf Course and many others.

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Christopher Linkas started his vocation journey soon after completing his studies from Bowdoin College in the year 1991. Even though he discovered post-school openings constrained by a retreat caused by the funds and loan emergency, he was yet ready to begin in a way that would lead him to investment competence. Christopher Linkas indeed acknowledges the recession for sharpening his investment ability. Amid that time, credits were being offered at low rates to help empower the economy. There was adequate ample experience to be picked up for enterprising youthful experts intrigued by taking in the knowledge of the speculation world.


Christopher Linkas is the European head of credit for a twenty-individual group situated in London. His organization in charge of entrepreneurial investment in the UK regions has concentrated on an assortment of investment classifications all through the zone. A portion of these claims to fame incorporates auxiliary LP interests, non-performing credits, delivery, leases, and renewables. Christopher Linkas and his group hold various interests in the realm of real estate and his previous encouragement originates from his direct encounters in the field.


Christopher Linkas encounter in the field has demonstrated that real estate offers some captivating benefits over different types of investment on the off chance that an event arises out at investors world markets, venture capitalist can expect to ride that wave alongside every other person. Conversely, the venture proficient that broadens their property into commercial real estate will get them better insured from market fluctuations.


However, it is difficult to wipe out value fluctuations completely, despite elevating into real estate. Keeping in mind the end goal to move in the direction of this end, Christopher Linkas suggests understanding the components that can likewise influence how extremely qualities can vary. A case of these elements incorporates the kind of property one is acquiring, for example, features that experience request occasionally versus those that have the year-round offer. Furthermore, properties that are found in densely populated regions, for example, urban focuses, tend to sway less with showcase powers. Christopher Linkas idea is to develop with the present open door market cycles. Without being available to change, any investor will fall behind rapidly.

IC System commitment to ethical practices and philanthropy

IC System is a prominent receivable accounts company that offers collection services. The company has been offering these services for the last 80 years. It was started in 1930 by Jack and Ruth Erickson who intended to create a firm that will offer quality services depending on the collection needs of the client. The company is known for implementing innovative methods of offering services which place it among the best collection agencies in the country. Beyond the high-quality services they offer plus offering a cutting-edge solution for collection needs, the company has even a deeper commitment to the delivery of services.


IC System is based on strong ethical business practices which ensures that it abides by the regulations that guide the industry. The firm outlines its core values as pride, people, and integrity. These are the values that guide the daily operations of the company. It is even made better by the commitment it has demonstrated in supporting community initiatives through charity work. The offices of the company are located in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company has put emphasis not just on delivering good services but also applying the best methods of providing the services. The founders aim to help clients get their financial accounts back while at the same time maintaining a good relationship between client and the consumer.


IC System has a mission of being the best not only in the delivery of collection services but also in community-related matters. The firm believes that every business has a role to play in the growth of the community. A business does not operate in isolation where all it needs id to make profits. It must as well show commitment to contributing positively to issues that affect society. On top of being a top employer in its neighborhoods, it strives to establish a strong charitable presence at both state and national levels. The initiatives which this company has taken regarding charitable activities are in line with the ethical practices which it has vowed to maintain. The firm has an in-house philanthropic team which coordinates all the philanthropic activities which are run by this company.


Meet the Real Force Behind The Success of Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards

One of the major thing that can define the success and achievements of Graham Edwards is just a look at Telereal Trillium which began from a very humble background to heights that it is for now. This icon of inspiration has spent most of his time and career at this company in making it better with time. Through various acquisitions and positive shifts, the company has grown to become a major property management and consequently a general investment company across the United Kingdom.

The renowned Graham Edwards has always been aspiring to push harder in his professional career. And these ambitions seemed to take ground when he joined Merrill Lynch. His experience here formed a very solid ground in enabling him to execute his duties as the CEO at Telereal Trillium. Previously he had served as the head of finance at the British Telecomholdings Group PLC. He was at the center of the acquisition that led to Telereal which made him be the CEO where he was overseeing more than 6700 properties.

Since the acquisition, the company grew steadily until it hit another jackpot in 2009 where Graham Edwards gained interest and purchased Trillium from Land Securities Group PLC. This was a perfect match for his company and eventually, it was rebranded Telereal Trillium. It is amazing that the company currently watches over 8,000 properties with over 320 staffs and 7000 employees via service partners. This has made it be one of the best private companies across the UK.

In order to keep his staffs motivated, Graham Edwards launched a program in 2003 called Donation Matching Scheme where they raise some money and donate to the poor whilst creating a great bond amongst the employees. The company partnered with St. Mungo’s, LandAir and Tomorrow’s People which are officially recognized charities in the UK. The participation of the employees in the program has grown greatly from 10% to over 40%.

Their starting matching amount was $500 and currently has grown to $2500. The CEO looks forward to seeing half of his employees participating in the Scheme in the coming years which will be a great achievement. It is amazing that some of the employees are donating much more than the set matching amount. There is still great future for Telereal Trillium.

The Intersection of Science and Personal Healthcare: Jeff Aronin Moving Biotech Forward

Jeff Aronin began his career in the healthcare industry by founding and becoming the CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. He used his past life experiences to develop the strategy that this new company would take to transform the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry. He was successful with his strategy of understanding need, identifying science, and working to get a drug that would fulfill that need to market as efficiently as possible. In 2009, Ovation’s success was noticed by Lundbeck who purchased Ovation and appointed Aronin as president and CEO during the transition. He has also served as the chairman of Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals as well as Harmony Biosciences.

Aronin has spent the past decade as chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. Paragon works to build biotech companies who work to develop life changing medicines for those with diseases with few or no current treatments. He has helped develop Paragon through the recruitment of top leadership, biotech talent, and investors. Paragon has a proven method of creating solutions that they use to come up with treatments. The team first identifies a disease with a need and studies its cause for a possible solution that is untried or may create a better result. They then identify and scientific information out there that could yield results and begin to build a company that is focused on the clinical development of a drug that could take advantage of that particular scientific information. The company also works to get around any legal and regulatory hurdles and develops a commercialization strategy. Paragon also takes their focus on diseases with unmet needs one step further by looking into medicines that other companies have done work on but have decided were not in their best interest pursue. Jeff Aronin’s focus on medicines with the greatest chance to make it to market has made Paragon a company that helps many patients and has continual growth over time.