Panos Gikas Sets the Standard for Orthopaedic Surgery

The Royal Noational Orthopaedic is a health care leader in both the world and the UK. The organization offers patients an entire range of health care that addresses surgery and rehab for neuro-musculoskeletal health, bone tumor care, and chronic back pain. RNOH receives patients referred by other health care organizations and offers a second opinion for rare conditions and complex treatments. RNOH consultants are recognized both nationally and internationally. Qualified nurses, therapists, clinical staffs, and other health practitioners work with the organization’s consultants.


Panos Gikas, intimately connected to RNOH, completed his medical and postgraduate training in London. He specializes in revision hip surgery, and knee anthroplasty. Panos Gikas also works with patients that suffer from metastic bone cancer and cartilage injuries in the knees. He also publishes widely on the topics of hip, bone, knee, and cancer surgery techniques.


People undergo hip surgery when their hip bone may have collapsed and deformed. They may also undergo the surgery when pain persists and medication no longer works. Gikas is also active in research and continues to lead his profession in the mentioned areas.


As a doctor, Panos Gikas is totally immersed in his profession, his areas of interest include hip replacement surgery, hip replacement, articular cartilage repair, and endoprosthetic replacement for bone cancer. Panos Gikas is also a proponent for using the very latest in technology.


The one thing that is true of all doctors is that they must all endure challenging education requirements. Generally, depending on the specialty, it takes four years of undergraduate study and four years of medical school. Add to that up to eight years of surgical residency. Doctors are among the highest and most carefully trained professionals.


RNOH continues to be a major force in the medical world. Every year, the organization offers the Patient Choice Award that is open to family members, friends, and patients. The award goes to those who go above and beyond the call of duty in offering medical services and support at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital.