Securus Technologies Makes The World A Better Place On Christmas Day With Its Video Visitation Technology

Christmas is the best time of the year for any person even the stone hearted Ebenezer Scrooge. This is the day when people express joy, love to the fellow beings. It is a day of happiness and every person deserves to be happy on this special day. Christmas is a special occasion, particularly for children. It is tough for them when their parents are interned. However, Securus Technologies have come up with an excellent technology which connect these children with their loved ones.


Securus Technologies has introduced a revolutionary technology which provides video visitation to the jail inmates which allow them to talk to their loved ones on Christmas Day. In a video ad published by the Securus technology there is a video of a young boy opening his present while his father from jail can talk to him and look at him. This is a touching ad and makes you realize the bigger objective which Securus Technologies has achieved with its video visitation technology.


Securus Technology is the leading company based in Dallas, Texas which is the largest provider of detainee communication, parole tracking and information management. Currently, the country is linked to about 2.600 correction facilities in 45 states of the U.S. , Canada and Mexico. The company offers technical solutions and customer services to the correction communities and inmates. About 1,000,000 number of detainees are benefited from the service of this company all around the country. Richard A. Smith serves as the current CEO of the enterprise.


Feature and benefits:


  1. Securus Technology uses the most robust software in scheduling meetings for the inmates so that they can talk to their families on Christmas Day. The software demands your user id and photo identification before scheduling a meeting for you. The system makes sure that visits are only allowed in the available time slots fixed by the jail.


  1. Securus Video Visitation Technology offers the facility of live recording. Also, the prison authority can scrutinize the video for investigation purpose too.


  1. The video visitation technology provides safer, secure visitation where the family can have more than one visit. Also, more than one family member can be included.


  1. It rules out the smuggling of illegal objects inside the prison.


  1. The risky movement of prisoners inside the jail is also not needed.


  1. It is less expensive for the inmates’ family considering the cost of total in – person visits.


November 28, 2016

Posted In: Inmate Communication