Securus Technologies Releases a Statement to amend GTL’s Inaccuracies.

Securus Technologies is one of the United States most reputable firms that offer technology solutions for correctional institutions. The services of the company are devoted to investigating, monitoring, correcting, and public security. Its headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, and it has been contracted by 3450 law enforcement facilities that hold more than 1.2 million prisoners in North America. Securus is devoted to connecting the inmates with their loved ones. The firm released a report to the press to correct the inaccurate statements that were issued by GTL. The information that GTL offered had comments that are considered as inaccurate and false. Securus, therefore, responded by informing the public the truth, which clarifies most of the company’s claims.


According to Securus Technolies’s’ CEO, Richard A. Smith, GTL is well informed on the high costs that involved in pursuing patent cases. The litigations take several years and millions of dollars. The company would like to know if the “scorched earth” case the GTL is pursuing can have a positive impact on the operations of the firm or its sound financial undertakings. He said that Securus would keep protecting itself while responding to GTL by declaring its patents. The company is devoted to reacting when it is required to address the current approach that is used by GTL. Mr. Smith believes that the tactic used by its rival is inconsiderate since Securus is prominent and has a broad patent portfolio.


The CEO responded to the most recent GTL press release. Richard said that he would be pleased to be involved in technology competition with GTL at any time. He has been offering the firm multiple chances that it should use to proof itself, but it has instead been releasing many press statements that are inaccurate. GTL has not responded to the corrections that were given by Securus Technologies.


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  1. When companies take their business seriously other entities will not find them wanting in any way so this is more of a lesson. To be fair with essayguard all the pointers to the evidence that one could see is that GTL could be on their way. Interests from other experts will have to be investigated to see if there were collusion somewhere in the process.

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